Understanding Your Natural Dog Indigestion Remedy

A natural and safe dog indigestion remedy can be purchased or concocted at home.  A couple of our dog upset stomach home remedies don't require ingredients at all...

Your dog indigestion remedy must include fresh air, sunshine and exercise!Nimble includes the outdoors with her dog tummy remedy... and it's free!

They include fresh air, sunshine and exercise... Nimble just got her dosages above!

Use our treatments to provide relief and help you dog's body heal itself.  Then, you must get to the root of that underlying cause...

You need to make a decision before deciding your plan of action.  Does your pooch need a...

Natural Dog Indigestion Remedy or a Doggy Doctor?

Is your furry pal's upset stomach due to dog diet change, stress, or raiding the trash can?  Or, is there an underlying chronic illness that's been hang'in around for some time?

Only you can decide if your doggy needs professional care or your dog indigestion remedy.  At times, in certain critical situations, veterinary care is an absolute must.  How do you tell?  I'd take Nimble to the vet if she had any of these symptoms (foods poisonous to dogs or a chronic condition)...

  • Lethargic.  Lack of energy... no get up and go.
  • Pacing.  Back and forth, back and forth.
  • Drooling.  We won't try to describe this one!
  • Throwing up continually.  Throwing up more than 2-3 times a day leads to dehydration.
  • Constant runny pooping.  This can lead to dehydration also.  2-3 times a day... no biggie.
Take your pooch to the doctor if she needs more than your dog upset stomach home remedies!Nimble likes her doggy doctor... open up wide Nimble!

  • Lot's of blood in your pal's poop.  Once in a while I'll see a spot of blood in my dogs' poop... I don't worry about this.
  • Dehydrated.  Pull up and pinch the skin between your dog's shoulders.  It should “snap” right back to normal.  If it takes a while, your dog is dehydrated.  If your dog's hair is too long (Nimble in the winter time) try this (I've read about it, but never tried it)...
  • Your dog's gums shouldn't look pale or feel tacky.  Press your finger to your dog's gums.  When you release your finger, the normal color should return immediately if your dog is properly hydrated.  I give Nimble a weekly exam... then I know what's normal and what's not.
  • Stomach feels tight and distended... this can be very life threatening!  I wouldn't hesitate to crank up the car!

I wouldn't take Nimble to the vet if she showed any of the following symptoms (without those listed above).  A dog indigestion remedy hopefully will do the job.  These symptoms are from stress, change in a healthy dog food diet, and raiding the trash can. 

Also included...

Eating too fast, improper food mixing, playing on a full stomach, and more... 

No dog upset stomach remedy will work while playing hard on a full stomach!Nimble has a full stomach... we're just gently playing.

  • Dog eating grass.  My dogs do this even when their stomachs aren't upset (as far as I can tell).

  • Not eating.  Don't ever force your dog to eat.  This is mother nature's way of healing (mother nature's dog indigestion remedy)!  My little dogs didn't dry up and blow away from not eating one or more days... and they're small dogs!
  • Acting normal.   If Nimble is acting normal... maybe not eating but still her good 'ole self... I don't worry anymore (I used to).
  • Dog vomiting undigested food or liquid.  Throwing up no more than 2-3 times in 24 hours.
  • Pooping runny poop 2-3 times in 24 hours... even smelly poop that looks different (mucous coated, discolored, etc.).
  • A little blood in poop.  I check Nimble's poop once a week.  Occasionally, I see a little.  If you checked your dog's poop everyday, you might see some once in a while...

    If you didn't check it unless your pooch was sick, you might get awfully excited if you saw some!
  • Passing gas.  It's not a normal bodily function... honestly!
  • Gurgling stomach.  Maybe once every two months, I notice this first thing in the morning.  Then, Nimble gorges on grass, poops a runny poop or two... then she's good to go.  Sounds like another dog indigestion remedy from mother nature!

These are my experiences with my dogs.   Perhaps other dogs display symptoms differently (or hide symptoms differently).

If you're not sure... take your doggy to the doc.  If for no other reason... then for peace of mind.

Take your dog to the doc if you're unsure your dog upset stomach remedy will do the job"But dad... why am I here? I only have the symptoms you mentioned above!"

Here's our favorite dog upset stomach home remedies first, followed by preparations you can make or buy yourself...

