Try These Easy and Safe Dog Upset Stomach Home Remedies

Put chamomile tea on your list of dog upset stomach home remediesNimble's chamomile tea is brewing and almost ready to strain...

Want peace of mind?  We'll show you how to make your own dog upset stomach home remedies.  Nimble and I won't forget to include things like how much, how often and shelf life.  “What about storage... where do I find the healthy dog food ingredients I need?”

We've got you covered!

Making your own dog upset stomach home remedy is just the ticket!  Knowing that it's safe and effective is important.  Also, eliminating stress and saving money sure doesn't hurt.

Our Dog Upset Stomach Home Remedies are Second to...

Fasting and proper food combining... to learn more, please click here if you haven't read this article. 

For those of you that aren't ready to take that plunge (it's ok)...

Using our natural remedies for dogs will help put your canine's health back on track.  Proper nutrition (the proper healthy dog food diet), pure water, sunshine, pure air and exercise all play an important role...

Proper nutrition keeps Nimble's dog upset stomach awayEating nutritious foods helps keep Nimble from doggy upset stomach

Some of these good dog food “ingredients” are free and better than anything you could buy!

Is you furry pal suffering from another dog ailment?  Please tap here... perhaps the natural dog remedy you need is on our list. 

We won't Recommend a Dog Indigestion Remedy if...

...Nimble and I feel it's not safe, healthy or effective.  Period.  Our two favorite dog upset stomach home remedies (fasting and food combining) are a big part of our lifestyle.  The other natural remedies for dogs listed here...

  • We've tried ourselves.  Or...
  • I've researched and would use on Nimble if needed.   And please...

...don't force your dog to eat if she's not hungry (no matter what you've read)!

Ok... now for our dog upset stomach home remedies...

Probiotic Supplements for Your Dog's Upset Tummy

Yogurt and probiotic powder... good dog upset stomach cures to have on hand!Nimble's probiotic powder and yogurt. She gets a little yogurt treat now and then...

Your dogs' digestive system is home to friendly bacteria called probiotics.  These are live cultures... friendly organisms that enhance you furry pal's digestion... one of many benefits!  These guys kill off unhealthy pathogens (invaders) and improve digestion for overall good dog health.

Has your dog been on antibiotics lately?  How about other drugs?   We hope not.  If so, these microscopic workers were wiped out and need to be replenished.

A reputable probiotic is a great dog nutrition supplement.  Also, It should be included in your dog upset stomach home remedies kit.  I mix a little in Nimble's safe healthy dog food once in a while... just to make sure.  She doesn't even know it's in there (I think).

Your pooch won't need an upset stomach remedy for dogs if you mix probiotic powder with her healthy dog foodA little probiotic powder mixed in with your healthy dog food now and then...

  • Types.  They come in liquid, powder and capsule.  I've read pros and cons of each.  If your dog has an upset stomach, you need to use the one that's easiest to work with if your doggie isn't eating her vittles.

Since Nimble and I use the powder, we'll refer to it in our directions...

  • Storage.  The powder we have (powder is easiest to use) lasts 1 year in the 'frig, 2 years in the freezer.  I put a weeks supply in a little bottle and feed from this.  The big container should remain sealed as much as possible.

  • How much and how often?   Follow the directions on the container.  Actually, for periodic daily maintenance, I cut Nimble's amount in half. 

    Has your dog has been on antibiotics?  Are you using using it for one of your dog upset stomach home remedies?  If so, I'd follow the directions for a few weeks before discontinuing.

  • Finding the right stuff.  Just like anything else, not all probiotics are created equal.  I actually talked with the owner of the product we use.  Make sure it includes prebiotics... these are food for the probiotics.

I'd suggest looking online or perhaps your health food store.  It's not too expensive... a little goes a long way.

  • Feeding it.   I mix the powder with Nimble's dog food.  If your dog doesn't eat all her chow, no biggie.  Eventually, friendly bacteria will flourish in your pal's digestive system.

    What if your pooch has an upset tummy and mixing with healthy dog food isn't an option?  Perhaps place the powder on her tongue.  Or, the liquid form can be dripped on her tongue with a dropper.  A small capsule can be placed on the tongue towards the back your doggy's throat.

