Beefing up Nimble's Raw Meat Dog Food Diet

Include elk, deer and beef with your canine's fare.  Your pooch's raw meat dog food diet (including raw bones) should also include buffalo, lamb and other "beefy" meats.  You'll need to customize this healthy dog food diet for most canines... how much depends on the size and age of your pooch. 

Also, perhaps your pal has missing teeth?  Furthermore... maybe your furry companion is on a restricted dog diet.

Preparing the raw meat dog food diet is easy if you observe mother nature...

Organic lamb adds variety to Nimble's raw meat dog food diet!Nimble will enjoy a piece of organic lamb with her chicken today!

This will tell you how much, the correction proportions and when to feed your faithful companion.

Unfortunately, most of us can't spend time in the wild following coyotes and wolves around 24/7... days on end.  Nimble and I have done our share...

Oh... don't forget fish, poultry, and insects are all included in your canin's fare.  I cover these in other articles as well as the stomach contents of a wild dogs' prey animal... fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds.

Still a little hesitant about feeding your furry companion a healthy dog food diet of raw meat (including raw veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds)?

Here's the proof you need... we witnessed mother nature serving good 'ole safe healthy dog food!... 

The Elk Raw Meat Carcass slowly Disappeared!

One winter morning my pooch and I were running up a logging road.  To be honest, I was trying to keep up with Nimble Doggy!

We noticed a fresh elk road kill alongside the road.  I'll bet the wild dogs were in the brush scanning us and all those yummy dog food dinners yet to come.  A perfect example of the raw meat dog food diet.

I decided to return here, day after day.   Every morning I noticed a little more missing!   The coyotes went after the stomach contents first.  It consisted of predigested (ground up) vegetation.

Fresh poop was everywhere... evidence of this all natural organic dog food way of life. 

Coyotes Devoured the Carcass... Down to the Raw Meaty Bones

The organ meat disappeared next... seems like the wild dogs carried it off.  Finally, most of the meat disappeared.  Some of the bones were packed off too!  Most were still laying around.

Nimble checks out leftovers from the coyotes' raw meaty dietWhenever we're in this area hiking, Nimble can't wait to check out "her" bones!

I came back with a sledge hammer and smashed those gourmet dog bones into smaller pieces.  After that, some pieces were chewed up and consumed.  Dog poop was everywhere and full of bone fragments. 

The coyotes were showing us that bones are a very important part of their wild dog food diet including raw meat.  Don't feed your furry pal meat alone... include those bones!

The dog bone pile slowly disappeared.  As I write this (a few months later)... only a few remnants remain.  However, fresh coyote poop is still around. 

Tap here for more info about those yummy bones your doggy wants to feast on...

Nimble and the Coyotes shared their Raw Meat Dog Food Diet

“I love pulling the meat off the bones.  I didn't like the coyote poop... it was full of hair.  Deer and rabbit poop is much better.  Too bad I couldn't chomp those big dog bones... arf!”  Nimble.

Got some extra time?  Make sure your doggy's food quality is up to snuff!  Give this page a shot... tap here.

Natural Raw Dog Food for Coyote Pups?

You bet!  I haven't observed this myself.  I know others who have...  

  • Wolf pups only nurse on mother's milk until a few weeks old.  Then... after a month or longer...
  • They feed on regurgitated, pre-digested stomach contents of other adult pack members while still nursing. 
  • After a couple months the little pups wonder outside the den while under supervision of the parents and other pack members.  They "practice" catching insects and small rodents.  Maybe a small reptile is included in the pup's raw meat dog food diet...
  • After a few months... the growing puppies begin to consume prey animals like the adults.  This is when they learn how to properly consume raw meaty bones.  They also join the adults on the hunts for prey animals. 

We need to duplicate this type of feeding behavior when we feed our new-borne pups.  This is sooo critical!  Unfortunately, most domesticated pups miss out on this regimen.  Additionally, this effects the little canines the rest of their lives... both physically and mentally.

Excellent Raw Dog Food... Beef, Elk,Deer, etc.

I used our experience to illustrate why your pooch should eat a raw meat dog food diet (bones included) like his relatives.

Your dog should consume the “whole” carcass.  Just remember the proportions and feed accordingly...

When a wid dog consumes a prey animal...

  • Meat makes up the biggest portion... about 50% or so.
  • Bones are next... say about 30%.
  • Next in line is organ meat... roughly 10%.
  • Predigested stomach contents about another 10%.  These include seeds, nuts, fruit and veggies.
  • Notice I am roughly mentioning how much of each.  That's so you don't get too hung up on numbers... these are general guidelines.  Keep it fun and simple!