Fasting is Our Favorite Dog Indigestion Remedy

Fasting will help Nimble's body heal itself, not just mask the symptoms.

It's free.  No refrigeration needed... and what a long shelf life!   Hey, it also saves on Nimble's (and my) healthy dog food bill!

Food digestion requires a tremendous amount of energy.  Fasting frees up this energy an uses it to detoxify your doggy's body.  Have you noticed that when you're ill, your appetite is gone?   It's the same with dogs...

Nimble not wanting her oatmeal treats tells me she needs a dog upset stomach remedyActually, Nimble's ok. She's waiting for the camera flash. Even she won't eat with an upset tummy!

This is mother nature's way of saying “hey human, quit forcing your doggy to eat when she's sick!”

Nimble and I fast regularly for basic maintenance... I'm not saying you must do this.  We just feel that in today's environment... well... just call it extra insurance! 

Symptoms of fasting for dog indigestion

During or directly after your dog fasts, don't be alarmed if...

  • you see goop in your dog's eyes.
  • wax (extra) suddenly appears in you furry pal's ears.
  • your dog's poop is runny and/or mucous coated.
  • your dog's urine is discolored (I take urine samples).
  • breath gets worse.  Your dog (and us) should not have stinky breath!
  • body odor is (more) noticeable.  Your pooch (as well as us) should smell like roses without hiding it with deodorant, perfumes, etc!

The longer you fast your dog, the more deep-cleaning action for your pooch!

Can you believe all that junk comes from your dog's body?

How long should you fast your companion?

The longer, the better.  This works good for us...

After our Sunday dinner, we don't eat until Tuesday morning.  Sometimes I'll go longer... up to a week.

Spike your dog's water while using this dog indigestion remedy

Feed your dog as much water as she wants.   If I feel like it (you don't have to)...

I add a little vinegar and honey to Nimble's (and my) water during fasting.  Our honey is raw, unprocessed and certified organic.  Likewise with our apple cider vinegar.

Our dog upset stomach remedy includes our own pure water, vinegar, honey and seeds mixed together.Vinegar, seeds and honey mixed with our own distilled pure water...

I usually add about a teaspoon of each into a pint of water.  Please make sure you give your dog pure water.  Most of that bottled water is junk.... be cautious of those pretty labels!   I distill Nimble's water with a little one gallon distiller....

Add a few teaspoons of raw organic seeds to the water for nutrients and you're good to go!

Is your dog throwing up water?  If your dog gulps water and throws up, give her smaller amounts of water.  Gradually increase when your pooch no longer vomits.

Avoid dog indigestion by breaking your pooch's fast properly

When you decide to feed your dog, slowly introduce healthy dog food ingredients that are easy to digest.  You can't beat fruit or vegetables for dogs... so important when introducing dog food after our favorite dog indigestion remedy.  Fruit is virtually predigested!  It takes the least amount of energy than any other food to digest.

Many feel the fiber in fruits and veggies speeds up transit time in the stomach.  Yes, you want to slow things down while your pooch has the squirts.  But, I puree these into a slurry.  If you want to use bland cooked food, try this...

If raw feeding dogs isn't your thing, try this bland home made chicken and rice... tap here.

This is how Nimble and I do it (if you prefer, replace the fruit and veggies with your bland cooked food)...

Our first meal is always fruit.  If it's not blended, canines can't digest it.  Nimble won't eat fruit off her plate.  However, she looks forward to being syringe fed... syringe feeding a dog is not difficult.

If you have questions about this, please leave a comment at the bottom of this page.  Or... just use our Contact Us page.

Our second meal is fruit or veggies, a couple hours later.  Same with the third meal.  Increase dog food portions a little each time.  After that, I feed my doggy her regular vittles.  Would you like to try feeding your dog raw, living food?... just click here.

The whole process lasts 2 days after fasting.  If you fast your pooch for a shorter period of time than described above, back off on our food introduction regimen.

Here's some other bland foods you can use to break your doggie's fast... maybe try the pumpkin! 

Proper Food Combining... Our other Favorite Dog Indigestion Remedy

Correct dog food combinations (like fasting) gets to the source... so your dog's body heals itself!

We humans are the only species on this planet that mix all different types of food together.  We feed our dogs this way.  Ant-acids are a multi-billion dollar industry... no wonder.  Try this for size...