Include Yogurt in Your Dog Upset Stomach Home Remedies

Feeding dogs yogurt is another source of probiotics.  Only use organic, plain and unsweetened yogurt.   Nimble wants you to see our article about serving your pooch yogurt... please tap here. 

Also, you can make Nimble's yogurt dog treats... try this link for some yummy doggy yogurt snack ideas!

Your dog might enjoy yogurt for her doggy upset stomach cure.I'm feeding Nimble a little bit of organic, plain yogurt without xylitol!

It's ok to mix yogurt with apples...those seeds won't harm your dog.  To make sure... you might try reading this page about dogs eating apples.

Some non-organic brands contain xylitol, a sweetener which can be deadly!  This sweetener is found in other dog foods as well.  Do dogs like the taste of yogurt?  Nimble loves this stuff and she's picky...

One of the tastiest dog upset stomach home remedies!

  • Store yogurt in your 'frig for a few weeks.
  • How much and how often?  Nimble is 11 lbs.  If I was using this as a dog indigestion remedy, I'd give her about 1 tablespoon, twice a day.  Otherwise, a tablespoon here and there should do it for maintenance.  Moderation is the key... as with other “human” vittles... even some good healthy dog food.
  • Buying yogurt.  Healthy yogurt is found in most grocery stores. The cost is reasonable.
  • Serve it up!   Just put a little on a dish and watch your dog lap it up!  If she's a little hesitant, add a bit of organic raw honey (add it to other dog upset stomach home remedies as well)... 

    Then, a pat on the back followed by “eat your yogurt goood dawg!” should do the trick.  If Nimble had an upset tummy and wasn't eating, I wouldn't force it.

Is your dog throwing up undigested food or water?  Before you load her up into the car and head to the vet... there's some very important things you should know.  These following pages will help you...

Other Sources of Probiotics for Your Dog's Upset Stomach

Let your dog do her wild dog thing.  Dig dirt.  Eat deer, rabbit or other poop (not other unhealthy doggie poop).  In fact, encourage it!  Let dogs be dogs.  Tons of healthy organisms are acquired this way.

Your dog's upset stomach remedy should include wild organisms from mother nature.Nimble doesn't eat coyote poop... she loves the deer stuff instead!

We'll list some other sources of probiotics.  Although we won't go into detail (something about not letting this page get too long... Nimble's reminding me again!)... they do work!

  • Fermented Beverages and vegetables for dogs. You can easily make these at home with simple, easy to find healthy dog food ingredients.

Feeding your dog vegetables is perfectly natural... click here to learn more.

  • Raw goat milk.  It's loaded with probiotics and is easier on digestion than cow's milk.  Organic is best.

Keep in mind... we're the only species on this planet who drink milk (eat milk products) throughout life.  We should be weaned off while we're toddlers (and our dogs).  The moral of my story?  Use milk and milk products in moderation (sparingly) with you and your pooch... 

Many don't agree with us. That's ok... we're used to it.  Zzzzzz...

Explaining our dog upset stomach cures is tiring...You've been working hard on the computer... time for a nap now...

  • Kefir.  Packed with probiotics, kefir is a fermented food that most dogs like.  Shoot for plain organic.

Have you noticed dogs love fermented foods (yogurt included)?  This should tell you something about their wild healthy dog food diet.  They have the ability to handle foods that would turn our stomachs!

Please let your dog be a dog... does your dog tell you not to be yourself?

Does your pooch also have the squirts?  Give this page a whirl... just click here.

Chicken and Rice... Yummiest of Dog Upset Stomach Home Remedies?

I'd rate it right up there with yogurt...

Once your dog's appetite returns, you can slowly introduce bland chicken and rice.  If blended fruit and vegetables (or juices) isn't your cup of tea (we break our fasts with these), this is your next best choice.

Bland chicken and rice work with your dog's upset stomachThose chicken pieces are frozen leftovers... we'll mash 'em up when they thaw

Nimble told me to remind you...

Please don't force your dog to eat if she's not hungry!


