Making Dog Treats by Nimble!

Homemade dog treats are as simple as this!"Yep, all my recipes are simple and doggy delicious... arf!"

You'll be making dog treats that require just a few healthy, easy to find ingredients that you can store easily.  Also, minimal time consuming recipes that have a decent shelf life certainly helps. 

Most important, Nimble's doggy treats are tasty!

Forget about...

  • spending hours in the kitchen making 'em and cleaning up!
  • searching all over the place for dog treat ingredients. 
  • watching your canine turn up her nose after slaving away in the kitchen for hours!

This doggy isn't turning up her nose!

Nimble enjoys those home made doggy treats!Nimble is loving her chicken treats... this could be your doggie!

Choose Your Dog Treat from Nimble's Menu!

You got'ta try these!...

Peanut butter doggy biscuits.  Ask your dog if you can share!...

Nimble's B-Day cake!  Made from bits of other dog birthday cake recipes.

Liver delicacies.  “Words can't describe these dog liver treats... arf!" 

Yogurt munchies.  These really contrast our other dog snacks for variety!

Oatmeal goodies.  I almost listed these with peanut butter dog delights...

Nimble's favorite meaty treats.  Nimble insisted I shared her favorites!

Brush your dog's teeth before bedtime after eating dog treats.  Cooked or  processed foods tend to stick to your dog's teeth.  Click here and Nimble will show you how along with the nitty gritty of proper tooth care.

Wanted...  Your healthy, tasty and safe homemade dog treat recipes that no picky dog can resist!  We'd love it if you'd share them with us!


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Do you have a better picture than this of your furry pal while you're baking her dog treats?...

Nimble smelling home made dog liver treats bakingMmmm... I smell you baking my liver treats!

Nimble's Favorite Meaty Dog Snack Recipe...

Making these dog treats is so easy!  We'll show you the simple steps needed for making Nimble's favorite dog treat.  She goes nuts over them even though she's picky!   

Quick Directions for Making Dog Treats!

Dog treat ingredients... choose one or more of the following:

  • Chicken meat, heart or livers.
  • Beef, lamb or other types of healthy meat.
  • Fish. Yes, fish for dogs is great!

Nimble's directions:

  • We make the dog treat pieces about 3/4" x 1/2.”
  • Place the morsels on an oiled cookie sheet.
  • We set our oven on low.
  • Flip the tidbits over after about an hour.
  • Cook (dry) the treasures to your dog's liking!

Dog treat storage:

  • Your healthy home made dog treats will keep in your refrigerator for a week, or freezer for months.


Did your dog eat too many yummy treats?  Is her stomach upset?  Click here to try one of our doggy upset tummy home remedies.

Nimble Beautifully Illustrates the Procedure Below!

Stuff needed for making Nimble's dog treats

Nimble Doggy with cooking utensils we use to make her home made healthy doggy treats.Nimble proudly showing you the utensils we use for making her healthy treats... dog tester included!

  • A happy dog to scarf the treats!   Any breed, age or size will do!
  • Cookie sheet.   We use stainless steel... only because it's safer... doesn't contaminate meaty dog treats.
  • Spatula.  Perfect for removing treats.  I use a rigid, strong tool because our treats stick... we don't use oil.  Go ahead and use oil... no problem.   I just like to make things difficult!
  • Muscle meat.  Fish, beef (or whatever) and poultry.  Shoot for organic, or at least know the source.  I realize organic is harder find.

Why organic and human grade?... click here.

Nimble is not crazy about dog treats made from fish for some darned reason...

Fish makes a neat home made doggie treat..."Fish treats are ok if I'm really hungry... arf!"

  • Organ meat.  Heart and liver are the only ones I've tried.  I'll bet gizzards would make great safe dog treats!   Gizzards and liver are easy to find.  Again, try for organic or a healthy non-oganic source.

The quality of your dog food is so darned important!