Mixing different types of foods together (for example... meat/protein and rice/starch) causes havoc (indigestion/heartburn).   So, instead of the food passing through our dogs' system (and ours) quickly, it sits there... fermenting and rotting!   Furthermore, some of this stuff is never eliminated... ever (unless you fast)!

Nimble's dinner ingredients, combined properly, for streamlined digestion...

No dog upset stomach remedy needed here!  Nimble's dinner ingredients are properly combinedSpirulina, seaweed, ground seeds, organ meat, chicken, home made wheatgrass juice and veggies... Nimble's dinner!

Nimble doggy's digestive system is much shorter than a human's.  It's designed to push that meat out of there quickly (dogs are carnivores/omnivores).  How does a raw egg smell on a sidewalk during a 100 degree day?  Our digestive systems are much longer... meant to assimilate fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

Nimble wanted me to include the food combining chart below.  It illustrates how to properly combine your dog's (and your) vittles.  For a bigger version, just click on the chart.  It's best to print it out and post on your kitchen cabinets.

Nimble doggy's digestive system is much shorter than a human's.  It's designed to push that meat out of there quickly (dogs are carnivores/omnivores).  How does a raw egg smell on a sidewalk during a 100 degree day?  Our digestive systems are much longer... meant to assimilate fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

Please remember...

  • If your dog gulps down his dog food, that's perfectly normal for a canine.  In the wild, dogs gorge when they can (before another predator steals their meal).  Is this why I see grass in coyote poop?... maybe a dog indigestion remedy for gorging!
  • Always remember how a wild dog eats.  A coyote has to work at it... tearing meat off the bone.  And, he really has to do some bone chomp'in to get at that dog bone marrow...

    Here's a good example... I fed my other doggie a teaspoon of bone marrow.  She threw it up (too much because it's awfully rich). 

Nimble will have to work to get at that bone marrow...

Make your dog work for her rich bone marrow to avoid doggy upset stomachMeaty lamb bones and pureed veggies... that bone marrow won't come easy!

Speaking of chomping raw meaty bones... you and your dog might appreciate these articles...

Not sure about those raw bones?  Try feeding your dog raw bones or chewing the day away with bones.

Also, before you go out and buy your doggy some chews, you'd better make sure they're safe.  Even the best dog indigestion remedy won't help!

  • A wild dog gets plenty of exercise, sunshine, fresh air and pure water.  They don't frequently gulp water from a stream... most of the water they get is from their raw dog diet.  Why do our dog's gulp water?   The water is cooked out of the processed unhealthy dog food we feed them... Nimble and I seldom drink water!

Our pure water should be part of your dog upset stomach home remedyWe distill our pure water... we don't drink much except on extra hot days.

Speaking of processed food... did you know it sticks to your dog's teeth?  Bacteria lives here and forms tarter.  Uh oh, do I smell dental disease waiting to happen?  No more worries while using Nimble's teeth cleaning routine... tap here!

Try Another Dog Indigestion Remedy if...

You're not crazy about fasting your dog.  The best way to fast is with your pal.  But... it's hard, right?  Or, perhaps you're not convinced dog food combining really works.  That's okay, maybe later.  In the mean time... we have some other dog indigestion remedies I've used.  Or, other dog home remedies I've researched and trust.

Please read our final thoughts below, then...

Click here to see our other dog indigestion remedies page for your canine companion.

The Truth about Doggy Upset Stomach

Wild dogs have a digestive system that's designed to handle some pretty “ripe” foods.  A wolf will cache (store) some of it's fresh kill, only to come back another day and finish dinner.  Adult coyotes regurgitate food for the pups confined to their den.

Because our dogs are domesticated, the lack of a raw dog diet, water, fresh air, sunshine and exercise takes it's toll (just like with us).  Until we decide to make a change to our dog's lifestyle, we need to lend them a helping hand...

After fasting (our favorite dog upset stomach remedy), slowly introduce pureed fruit or veggiesHelp mother nature help your dog... puree her veggies

You can do this by following the guidelines listed above and reading some of our other articles.

Perhaps give your television a rest tonight while eating dinner and digest some of this...

Maybe someday your dog will need another type of remedy (we hope not)...

Prepare yourself... click here to find the one your furry pal might need later.

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above! 

Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.  Also...

Be sure to check out Scott & Nimble's News Flash for monthly helpful tips and other neat stuff!

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