Nimble's Dog Liver Treats Recipe

Feeding my dog liver treats... it doesn't matter to her that they're not pretty!Nimble can't resist her liver treats!

Making your dog liver treats is your number one choice if she's picky... hands down!

My dog and I will show you how darn easy they are to make...

There's only one ingredient and they're healthy, safe and inexpensive.  Furthermore... this easy dog treat recipe really packs a punch!

Talk about a gourmet dog treat aroma... your pooch can smell 'em a mile away...

Our Ingredients and Directions in a Nutshell...

Dog treats made from liver can't be beat!"They may not be purdy but man they're delicious... arf!"

Just one healthy dog food ingredient:

  • Chicken livers.  Presto!

Our procedure:

  • Cut livers into 1" x 1" pieces.  Make 'em any size you want!
  • Place tidbits on an oiled cookie sheet.  We don't oil... however, they stick.
  • Set your dog's oven on low heat.
  • Bake the dog liver treats for about 2 hours.
  • Let them cool for 30 minutes, then serve!

Dog treat storage:

  • Fine in "frig for a few days... freezer for a few months.  An air tight container is best.

The Procedure is Beautifully Illustrated by Nimble Below!

Nimble's yummy liver dog treat ingredient

Great!  Your Pooch has her knife and fork in hand... she's ready to roll!

For a tasty and healthy treat, use fresh, healthy looking livers for making your doggie's snacks.   All you need is...

You should make your chicken liver dog munchies from fresh livers that look like this!Your chicken livers should look like this when fresh!

raw or frozen chicken livers like these... that's it! 

Concerned about salmonella in dogs?  Please click here.

Preparing Nimble's dog liver treats

  • I cut the liver pieces about 1 inch x 1 inch.  You can cut them any size you want.
  • Lay the healthy dog treats out on a lightly oiled cookie sheet.  We never use oil.  Go for it... you have Nimble's permission.
Peparing these chicken liver dog snacks is quick and easy... simple!It only takes me about 10 minutes to prepare the chicken livers for the oven

That's it.  Way to easy!   Oh, Nimble just reminded me to tell you...

Crowd the pieces if you'd like.  It doesn't matter if the liver dog treat pieces touch... they'll break apart later.  I read somewhere that you should absolutely not let them touch.  I don't believe this person ever made liver dog munchies...

They also said if you back them until they're hard, they'll injure your dog's mouth!  Waaay too much information floating around on the doggy air waves...

Baking Nimble doggy's gourmet liver treats

A bit of anxiety is showing here...

Nimble standing by her chicken dog liver treasures waiting for the trip to the oven!Nimble seems to be asking me... "What's holding you up? Put those babies in the oven!"

We put the liver treats on the middle rack and cook at a very low heat.   According to the oven setting it's 150 degrees.  However, I'm not sure about that, but it's close enough for making your dog tasty tidbits she can't resist!

My dog's liver snacks are starting to bake!Ok Nimble... settle down... you're treats are in the oven now!

Your dog's scrumptious treats should look like this before flipping...

Chicken liver doggy appetizers are ready to be flipped over, then back in the oven!These chicken livers are ready to turn over...

After about an hour flip the healthy dog “biscuits”over.  I use a really stiff spatula because the morsels stick without using oil.  They'll still flip over without breaking. 

Then, they will easily break apart if you crowded them... 

Nimble's chicken liver dog snacks flipped over and ready to bake some moreDog snacks flipped over and back in the oven...

Put the treasures back in the oven.  Keep an eye on them from here on out until you get this easy dog treat recipe routine down pat.  

We let them bake until my doggie is satisfied with the texture.  Actually, Nimble doesn't care, she'll gobble 'em up either way!

Arf... all finished cooking our dog liver treats!

Your dog will be right on your heels... watch out and don't trip!

Take them out of the oven and leave the tray of treats out for a while to cool.  If you want them hard and crunchy...

My dog's liver snacks are all cooked and guarded by Nimble!"Dad... can I eat just one now?... arf!"

...put some in a dish (leave it open) and leave these easy dog treats in your refrigerator.

Storing Nimble's gourmet dog treats 

When I properly store my dog's treats...