  • Oil for making dog treats.   If you don't want treats to stick to the stainless cookie sheet, knock yourself out.  Please try to use an unrefined, unprocessed and cold-pressed oil.   Of course, organic is best.
  • Sharp knife.  Don't cut your fingers!  I have a habit of this.  I keep my knife a little dull!
  • Storage containers for dog homemade treats.  I use glass canning jars... they're cheap and can be used over and over.  Also, they're really tough!   Use whatever is convenient for you.

Preparing Nimble's healthy homemade dog treats

Nimble says this size is best when making her home made meaty treats!Just the right size... not too big or small! Does Nimble care?

Simply cut the little healthy dog treats to size.   Most of ours are about 3/4 x 1/2 inch or so.  If you make the dog treats bigger, they'll take longer to cook.  Space out on your cookie sheet.

It's ok to crowd the dog treats. They'll easily break apart later when you flip 'em over.

Stick your gourmet dog treats in the oven!

We're almost done baking Nimble's doggy prizes!

We're ready to bake Nimble's home made tasty treats!"Ok dad, they're ready to go!"

I set the oven at a low heat when we're making dog treats.  The knob says 150 degrees but I don't know how accurate that is.   The rack is in the middle of the oven.  I'm just giving you an idea what works best for my dog (she's boss!).

The chicken and fish dog treats cook (dry) the quickest.   Heart and liver dog treats are next.  Beef takes the longest.   Lately, I've been cutting the beef dog treats up into smaller pieces because of this.

Making dog treats the right texture

Cooking time at this low heat is anywhere between 2 – 4 hours.   This all depends how dry/crunchy your pooch wants her natural doggie treats (at that particular time)!  Also, the type of meat you're using makes a difference.  Sometimes I take the dog snacks out of the oven while they're still really soft!

Home made chicken dog treats cook really fast... same as our fish treats.These chicken treats bake quickly, just like fish snacks!

Tap this link if you'd like to read more juicy things about feeding your pooch meat!

If you use oil, I'm sure it will make a tasty dog treat.  However, it'll effect the texture.

I always flip the doggie treasures over after the pieces are cooked enough (about half done).  Using a rigid, stiff spatula makes a difference if you don't use oil.  It's best to take them out of the oven and let the gourmet dog treats cool a bit. Then flip and return to oven.

When we're done cooking Nimble's dog snacks...

Just finished making chicken heart and beef dog treatsNimble is spoiled with these chicken heart and beef treats!

Nimble and I leave the healthy home made dog treats out for about 15 – 30 minutes to cool.   Then we put them into jars.   You can freeze them or put the dog snacks in the refrigerator.

Also, if you want some extra hard crunchy treats, just put some on a plate uncovered and leave them in the 'frig.  They'll really harden up!

Our home made dog treats are stored in jars...Nimble showing off her collection of different treats... all ready for the 'frig or freezer!

Two ways to hide Nimble's treasures after making dog treats...

If I have a batch of gourmet dog treats that are going to be frozen for a while, I just vacuum seal the jars.  It's probably not neccessary, especially if your freezer does not produce a lot of moisture.  Besides...

Nimble gobbles 'em down before they get a chance to freezer burn!

You can also use plastic vacuum bags for freezer dog treat storage.


They'll keep in the refrigerator for days in a sealed container.  If it's vacuum sealed, we're talking about a really long shelf for your healthy home made dog treats!

Nimble is making sure I vacuum seal her home made doggie treats properly!"Dad, why are you doing all this... I'll gobble 'em up before they get freezer burnt!"

Did your dog gobble down all those fresh dog liver treats while you answered the phone?  Here's some safe and healthy dog upset tummy home made remedies...

We think these are best but you and your doggy will need discipline... tap here. 


These also should help... Please click here.

Advantages of Homemade Dog Snacks...

Peace of mind for safe dog treats

I never worry about dog treat ingredients because I know exactly what they are.  We hand pick all of ours.  Most are organic but not all of them.  As long as I know about the source, I'm ok with that.

At times it's hard to find all organic dog food ingredients.  Even if you do... some of the ingredients may still not agree with your doggy.  Once in a while dog food intolerance symptoms crop up.  No biggie... but tap this link to learn more about this.

Making dog treats fido yearns for!

Every dog doesn't like all healthy home made dog treats. You can tailor them to your dog's taste buds.

