Lov'in Nimble's Homemade Yogurt Dog Treats!

Nimble likes the oatmeal biscuits in her yogurt dog treats!Nimble saying... "Dad, you can eat one now!"

Yogurt dog treats, just like Nimble's other favorites, are a cinch to make!  You can find the healthy dog food ingredients in most stores.  Whip 'em up in minutes and freeze... done.   Furthermore, they're inexpensive, exceptionally healthy (uncooked) and safe!

They're not Nimble's favorite gourmet dog treat recipe (she's too picky!) unless it's really hot outside.  But, she insisted I share these with you because...

...these dog treats really contrast her other snacks and most dogs we give 'em to snatch 'em up!  And, they're really popular in the canine world.  Lastly...

I can't put 'em down.. bite, chomp, gone!

"Hey dad, we'd better warm up our frozen yogurt treats today... arf!

We're not thinking about frozen dog treats at the moment!What a windy, icy-cold day!

Directions... Short and Sweet

Yogurt dog treat ingredients (organic is best)

  • 1 dog.  Your professional taste tester!
  • Yogurt. 1 cup plain.
Ingredients needed to make frozen yogurt doggy snacks.Nimble's ready to rock'in roll!

Optional dog treat ingredients

  • Honey.  2 tbsp.  We suggest raw and unprocessed for a healthy dog food diet.

  • Cinnamon.  1 tsp.
  • Fruit.  ½ cup for fruit flavor dog treats!  Nimble says “It must be pureed for digestion... arf!”
  • Oats.  ¼ cup.  Makes 'em chewy!

Nimble's dog treat procedure

Let's mix our doggy yogurt snack ingredients!Ingredients are ready for Nimble to mix up!

  • Mix yogurt, peanut butter and banana.  Add any optional dog treat ingredients your doggy prefers!
  • Pour into your ice cube tray...

Bingo... all done!

  • Freeze your gourmet doggy snacks for a few hours before devouring.

Yogurt dog treat storage

  • Store in freezer.  That's it!

Nimble's doggy snack notes

Nimble listens while I explain that we're going to spend an hour taking frozen yogurt snack picturesNimble listens as I explain our photo session is about ready to begin...

The ingredient amounts are approximate.... it doesn't really matter.  However, honey and cinnamon should be kept to a minimum.

Remove the treats by turning your tray upside down and flexing if it's plastic.  Also, push on the backside of each section.  They should fall out. 

This dog treat recipe makes about a dozen 1”x1” cubes in our ice cube tray.

See Nimbles Cool Photo Display Below!

Cranking out those yogurt dog treats...

Nimble and I hand mix the yogurt, banana and peanut butter.  A blender works great... our method has more of a chunky texture.  Also, mix in the optional ingredients.

Nimble making sure I don't mix her yogurt dog snack ingredients too long!Nimble is looking at me and probably wondering how long this will take...

If you're mixing the dog food ingredients by hand, blend the fruit ahead of time.  Also, warming up the raw peanut butter makes it easier to work with.  If you're blending, don't add oats until you're done mixing.

Molding Nimble's Doggy Snacks

Nimbles yogurt treats... topped with pieces of her oatmeal snacksWhat about Nimble's idea for the peanut butter and oatmeal dog treats decorations?

We use a spoon to fill the ice cube tray.   You can pour 'em out... it's just a bit messy.

You'll notice I decorated the yogurt delights with pieces from Nimble's peanut butter and oatmeal dog treats.  I'm sure she didn't mind!   Or, you can use pieces of her dog chews.

Freezing our gourmet dog treats

We stick the appetizers in the freezer for a few hours before Nimble (and I) munch 'em!

Our yogurt dog snacks easily pop out of plastic trayGood job Nimble!

Storing Nimble's delicious yogurt dog treats

Use any of your dog treat containers.  Just pop 'em back in the deep freeze!

Nimble's frozen dog treats are ready for storageMaking sure Nimbles yogurt prizes are safe!

Here's a Couple of Tips...

  • Plain yogurt is a must.   Your dog doesn't need dog food additives... and plain is easy to find.   This applies to the peanut butter as well.
  • After you blend the fruit, try some frozen fruit cubes.  Mold them in your ice cube tray, just like the yogurt dog treats!

Fruit should be blended like this before feeding to your canine!We made fruit cubes from the extra blended fruit!

  • The oats should be the whole, old-fashioned type.... the same ones used in our oatmeal dog treats and Nimble's birthday cake!
  • You can also try running warm water over the back of your ice cube tray for removing your doggy “popsicles.”

Tap here to see the rest of Nimble's yummy treat menu!

Yogurt Dog Treats are the Most Nutritious Snacks on Our List!

Nimble Doggy's yogurt snacks are the healthiest of all our dog treats because they're uncooked.   How can anything so simple, healthy, safe and inexpensive be so delicious?  They'll fit right into your dog feeding schedule... here's our feeding routine.

This doesn't mean our other cooked homemade organic dog treats aren't healthy.   They are.  Just not as!

Remember a treat is a treat... and nothing more...

Rewarding Nimble with a liver treat... good job taking yogurt treat photos!Nimble is being rewarded with a liver treat... great photo session girl!

By feeding your dog all natural dog food for his main diet you'll have absolutely nothing to worry about.  Also, you won't spend every waking moment worrying about salmonella!

Bragg about Your Dog's Tasty Treat Recipe!

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