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From the list below, safely choose the best organic dog food for your pooch...  

Exercise, fresh air and sunshine for perfect best organic dog food ingredients!This is what healthy vittles will do to your dog!

Hopefully your furry pal agrees!  Our organic dog food inventory is broken down into the following categories for your easiest selection.

After you select a category, you'll find several dog food brands we've researched and stand behind (we haven't listed any brands yet... Nimble has me writing other articles right now... please check back later).

  • Dehydrated dog food.  Gently (hopefully) cooking and drying probably retains a good portion of the nutrients... just look at those natural colors!
  • Freeze-dried dog grits.  Cooked (gently preferred) and un-cooked food is dried by freezing and removing moisture.   A good portion of the dog food nutrition should remain undamaged... just add water!
  • Special dog food for “specific” doggy situations.  Puppies, seniors, nursing or pregnant moms are examples.   Also, canines with a particular malady are on this all-natural organic dog food list.

A good quality fresh meat should be included in the ingredients of Fido's best organic dog food...

Healthy organic dog food should include these fresh meats!Fresh organic meat is such an important part of your pal's favorite dinner!

Before choosing Bouser's delicious dog food...

You might enjoy reading our Organic Dog Food Brands and other articles before reviewing the doggy menu.

The dog food categories in our list of links above gives you a very general review of each type of organic dog food.  Furthermore,

You'd better not see any of our recommended dog chow on our dog food list of recalls!

If you'd like, read other great, safe healthy dog food articles on our site such as human grade dog food that's organic.  

"These have lots of good, interesting info about the different elements in your dog food in greater detail... arf!”   Nimble.

I'd Feed these Best Organic Dog Food Grits to Nimble!...

… if I wanted to add variety to her plate or for any other reason.  As mentioned before, we're doing our healthy dog food research so you don't have to.  Spend  more time with your doggy instead!  Speaking of spending more time together... try making or buying your own natural dog remedies... click here.

Now here's that yummy dog chow list...

Top organic canned dog food

I feel organic, natural canned dog food is a healthy choice of processed dog vittles (next to dehydrated and freeze-dried) if you don't want to make your own.   This type of dog food is very close to its natural state.

I'll throw this in... does your dog have fleas?  Mix in some of this healthy stuff and watch those canine blood suckers scatter!

Here's some benefits...

  • High water content.  Your dog's body is about 75% water.   Canned dog food contains more water than other processed dog food.  Your dog should get her water from the foods she eats (fruits & veggies) instead of adding it... the way nature intended!
  • Unhealthy preservatives aren't needed during storage before the natural canned dog food is opened.
  • More nutrients are left intact due to the canning process.
  • If your dog is picky like mine (“I didn't hear that... arf!” Nimble Doggy), the wonderful smell of this stuff might change Fido's mind!
  • Some pearly whites might be missing if your dog is older.   Softer dog food is much easier to chew.  Works for puppies too.
  • Some dogs tend to stay leaner on this diet compared to dry dog food.   This is because of the high water content.

Seems for every good there's a bad (mostly for us, not our doggies!)...

  • Shelf life is short once the can is opened compared to dry, freeze dried and dehydrated dog grits.
  • Expense might be more of a concern with canned dog food (if your not rich like me!).
  • If you're traveling, healthy canned dog food is more of an inconvenience.
  • Metal from the container might contaminate the nutritious dog food.   However, I know I'm over cautious at times!
  • The Food is cooked... nutritional value can be compromised.

Back to yummy dog food list.

Best organic dog food... dry

These dog vittles are probably the most processed of all commercial dog food.  This surely doesn't mean there aren't healthy choices... we just need to dig deeper to find 'em!...

If you switched your dog from raw dog food to dry food, you'll notice she drinks a lot more water.  Make sure that's the reason... this is a good article (bragging again!).

Here's our good, healthy dry dog food points...

  • Has a long shelf life.   But, keep on the look out for unnatural preservatives.
  • It's easier to work with and makes less of a mess.
  • You can store it easily.  Put this healthy dry dog food in a container and away you go!
  • Gulping this stuff down might not happen as much as compared to wet dog food.

Are the qualities mentioned above good for us or our canines?   Thought I might throw that in before talking about the not so good dog food facts...

  • Over eating... your canine might gorge to fill up.   This stuff is packed with calories like canned doggy grits, but it takes more volume to “fill up the tank.”  As a result, weight gain could be an issue!...

In the wild, dogs gorge to fill up asap before another predator(s) come along, chase off the dog and steel the food.  Canines' digestive systems have evolved to handle this gorging.  I think this instinct is passed down to our companions.

