Nimble's Yummy Oatmeal Dog Treats Recipe

Nimble and her yummy oatmeal dog treats!Nimble showing off her treasures!

These oatmeal dog treats, along with our other healthy dog treat recipes, totally blew my (picky) dog's socks off... literally!

How can something so simple, inexpensive, healthy and easy to make be sooo tasty?

My Nimble Doggy insisted I share her heavenly oatmeal dog treats recipe with everyone...

Sorry, unhealthy dog food contaminants aren't included in these snacks.  Also, undesirable additives shouldn't be in your dog treats.

Start with a Few Oatmeal Doggy Snack Ingredients...

Nimble displays her doggy treat ingredientsNimble shows you our healthy ingredients ... some are optional

Please remember, organic all natural dog food ingredients are best for your oatmeal dog treats...

  • Oatmeal.  1 cup.  Large, whole oats are chewy and make a healthy dog treat!
  • Eggs.  2 regular size eggs from free range chickens is best.
  • Honey 2 teaspoons.  Don't let your pooch catch you eating her sweets!
  • Water.  Just a pinch... a tablespoon or less... and pure.

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Nimble challenges any dog to a dog treat recipe competition!Your doggie could be here... Nimble doesn't mind!

The following ingredients are optional.  I can leave these dog treat ingredients out if Nimble is in a hurry!...

  • Cinnamon.   ¼ teaspoon.   Check with your canine before adding any new dog food ingredients!
  • Garlic powder.  Nimble likes (fleas don't) a little sprinkled on top of her “garlic dog biscuits.”
  • Flour.  2 tablespoons.  Whole wheat is healthiest.   Seems the flour makes the dough less tacky.

This is all You'll Need to Do...

5 easy steps, then stick 'em in the oven!...

It's a cinch making these gourmet doggy treats!What an easy, fast gourmet dog treat recipe!

  1. Mix the oatmeal dog treat ingredients.
  2. Set your oven to 325 degrees.
  3. Lightly oil the cookie sheet.
  4. Spoon out little1”x1” (or so) tidbits and plop 'em down!
  5. Bake the dog snacks for about 15-25 minutes... presto... ready to munch!

* This recipe packs a pint jar full of healthy homemade dog treats!

Nimble Wonderfully Illustrates Her
Directions Below...

Whipping up Nimble's Oatmeal Dog Snacks

Today we decided to use the cinnamon and honey for some extra doggy zip!...

Ingredients are ready to mix up before baking our dog snacksYou and your dog should have most of these ingredients on hand


Nimble and I mix all the dog treat ingredients together at once.  I'm sure our dogs don't care... you're not baking the president a cake!

The oatmeal dog biscuit ingredients are mixed up and ready to go!Nimble's canine treat recipe is ready for the cookie sheet!

Oh... don't forget to set your oven at 325 degrees...

Oatmeal dog treats are almost ready to bake!

I spoon the doggy tidbits out into little 1”x 1” (or so) balls onto a lightly oiled cookie sheet.  Then...

The dog treat world doesn't get much better than this...Nimble is proud of her healthy dog treats doggie gives the green light... “Let's sizzle 'em... arf!"

Bake the doggy treats 'till golden brown

Keep an eye on your dog's prizes... they'll cook in the blink of an eye...

oatmeal dog snacks are cooking awayYour pooch might share one of these with you while it's still warm!

I Leave Nimble's home made dog treats in the oven for about 15-25 minutes. The longer, the crunchier... dogs love to crunch.  Keep an eye on 'em or they might disappear!

Nimble's doggy snacks are all done

Check out these dog treats... what a good job (pat on back)!

Try to eat just one of these dog snacks!Doggy desert is served...
These oatmeal doggie snacks smell perfect!Golden brown... just like the doctor ordered!

Let 'em cool for about 15 minutes before your dog (and you!) sample the treasures.  Detach the dog goodies with your spatula and go for it!

Did your dog (and you) sample 'em too much?  Your doggy might empty her water bowl.  What if your pooch starts drinking more water than usual for some other unknown reason?  Better safe than sorry... you need to read this.

Stashing my furry pal's oatmeal dog treats

Canning jars work great for storing your dog's treats in the 'frig or freezerAll ready for the freezer or 'frig

We use canning jars to store all of Nimble's dog treats.  They're...

  • durable.
  • airtight.
  • easily vacuum sealed for freezer storage.
  • easy to see through.  After you have (hopefully) made all of our different healthy homemade dog treats, easy identification really helps!

Extra doggy Treat Info...

What'cha look'in for Nimble?...

Nimble thinking about her lucious dog snacks, even way up here!Either Nimble sees a mouse or is looking for her oatmeal treats...

There's no oatmeal doggy snacks way up here!

"When you have time... read about how we incorporate dog treats and other healthy food into my dog feeding schedule... Arf!"  Nimble.

Homemade oatmeal dog treats ingredients

Honey should be raw, unfiltered and unprocessed.   Well, I guess it gets cooked anyway.  Speaking of...

Peanut butter for dogs should be raw (Nimble is shaking her head again... “It gets cooked anyway... arf!”).  Please make sure there's no added ingredients.

Speaking of... cooked dog food tends to stick to your furry pal's teeth.  Let Nimble tell you how to brush it away... 

There's usually no reason for a dog with no teeth.  Click here!

Flour made from wheat may not agree with your doggie. Try another type but I think the amount is so minimal your doggie should be fine!

Doggy treat construction

Olive oil works great to keep your oatmeal dog treats from sticking (too much).  Organic, unprocessed and unfiltered is best.  Very lightly coat your dog's cookie sheet.

I mix the dog treat ingredients with a spoon, unlike our peanut butter dog biscuits which are much drier.  If things seem a little runny, add a few more oats or a little flour.  Or, add the water last... you might not need it if the eggs are extra large.

Spoon 'em and plop 'em down on the cookie sheet.  My stainless baking tray is small... I use up all the dough with one batch of doggy treats.

Want to make your healthy dog treats bigger than we do?  Go for it... remember to adjust the cooking time.

Interested in a raw doggy treat ready to go?... just tap here!

Your oatmeal dog treats are all finished!


If your pooch wants the doggy treats hard and crunchy, leave them in the 'frig on an open plate.   Keep an eye on your furry pal's healthy home made dog treats... they'll harden up (and disappear) really quick!

Storing your dog's oatmeal treats 

  • I've left these doggy snacks in the refrigerator sealed for a couple of weeks.  You can freeze them for months, especially vacuum sealed.
  • If you decide to vacuum seal, plastic vacuum seal bags work fine for dog treat storage.  I use jars because they can be used over and over.   Also, they cost much less.

Homemade Oatmeal Dog Treats are Peace of Mind!

I advocate feeding raw dog food.  However, cooked dog treats are a nice welcome for your doggy occasionally...

By making dog treats yourself, you know exactly what's in them.  Furthermore, it's fun... even for somebody like me!  That's probably because my doggy appreciates them!   Lastly, you can make the gourmet dog treat recipe to suite your doggy.

Homemade may not be your thing.   That's ok!  You can find healthy treats pre-made... just know where to look.   Our following list will help you:

Did you doggie eat her treats too fast?  Sooth her tummy... tap this link to check out our doggie upset stomach home remedies.  They will also help your canine if she ate too much fruit too fast... especially these yummy strawberry treats.

We're Searching for Other Dog Treat recipes!

I enjoy feeding Nimble her oatmeal doggy snacks!Yumm!

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Please make sure it is healthy and safe, ok?  Thanks.

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