Making Healthy Dog Treats for a Special Dog!

by Ted, Lisa and Rowen Doggie

Hide these treats before Rowen gobbles 'em!

Hide these treats before Rowen gobbles 'em!

Tastes good and really appreciated on hot summer days! Simple healthy dog food ingredients, nutritious and easy to make... even feed them for dinner!

Check out Ted and Lisa's recipe...

Doing what we can with what we have to help insure the best for our dog....

1 organic beef liver.
1 organic whole chicken.
1 large organic sweet potato.

All of the above are finely ground and mixed together in a large bowl.

Take a tablespoon of the raw ground meat and “plop”onto the cookie sheet. Amount varies with the size of your dog. For example... make penny, nickel, quarter, or half dollar-sized dog treats.

Place cookie sheet in freezer. Freeze 'till hard/firm.

Take out of freezer and place in Ziplock bags. Press bag to remove air. You can also use vacuum sealer.

One dog treat meat ball a day provides vitamins and other nutrients, a tooth cleaning and gum massage. Taste good and really appreciated during the hot summer days.

Nimble and Scott's reply:

Thanks Ted and Lisa for sharing this yummy, healthy homemade dog treat!

Ever since they told me about this recipe... Nimble and I have been making them. Actually, Nimble doggie oversees things. I just use an organic whole chicken chopped into small pieces.

I run them through the meat grinder... head, organ meat and all other parts (except feathers). I vacuum seal them in jars although I really don't need to... they get gobbled before freezer-burn can set in!

Plop'in Nimble's raw, ground meaty chicken meatballs onto the cookie sheet...

Too bad you can't see Nimble waiting for her easy homemade dog treats to fall on the floor!

And yes...

Dogs can eat chicken!

Thanks for sharing again Ted and Lisa! The backbone of our website are personal experiences like yours. Nimble and I can only write about ours so we really appreciate contributions from our fans!

Arf! Scott & Nimble.

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