I always store my dog's treats in an air tight canning jarNimble is making sure I do this correctly!

...the aroma is locked in.  When I open the jar, her ears perk right up !

I store my pal's liver tidbits in an air-tight jar in the refrigerator.  They'll keep for a few days or longer.  They're gobbled up by then so I really can't determine their shelf life.

You can store your healthy home made dog treats in the freezer for months.  Once, I forgot about a jar of Nimble's liver treats in the freezer.  I discovered it after a few months... She  munched 'em anyway! 

Nothing beats glass canning jars for safe dog treat storage!These canning jars are really durable and easy to clean

Neat Stuff to Know when Making Your Dog Liver Treats

If you already read most of our website pages some of the information below will be familiar to you.

For those of you that haven't, please take the time to review these basic gourmet dog treat guidelines before whipping up your pals eats...

Organic healthy dog food ingredients are best

  • Free range, organic chicken livers are healthiest.  If you can't find organic, you probably can locate chicken livers that are just as healthy and safe.  They just aren't stamped organic human grade dog food.. don't sweat it.
  • I've had a hard time here locating organic, free-range beef for my pooch.  Finally, after researching, I found a farm in Eastern Oregon.  They supply beef to a small, local market here on the Oregon Coast.  It's not stamped organic, but it certainly qualifies!   And...

...the farm will send me all the livers I need if I decide to make beef liver doggie snacks!

Nimble shows you what type of chicken livers you should use when making your dog's treatsNimble shows you what the main ingredient should look like

Constructing your dog's liver treats

I made my dog liver treats roughly 1” x 1” the first time we ever tried them.  I stuck with it.  However, try any size you want.  Just remember, baking time will change.

Baking your dog liver munchies

The liver treats will shrink quite a bit.  If you have a bunch to make, crowd them.  No biggie!

This is important... If you flip them too early they'll break apart.  Wait until the chicken liver dog treats darken up and feel firm to the touch, but not hard.  If they get really hard before flipping, they'll be harder to “unstick” if you don't use oil.


After flipping the “hard” healthy liver dog treats, only a few more minutes of baking time is needed for the finishing touch.

Either way, bake the treats as long as you like or until your dog gives you the green light...

Treat your dog while the snacks are still warm!

I believe just about any doggie will die for oven-fresh chicken liver treats!  Give them 10 minutes to cool down first.

Storing your dog liver treats

Canning Jars work great for storing your furry pal's treats.  They're cheap and durable.  Also, you can use them to vacuum seal your dog's treats for long term storage in the freezer.

Drawbacks to Making Your Dog Delicious Liver Snacks

They're not pretty. That's it!  Does your doggy care?

Speaking of pretty... try Nimble's home made birthday cake recipe.  Click here!


Here's more stuff about safe treats and chews.

Lots of Reasons to Serve Your Dog Liver Treats...

“Let's just say they're easy to make, inexpensive and safe for your doggy.  The liver is easy to find. Best of all, your doggy will keep begging for more...

Smelling that sweet aroma while baking your pal's  treats... mmm... arf!"

Nimble stops and smells her juicy doggy liver snacks baking!Nimble stops chewing on her sweet potato treat to savor that aroma from livers baking!

I feel most picky canines won't turn down liver treats.  There's something about these dog treats...

That's a strong (get it?) statement when compared to the other homemade treats for dogs on our list!  What more could you and your companion want?

If you're hesitant about handling and feeding your pooch liver, please read these following pages...

Can You add a Twist to Nimble's favorite Doggy Snack?

The happiest doggy in the world... a plate full of yummy dog treats from liver and a warm bed!Nimble wondering why I'm asking for a "different" recipe...

Is there anything we can do to spice up this simple gourmet dog liver treat recipe?  Will your dog's favorite treat blow the doors off Nimble's favorite choice?  Nimble and I would love it if you and your doggie would share...

Maybe include pictures of your doggy (and you?) munching or making your dog liver treats...

Just leave it in the comment section below.    Or... here to have your killer liver or other type of healthy dog treat recipe published as a page on our site!

All dog treat recipes need to be be healthy and safe, ok?

Thanks... Nimble and Scott.

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