Wild dogs also forage on insects, fruit and vegetation. However, most grasses and fruit that are consumed this way pass through the dog's body, undigested.  You need to puree these natural dog foods to imitate the pre-digested stomach contents of the prey animal.

Duplicate the prey animal theory... how  can you go wrong?

We aren't forgetting poultry, fish and other small animals.  These are good topics for other pages including fruits and vegetables.  Nuts, seeds and whole dog food supplements round out the menu.  Click here to make sure it's organic.

Our Dogs are Built for a Raw Meat Dog Food Diet

A wild dog's (and our dogs') digestive tract is built short to get that meat out of there asap!  Put some raw meat on your driveway in the hot sun and come back an hour later... whew!  It's even worse with an egg...

Our digestive tracts are much, much longer... that's why meat rots and ferments before it passes through us!  We're meant to eat fruits and veggies... this stuff doesn't ferment and rot before it passes through. 

We have a long digestive tract because it's needed to process fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies that aren't pureed.  Dogs have a short one to process meat and bones.

As a side note... doggies can digest fruit, nuts, seeds and veggies.  But, they must be pureed first.  This will mimic the pre-digested stomach contents of the prey animal your dog's wild ancestors eat.

Is your dog throwing up undigested food after switching to barf dog food (raw food)?  Don't stop feeding this healthy dog food... read this instead.

Organ Meat is Included with Nimble's Meaty Bones

A dog's raw meat diet should include bones and organ meatNimble loves her organ meat ground up!

Don't forget heart, liver and other organ meat.  What a nice addition to your pooch's healthy dog food diet.  My dog is crazy about these... especially ground up!

Try different variations if your dog won't eat her vittles.  Nimble can't resist the "ground-up" method!  Seems to make the flavor come out.  This works with blending or grinding other foods dogs can eat....

Also, mix your natural dog remedy into fido's ground-up food.  Have you thought about making your own natural dog cure?  Go ahead... give this page a whirl.  Some of these are really tasty... your canine won't even know they're in her food!

Before we go on... Nimble and I understand that it may be hard for you to take the plunge into the raw dog food world.  Are you still pondering about the raw meat dog food diet?  Ok... maybe take a look at this page... choosing reputable organic pre-made dog vittles.  This way... you can choose the healthiest pre-made dog food for your pal.

However, please try to read the rest of this page.  And, when you have time, click on the other links to related articles.  Don't be afraid to comment at the bottom of this or other pages...

Are Your Dog Bones too Big?  Customize Them!

Your doggie won't turn up her nose like this if you offer her customized raw bones....

Nimble says "Nope, I only want my raw meaty bones!"Nimble says "Nope... I just want meaty bones that are the right size for me!"

Most big dog bones can be customized for your dog...

  • Your butcher can rip and cut the bones smaller to match your dog's size... Nimble's about 11 lbs.  A much larger dog can handle larger bones. 
  • Lamb bones are smaller than beef bones.  They also seem softer.  These healthy dog bones are ripped down into strips or just left as-is.  Dogs enjoy laying down and holding onto long bones with their front paws while they gnaw away!
  • Ripping or cutting the bones down into smaller pieces also exposes the bone marrow... this really entices dogs to chew.
  • Dogs can literally chew for hours. This keeps them busy, exercises their jaws and provides excellent dog food nutrition.
  • Try to leave a little meat on the bones that you give your dog to chew on for pleasure.  At mealtime... leave more meat on the bones so your dog is eating more meat than bone.  This helps keep the meat to bone proportions correct.

Buying Your Tasty Raw Meat Dog Food Diet

Make sure you buy certified organic meat and bones.  If they aren't organic, make sure you know the source.  Some farms don't want to go through the organic certification process... their meat (and bones) are fine.  Others are transistioning into being certified organic... don't shy away from these ranches.

Include organic, free-range chicken with your dog's meals...

Your furry companion's dog food diet of raw meat and bones should include organic chickenThis is the "true" organic chicken I feed Nimble.

75% of the meat and bones I buy for Nimble aren't stamped organic.  However, I know the local growers personally.  It's hard to find fresh, unfrozen meat and bones on the Oregon coast.  I cheat and catch Nimble's fish!

Watch out for...

1.  Misleading labeling.  For instance... "Organix" is not organic.  It's used to fool you into thinking it's organic.

2.  The term "Natural" is one of the most deceiving terms used.  Make sure it's really natural.

3.  Another one... "Fresh".  I found different types of organic meat at a big, well-known grocery store.  I was really excited until one of the ex-employees told me it was pre-frozen...

