Is Feeding Dogs Yogurt Smart?

Feeding dogs yogurt has it's pros and cons.  Awareness of the ingredients in your dog's yogurt is so darned important! 

Furthermore, understanding that your furry pal's digestive system is different than ours explains why moderation is the key...

I believe this applies to all “human food” I might decide to feed my Nimble doggy.

Check out Nimble with our homemade frozen yogurt treats...

Nimble shares most of her home made yogurt treats she's showing you here.  She understands about feeding dogs yogurt in moderationNimble gets a piece now and then... most of her home made yogurt treats go to the neighborhood doggies

Our Reasons for Feeding Dogs Yogurt

There's many reasons why doggy parents feed their dog yogurt...

  • The taste of yogurt appeals to many dogs... especially frozen yogurt dog treats during hot weather.  I had a really picky dog... she loved grandma's plain yogurt!  Nimble loves this dog treat and her frozen homemade yogurt dog treats.
  • Yogurt can be found just about anywhere.... even organic and plain.
  • There's lots of nutritional qualities with this soft treat for dogs.   However, how well our canines digest this dairy product (and other nutritious human foods) is questionable (just my opinion).

Do you have an irresistable, healthy and safe yogurt (or other) home made doggy treat recipe or story you'd like to share?  Please do... we'll publish it as a page on our site (if you have photos please include 'em). 

Click here to see what some of our visitors have wrote.
  • Use yogurt as a dog food remedy.  Many yogurt brands contain friendly bacteria (probiotics) that are super beneficial to a dog's digestive system.  For this reason, feeding dogs yogurt to maintain a healthy population of these live cultures is popular.  More on this later...
  • Storage is simple with yogurt dog food.  Just plop 'em in your 'frig.
  • Dog yogurt has a decent shelf life... refrigeration is a must.
  • It's very convenient... feed right out of the container.  You can easily add fruit or make easy yogurt dog treats!  Actually, fruit does not combine well with yogurt (a protein).  I feed Nimble lots of pureed fruit... once in a while I'll give her a chunk of fruit tipped with yogurt... 

Moderation and variety is the key...

Can a dog have yogurt?  Sure...I'll mix a little of this organic yogurt with the fruit once it's blended for Nimble's treats.Fruit and proteins aren't too compatible. I mix a little in Nimble's yogurt... her system digests it ok.

Reasons for Not Feeding Dogs Yogurt

This tasty gourmet dog treat isn't the cheapest of dog vittles.  However, you get what you pay for.

Be aware of dog food intolerance symptoms to one or more of the ingredients in yogurt.  If you feel unsure about serving your furry pal yogurt, contact your veterinarian for advice.  Mother nature designed our companions' digestive systems to consume a healthy dog food diet different from ours.  However, there are some similarities!

Planning to spice up your dog's yogurt with other good dog food ingredients?  Check out this website to make sure they're safe!

Yogurt is pasteurized.  I'm not saying this is bad... but if you think you're feeding raw food to dogs, you're not!  Pasteurization compromises some of the nutrients, just like in other dog food and dog treats.

Feeding dogs yogurt, like other human foods, tends to stick to your pal's teeth.  This creates an environment for bacteria, resulting in poor dog dental hygiene.   Read our pages about keeping your pooch's teeth healthy...

Feeding Your Dog Yogurt Correctly

We're big fans of proper food combining.  If you're feeding your dog a small amount of yogurt as an occasional favorite dog treat, I wouldn't worry too much.  However...

I'm feeding Nimble her yogurt-dipped home made sweet potato dog chewNimble illustrates improper food combining... yogurt-dipped home made sweet potato snacks. Oh well...

Are you feeding your dog larger amounts more frequently due to it's nutritional qualities?  If so, make sure your dog eats safe healthy dog food that's compatible with this tasty treat.  Improper food mixing results in poor digestionThis food combining chart clearly illustrates proper food combinations for yogurt and other foods as well.

Comparing Digestive Systems when Feeding Dogs Yogurt

Human digestive systems are designed for fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains (grains are controversial).  Look at your hands... they're designed perfectly for plucking fruit from a tree! 

Our long digestive system takes 24-36 hours to eliminate food (if it's working properly).

Nimble's (my dog) digestive system is built for digesting meat and bones.  Her teeth are designed to grab onto prey and rip them apart! 

Her elimination process only takes about 8 hours.  Mother nature built a short digestive tract to pass that raw meat dog food diet out before it rots...

