Barf Dog Food?  You're on the Right Track!

“Here we go again... same 'ole stuff about barf dog food.”  Nope, and I'll vow your doggy will be healthier!  I'll show you how easy the bones and raw food diet is to prepare and feed (I know, you heard that one before too!).

Raw dog food is so healthy for our furry pals!These meaty chicken bones are about the right size for Nimble

We can customize the raw diet for dogs to fit the needs of puppies, adults, seniors and pregnant dogs if you feel necessary.  Also, different sized adults, from toy to giant canines, as well as dogs with specific dog food needs can be adjusted more or less.

Less scratch'in and numerous other dog food ailments.  Countless, stressful (for you and your dog) visits to the vet minimized... Fido will love you for this.   More money in your pocket... wow!

Worrying about those bones?  Safe dog chews is an important part of Fido's menu.

Before reading on... if you treat your doggy with a safe chew that works great without any worries, please share your experience.  Click here to tell your story and we'll publish it on this site!

"But I was Told Not to Feed Barf Dog Food!"

What “authority” told you this?  If everyone fed their dogs premium dog food,  the canine doctors and drug companies would be out of business!  Why wasn't I told this stuff before?  Hmm...  However, there is a need for doctors and drugs occasionally.

Tap here... dog food quality is sooo important.

Do wild dogs cook their food?   We're the only species on this planet that cook and mix our food!

Shhh... Nimble said you can cheat now and then when making tasty treats... tap here...

Or, how about a raw home made yogurt treat?  I know... wild dogs don't eat 'em!

If you're looking for a quick fix pill and you've made up your mind no matter what, at least I can say I tried.  For those of you that want to help your dog, you're in the right place.  Additionally, I'll explain your next best choices...

You can choose some healthy dog food brands if you know what to look for... please click here.

Also...It's ok if raw food isn't your thing.  Learn about our hand-picked choices.  Click here to view our list of healthy pre made dog foods.

We'd love it if you shared your barf dog food experiences... we'll publish them as a page on our site!  First...

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Here's Proof... Feed that Raw Dog Food

I've seen coyotes mousing in open fields (like my furry companion).  Feathers from unlucky birds frequent the logging roads.  Deer and elk carcasses from hunters are included in the menus I've observed.

“Abandoned coyote rabbit kills are open season for me... dog salmonella not included... Arf!” Nimble.  

All of these “prey” animals feed on vegetation, fruits, nuts and seeds.  The wild dogs eat the animals whole (feathers are left for me to enjoy!).  Now you know how to feed your friend the best dog food.  What other proof do you need?

Wild canines instinctively know about natural remedies for dogs.  Click here to make your own dog cure... 

Also,this barf dog food diet helps keep your furry pals pearly whites polished.  Click here to see Nimble's cool illustration!

Ok, Let's Expand on this Barf Dog Food Diet...

I'll break down my companion's munchies and other items into a condensed list.  Each topic will be covered in detail (without tons of fine print) in my articles.  If it ain't here, Bouser doesn't need it!

The meat and bone dog food stuff...

  • You ask “can dogs eat chicken?”  I feed chicken to my dog more than other types of raw meat because of availability.
  • Feeding dog bones has always been a controversy.  Not anymore after you hear what Nimble and I have to say... Learn about dog chew bones.
  • A raw meat dog food diet (and fish, poultry, etc.) with bones included is unmatched!  Don't forget that organ meat.  Your dog won't visit her water bowl too often eaing like this... try clicking this link.


Barf dog food helps keep your canine's teeth clean along with good 'ole brushing.

Chopping fish for healthy barf dog food grits!Nimble salivating over her fishy, nutritious dog food meal!

Can dogs eat fish?

You bet... my doggy eats local salmon, trout, and ocean fish... the whole fish.  She knows what dogs can eat!  These foods aren't living in constricted environments like some of the animals we feed our dogs... 

Therefore, salmonella is not a threat.  Here's more on that.