  • Brown or white rice.  Organic is preferred.  We buy this from our health food store in bulk.  You can also find it online or maybe your grocer carries it.

    Most doggy parents use white rice.  This is because the high fiber in brown rice helps push that food right on out.  This is what you're trying to slow down (only when your pooch has diarrhea)... you want to bind your dog's food.  However, I cook my brown rice until it is really mushy.

  • Water.  Pure is best.  Watch out for those bottles with pretty labels... the stuff inside isn't!  Health food stores might carry the good stuff.  Dog upset stomach home remedies aren't as effective with impure water.

    We purify our own with a little 1 gallon distiller.  Nimble and I don't drink much.  We get tons of H20 from our raw food... and it's already distilled!   Here's a picture of Nimble with our home water distiller! 


  • Add about 4 parts water to one part rice.  Boil until all the water is gone and the rice is mushy.
  • Simmer the chicken in a pan with a little water on a low heat until done.
  • Mix the rice with the chicken (we don't consider this proper food combining... we'll make an exception).


  • I slowly introduce food to Nimble (and myself) a little at a time.  As time goes on, the frequency of feeding and the amount of food is increased.  After a couple days, your dog should be fine on her normal dog feeding schedule (only healthy dog vittles, ok?).



  • Try straining some of the water off the cooked rice.  Mix with the chicken water.  Presto... a broth for your doggie! 

    Also, I've read about boiling the bones, then adding the "juice" to the broth.  I've never tried this in our dog upset stomach home remedies.

We use brown rice... it's so much better for your pooch.  You'll need to cook it longer than the white, processed rice which most prefer...

Use organic brown rice for your upset doggy stomach remedyWe buy organic, brown rice in bulk. Actually, this is the only cooked food Nimble's dad eats!

Boiled rice and other cooked food will stick to your furry pal's teeth.  Maybe you'll enjoy these articles about keeping those pearly whites clean...

Chamomile Tea for Soothing Your Dog's Upset Stomach

You can use the tincture form...

One teaspoon (½ tsp for Nimble) for a 30 pound dog fed 2-3 times per day should work.  Use a feeding syringe and squirt it into your dog's mouth.  Use a dropper for smaller amounts and smaller doggies like Nimble...

You'll find this dog upset stomach home remedy at most health food stores or online.  Best is organic.  It has a really long shelf... we store ours in a cool, dark place.

We use the organic dried chamomile flowers to make our tea...

chamomile is a gentle, safe upset stomach remedy for dogs.We keep these chamomile flowers and other herbs in a cool, shaded place.

Nimble's directions:

  • Pour about a cup of boiling water into a jar over 2 tablespoons of chamomile.  Let steep until cool.  Strain tea into another jar.


  • Feed about a tablespoon of tea every 2 hours to large dogs.  If you don't see results after two or three servings, try feeding your dog every hour... chamomile is a safe remedy.  Use a feeding syringe or dropper and feed like a tincture.


  • You can store it for several days in the refrigerator.  However, I would make a new batch every day... it's cheap and simple to make!

Making chamomile tea for our doggy upset stomach home cureI'm pouring hot water over our dried chamomile flowers

Purchasing it:

  • We buy teas and tinctures at our health food store.  I've also purchased some tinctures online.


  • Add a little organic, raw honey if you prefer.  Also, I've mixed the tea in my dogs' water.  Occasionally, I make different nutritional herbal teas and mix them into Nimble's water for regular, daily nutrition.

Dog Upset Stomach Home Remedies are...


Just a remedy.  Nimble and I are always reminding our readers that diet, sunshine, pure water and air, along with exercise, are the best “remedy” in the world.  Some of our dog indigestion remedies can be used as a daily nutritive.  Or...

Did your dog raid the garbage can or is she upset?  Maybe your doggy gorged on too many strawberries or other tasty, nutritious fruits.    Sometimes mother nature needs a helping hand... time for a remedy!

Do you feel it's more serious than that?   If so, don't hesitate to contact your doggy doctor!

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above! 

Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.  Also...

Be sure to check out Scott & Nimble's News Flash for monthly helpful tips and other neat stuff!

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