Because of our differences in “design”... yogurt as well as other human foods/treats should be fed in moderation.  This includes our list of healthy home made dog treats.  "Click here to check 'em out... arf!"...Nimble.

It's ok to feed your canine fruits and veggies... here's how.

By the way... you've probably heard that apples are bad for your dog... especially those darned seeds.  But... I feed the whole apple to Nimble... please read this.

Yogurt, Dogs and Friendly Bacteria!

Yogurt contains friendly bacteria (probiotics) that makes for a happy environment in your pooch's (and your) digestive tract.  A healthy supply of these live cultures helps with...

  • ... your doggy's digestion.  A happy environment is a healthy environment!...
A healthy dog food diet including a little plain organic yogurt makes for two happy, playful dogs...Nimble and her friend.A healthy dog is a happy dog!

  • ... immune system function. Is this why Nimble is free of dog diseases?  Hmmm...
  • ... upset tummies, diarrhea, gas and bloating.  No more midnight potty walks... one of your best dog upset stomach home remedies!
  • ... protection from harmful bacteria such as dog salmonella.  Please click here for more about this canine disease... possibly things you haven't heard before!
  • ... making dog treats that you can feel good about feeding your canine!  Tap here for Nimble's "secret" yogurt dog treats.

These are just a few benefits.  Actually, your dog's body as a whole (overall performance) will be enhanced!

Probiotics are found in most dog yogurt brands.  Some brands may not contain them.  Read the label carefully... it should tell you.  Look for language such as:  “Live active cultures are included.” 

Yogurt is a healthy natural dog remedy.  See all of our other safe dog remedies by clicking here...

Are you frequently feeding your dog yogurt to make sure she gets plenty of friendly bacteria?  More than an occasional snack?  If so, use probiotics as a dog nutrition supplement instead.  Don't over-do it!

Do a little research to make sure your probiotics are from a reputable, health oriented manufacturer.  Also, a prebiotic is a good addition to the formula (but not an absolute must).   Prebiotics provide food for the probiotics.

After feeding your dog yogurt for the first time did she throw up?  Don't sweat it... she'll be ok.  A dog throwing up undigested food can happen when introducing new "human" dog foods to your canine. 

Before loading your dog up in the car for a doctor visit... please check this out.  We might save you a trip!

Check Your Dog's Yogurt Ingredients!

 Here's Nimble's list of the good, the bad and the ugly...

  • The good.  Worth repeating... only buy organic, plain yogurt (non-fat if you can).   Now you don't need to analyze the label for good dog food ingredients!  Would you like to read more about organic?  Please click here.
  • The bad.  Organic with added ingredients doesn't mean the dog yogurt additives are ok... they're just “healthier versions.”   Here's more about dog food, additives and ingredients.
  • The ugly.   Xylitol is an acute killer.  If you didn't buy plain and organic... watch out!   This artificial sweetener will show your dog no mercy!  It can be found in other dog foods as well.

Nimble with her organic, raw honey and yogurt...

Nimble's proudly showing you her healthy dog food ingredients... organic yogurt and raw honey!Use healthy honey to sweeten your pooch's yogurt

Xylitol is just one of many...

Keep in mind... all unhealthy ingredients are bad for your dog.   It takes longer for most to rear their ugly heads... manifesting as dog diseases in your furry companion's body.  Because of this, it's harder to point a finger at the culprits, unlike xylitol.

Only One Way for Feeding Dogs Yogurt

Nimble and I aren't going to make a long, lengthy list of bad ingredients and yogurt pros and cons...

And we'll skip the same old boring dog food ingredients analysis!


Follow Nimble's advice... “Feed your dog yogurt in moderation and only buy plain and organic.”  How can you go wrong?

Because of it's availability, there's no reason to buy otherwise!

There's so much to learn about human grade dog food... please visit this page.

Now You Understand that Feeding Dogs Yogurt... an occasional dog snack is ok.  The same applies to other “human made” treats. 

If you over-do it... it's good to be familiar with different dog food reactions.


Making dog yogurt treats are refreshing doggy vittles.  Just make sure you feed plain, organic yogurt.  Low fat is best. 

Nimble likes yogurt-dipped homemade sweet potato dog treats...

Nimble eats these sweet potato dog chews   dipped in yogurt as an occasional snackNimble enjoys yogurt and home made sweet potato treats as an occasional snack

Thinking about feeding yogurt regularly to meet other nutritional needs?

Feed your dog a barf diet instead.  If a raw meat dog food diet isn't your thing, a reputable pre-made dog food is your next best thing.

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above! 

Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.  Also...

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