Do not feed salmon or trout until you read my article about salmon poisoning.

  • Feel free to contact us about salmon poisoning anytime.   I'll tell you how to shield your dog from this culprit.  Furthermore...
  • Dog salmonella is a big concern.  But, maybe after reading our article, you and your pooch will change your minds!

Yup... feeding dogs veggies and fruits makes sense!

  • Vegetables for dogs should be blended to mimic the prey animals' stomach contents for easy digestion.
  • Can dogs eat fruit snacks?  Sure!  Blended is also best.

Some foods can be non-compatible or even poisonous for your dog!  Please click here to access the Pet Poison website if you are unsure. 

This dog recipe treat is safe for your doggie...

If you want to make your dog a birthday cake, save yourself from searching all those dog birthday cake recipes.  Nimble's birthday cake is safe and healthy... click here!

Also, feel free to contact me through my Contact Us page if you can't find what you need.

Yum... I love eating poop!”  Nimble

  • I saw my dog eating feces!"  No worries.  I let my pooch have at it.  Only wild animal feces though... that stuff is packed with more nutrients than you'll ever find in a box... talk about organic!  Read more here...

And you won't find this natural dog food on our dog food recall hit list.

Add these for your barf dog food if you prefer...

  • Supplement with whole, living foods at your option.  I feed healthy dog food ingredients like honey, spirulina, and bee pollen.  Kelp, herbs and other whole foods are also included.
  • Are dog food supplements needed?  If you prefer but don't overdue!   Except for special cases, barf dog food should provide adequate nutrition.

One of the best "supplements" is a good variety of pureed vegetables for dogs.

Better yet... fruit and vegetables really pack a nutritional knock-out punch!

Let's finalize our dog food feeding guide...

  • Dog feeding much and how often?   Generally, if your dog is healthy and exercised, feed raw dog food whenever she is hungry.  She can't get fat eating barf dog food!  Give this a whirl... try this raw dog food diet.

A Meat grinder, blender, feeding syringes and other accessories are part of my natural dog food arsenal.  After trial and error, I found the ones that work best.  Oh... throw in some safe dog chews.  Here's more good stuff about dog chews!

Our meat grinder pictured below works great for grinding up whole chicken pieces.  Or, perhaps your doggy has missing teeth and can't chew chicken bones... 

So add some variety to Bousers vittles and grind 'em up...

Grinding up healthy, raw whole chicken for my doggie.Grinding up your Pooch's chicken is easy with the right equipment! Nimble's heart and liver meat in jar is thawing for baked treats...

Speaking of variety... try making dog treats.  Please give this page a shot... talk about yummy healthy treats!

Enjoy the Uncooked, Raw Dog Food Transformation

Curious about feeding dogs bones?  Click here.

Over time, your dog's health will improve.  Slowly, you'll wean your furry friend onto her barf dog food.   Detoxification will take place.  Be patient... mother nature is cleaning house.

"Can dogs eat chicken?" and other common raw dog food concerns will slowly fade away.

"What about feeding my dog apples?  I heard that apple seeds are poisonous!"  Please don't keep your dog from eating these and other fruits.  They're healthy additions to your dog's barf food... 

Here 'ya go... all you ever wanted to know about feeding your dog apples.  Just click here.

Actually, apples aren't the only sheriff in town.  Don't forget other fruits... especially these tasty strawberries!

Toss those flea sprays, itch powders and pills.  Ditto with all that garbage you've been putting inside of and onto your faithful dog.

Please share your barf dog food experiences and advice!...

What are Your Good or Bad Experiences with Barf Dog Food?

We're sure you had some great (and not so great?) experiences serving your Pooch raw dog food! Have others told you not to feed uncooked canine food?

We'd love to hear about it! How about a picture of your doggie chowing it down? Have any other photos?

Your experiences will help others decide if feeding barf dog food is right for their furry friend!

My furry pal and I can publish your story!

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