Making dog treats crunchy, soft or frozen!

I change the texture of Nimble's treats constantly.  For instance, sometimes I'll cook her liver dog treats until they're crunchy.   Other times, I'll take them out of the oven while they're soft.   Furthermore, she loves frozen dog treats..

My brother told me about a neat dog homemade treat he makes for his doggy.  Can't believe I didn't think of this!  After running your raw meat (and bones) through the grinder, make little (or big) meat balls.  Mix in other healthy dog food ingredients if you prefer.

Then lay out on a plate and freeze.  When the easy homemade dog treats are done, detach and freeze in a dog treat container.  Or, try freezing raw meat whole pieces.  However, seems to me grinding brings the flavor out!

“When it comes to liver treats, I don't care how they're cooked.  I'll gobble 'em up either way... arf!”  Nimble Doggy.

Eating extra treats might cause doggy thirst.  Or, maybe your pooch is thirsty for some other reason... better find out why.

This is how its done!...

Nimble Doggie enjoying her home made liver treats for desert!Nimble chowing down on her organic liver treats!

Making dog treats for “special cases”

Maybe your dog is a senior, puppy or pregnant.  Perhaps your pal has a particular type of malady... or maybe some dog treat ingredients don't agree with her.  Make 'em at home to suite Fido's needs.   This can include a treat home remedy for dog fleas!

Disadvantages of Making Dog Treats...


  • Except for the time it takes to make them.
  • Trying not to make a big mess!
  • Constantly watching your dog so she doesn't gobble up the whole batch when you turn your back!

Homemade Dog Treat Storage

I store Nimble's custom-made dog treats in the 'frig.  If they're going to be around for a while, I'll freeze them.   If I don't feel lazy, I vacuum seal Nimble's healthy dog treats to prevent freezer burn.

For the past year we've been using caning jars for dog treat storage.  They're cheap and I use them over and over.  This works great for us... you just need a simple, inexpensive attachment for your vacuum sealer.

Our Homemade Dog Treats Mission Statement...

All ingredients must be nutritious when you're making dog treats.  Shoot for organic, but it's not necessary.  No unhealthy additives.  This includes pesticides, herbicides, gmo's (genetically modified organisms), hormones, chemical preservatives, etc.  Oh...

Nimble told me to remind you...

If we can't pronounce the ingredient, it's no good!  Meat made from dead, diseased or dying animals is not permitted in our dog feeding routine.  If an ingredient has a number in it, toss it!  And...

If the dog treat ingredients comes from China... organic or not... forget it!  Last but not least...

If I hold the doggie treats in front of your dog's nose or Nimble's snout, they'd better snatch it up!  Speaking of...

Seems most dogs love yogurt.  Please read about feeding this tasty yogurt dog treat before you go shopping!... 

Nimble is nudging me... she also wants to share her strawberry treats!

“It's ok if your furry pal catches you snacking on her natural doggie treats.   My dad sneaks mine all the time (at least he thinks he is) when he's baking my goodies... arf!” Nimble. 

Making dog treats makes Nimble proud!Nimble is lov'in her treats!

Making Dog Treats... There's Nothing to It!

Making homemade dog treats from scratch is easy and fun!   Furthermore, you know they're healthy for your pooch!

How about making your own healthy doggy peanut butter?  Tap here!

Feel Like Sharing that Irresistable Recipe?

We would sure like to hear about all your healthy homemade dog treat recipes... maybe help us grow our list! 

My doggie and I  would love it if you shared your killer dog treat recipe in the comments section below. 

Or you can...

Share that homemade dog treat recipe here!...

Wanted! Your Homemade Dog Treat Recipe No Pooch can Resist... It Must be Healthy!

Are you making dog treats that absolutely makes your doggy drool? Is it healthy? I'll bet you can't beat Nimble's favorites... dog liver treats!

Nimble and I would be very grateful if you and your furry pal could share your recipe or other home made dog treat experiences with all of us...

This would help all those picky eaters of the world!

We'll publish your story as a page on our site... don't forget photos of your doggy (and you)!

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