I feel frozen raw dog food is still fairly nutritious.  However, I wouldn't be buying what I wanted.

4.  Free range.  How free-range is the animal?  Raising an animal in a small pen... then letting it out to roam for 1 hour per day is not free range.  And... it's cruel to the animal!

Serving this All Natural Dog Food...

Here's how Nimble enjoys her vittles...

  • I let my dog pull the meat off the bones.  Then I feed a little organ meat.  She can finish chomping the bones as long as she likes after that.  I also let her chew the raw dog bones throughout the day.  Or...
  • Grind up tiny pieces of rib bones (these seem to be the softest of "big animal" bones) with the muscle and organ meat.  Mix and serve.  Grinding beef bones is tricky.  Substitute chicken dog bones if you want.

What if you have lots of meat but the bones are too big for your dog?  No problem.  Use chicken bones with any type of meat as mentioned above.  Rabbit and other poultry is also very nutritious.

There are many ways you can serve your pooch her meals... I just mentioned what Nimble and I have grown accustomed to.

Have fun while figuring out how your dog prefers to be served.  Or, if your dog doesn't care, change it up for variety.  Just remember those meat/organ meat/bone proportions... they're a general guideline for your furry pal's dog food diet of raw meat and bones.  Remember...

In nature, sometimes wild dogs go for days or weeks without a "balanced" diet.  It's ok!

If you have extra meat that can't be eaten by your carnivore while it's still fresh here's a suggestion...

I make Nimble baked meat goodies.  Or...

It's ok to make some baked treats from your dog's raw food diet scrapsI bake treats for Nimble from meat that I can't use up while it's still fresh...

I freeze her meat, then thaw it later to make delicious easy homemade dog treats.

Here's how... click here and choose your dog's treat from Nimble's yummy home made recipes!

Also... feed it raw after thawing.  Wolves survive on frozen meat and bones.

Would you like to share your good (and bad) raw dog food experiences with us?  Just click here to tell your story!  We'll publish it as a page on our website.. include photos if you have 'em...

If You've Never Fed Your Pal a Raw Meat Dog food Diet...

... make sure this safe healthy dog food is appropriate for your furry pal.  Here are some guidelines to follow...

  • Puppies have teeth and digestive systems that aren't fully developed!  Please make sure you read the highlighted section above.  Duplicate this regimen... don't worry about regurgitation (ha!).  Just use a meat grinder instead! 

    Grind those raw meaty bones until your pup is old enough to "grind" 'em herself.  A pup's teeth aren't developed enough to handle whole bones.  Here's more about a puppy's dog feeding schedule.   
  • Special dog vittles may be required for canines with specific needs.  Does your companion have a condition that requires special dog food?   Please consult with your vet before feeding a raw meat dog food diet.

  • Many of our adult dogs are small, like Nimble.  Although her teeth are fully developed, they lack some attributes of “big dog” teeth.  Nimble is about 11 lbs soaking wet.  I would never give her a big beef bone. 

    Instead, I feed smaller, softer dog bones.  Rabbit and poultry bones are good choices.  Also, lamb rib bones are softer... I customize these so they're not too big for her.  I also customize some large beef bones.  However...

  • My last little doggie was an aggresive chewer.  She chipped her teeth on these.  I quit feeding her really hard bones... even if they were cut into smaller pieces.

The bigger your dog, the less selective you need to be...

I read an article that said adult coyotes and wolves don't eat big bones... "They don't chase down deer and elk."  Nothing is further from the truth.  I've seen some pretty big deer bones crushed by coyotes... they love that marrow! 

A pack of wolves hunt and kill elk, deer and other big animals.  Then they gorge and gorge.  They also cache (store) food for lien times.

Little canines love raw dog food too!Nimble's little teeth can sure gnaw those meaty bones. However... I still need to make sure her bones are the "right fit" for her size.

Your Dog Won't Hardly Recognize Her Vet...

... if you follow the raw meat dog food diet we've illustrated above.  Guaranteed.  Feeding your dog raw meaty bones, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds is the healthiest way to go.  Remember... raw is always best.  Your dog won't see her doctor enough to become good friends!

Don't forget to make adjustments for your dog's size, age and physical condition.

Lastly, give your dog some variety.  This will make sure your pal is getting all the dog food nutrition she needs.  Speaking of...

Add chicken to your doggy's diet... it's probably the easiest organic "meat" to find.

You can throw in a few whole dog food supplements if you want to make sure you've got it covered... we do.

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above! 

Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.  Also...

Be sure to check out Scott & Nimble's News Flash for monthly helpful tips and other neat stuff!

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