  • Over processing  organic dry dog food means more nutrient destruction. The ingredients label on a bag of this fare might list a ton of good, wholesome ingredients.  However, processing does not help the effectiveness of these additives in this dog food kibble.
  • More preservatives may be used with dry dog food.  Our organic dog food brands shouldn't contain anything harmful.   However, remember that the dog food industry isn't regulated like the human food trade (bummer)...

Back to your dog's yummy dog food list.

Best organic dog food that's frozen raw

Although these vittles are frozen, I feel many of the nutrients are still intact.  Wild dogs feed on frozen raw dog food (prey animals)...

Here's the advantages...

  • Almost the real thing... this is as close as it gets to raw dog food.... especially if the contents are frozen asap after butchering.
  • Convenient... no mess, no fuss!  Just thaw and serve!
  • Storing  frozen raw dog food is easy if you have freezer space.   Make sure it's vacuum sealed for long term freezing...

Freezer burn will ruin all that hard work!

Your frozen organic dog food should be vacuum sealed!Nimble doesn't want her frozen treats freezer burnt!

We have a vacuum sealer that works like a charm!  It's cheap but the vacuum storage bags are a little spendy.   If your frozen dog food is too big for one meal, slightly thaw, chop up into smaller pieces and vacuum seal.   Then re-freeze... presto!

How about making Nimble's frozen raw yogurt dog treats?  Tap here!

Now for those dog food disadvantages...

  • More expensive than other types of dog vittles, especially if it's shipped.
  • Shelf life may be a few days up to a week once it's thawed.  Our chicken is freshly butchered when I pick it up.  This safe healthy dog food lasts for a week at 40 degrees (if Nimble doesn't find it!).

Click here to see that dog food list again.

First-rate organic dog food frozen cooked

This dog food should be lightly cooked at low temperatures, then frozen quickly.  A good portion of the nutrients should be preserved this way.

We cheat and cook our own once in awhile... usually little doggy treats for between meals!

First let's look at the assets...

  • The qualities are about the same as frozen raw dog vittles. However, because it's lightly cooked, it's almost the real thing, but not really!

Are there any drawbacks?

  • Disadvantages are pretty much the same as frozen, raw dog food.

Tap here to see your dog food menu again...

Best organic dog food that's pre-made and raw

You already know how I feel about raw dog food!... I'll stick to the general points, otherwise I'll ramble on forever! 

Can I sneak this in?... It's the best organic dog food!

Did your dog gobble it too fast because it's soooo darn good?  Does she have doggy diarrhea now?  Never fear... our home remedies are right here (hey, that rhymes)!

Here's lot's of good encouragement!...

  • Nutritious (un-cooked) and tasty... no need to doctor it up so Fido doesn't turn up her nose!
  • Shopping for good dog food ingredients... none!  Save gas and time (stress!).
  •  No mess'in around with meat if it's not your thing!
  • Freeze the raw dog food you can't use up.

 Here's the scoop on undesirables... there aren't any!   Just kidding!...

  • It's more expensive, like frozen raw or frozen cooked dog food... especially when it's shipped to your door.
  • Food borne diseases seem to be one of the main raw dog food topics of the century.  I'll admit... there are risks.   We've never had a problem with raw dog food... please read my other articles.  I can't get into this now (something about just listing general, key points as I promised earlier!).
  • Shelf life is short compared to other types of doggy vittles.
  • Refrigeration space (extra) is required.   You can't just throw your raw dog food into the cupboards!
  • Annoying dog food reaction.  Your doggie never ate this way before?  Even though it's organic and raw... she might have some dog food intolerance symptoms (no biggie).

Back to those dog vittle choices!

There are So Many Best Organic Dog Food Choices...

It can be mind-boggling at times!   Such a big selection!  Hopefully this safe healthy dog food list will help you choose a food you feel comfortable feeding your doggy.  Always keep in mind (and worth repeating)...

Safe, healthy organic dog vittles are best for your furry pal.

Please try to add raw dog food to your canine's diet as much as possible!  Furthermore...

Exercise, sunshine, pure water and fresh air should also be added.  If it's not, your best doggy chow ain't worth a plug nickel!...

If you're not feeding your dog raw bones please click here to read about keeping those doggy teeth clean!

Also, don't forget to throw in some safe dog chews...

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above! 

Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.  Also...

Be sure to check out Scott & Nimble's News Flash for monthly helpful tips and other neat stuff!

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