You Can't Beat Natural Remedies for Dogs

We aren't kidding... natural remedies for dogs have sooo many advantages...

  • They're so darned healthy and safe for your dog!  You can easily make, feed and store it at home (sometimes feeding dog health remedies takes a little patience... ha!).

  • Grow 'em yourself!
  • You can easily buy natural remedies for dogs.  And...

They work!

Many natural remedies for dogs can be found in your kitchenNimble showing you her small arsenal of natural remedies


  • You're beginning to wonder if conventional “cures” really work.
  • Are conventional dog health care treatments harmful to your pooch?

Just read on... we're chomp'in at the bit to talk about these important points in language even I can understand.

Many dog health remedies may be eaten with your dog's gritts or given orally by themselves.  Furthermore, some natural dog remedies for skin conditions may be applied topically.  Since our website is about all natural dog food, we'll focus on those that are consumed.


We won't ignore effective “food” remedies that are also applied to your dog externally.

“Don't forget... natural remedies for dogs are most effective with a healthy dog food diet, sunshine and exercise.  Don't forget pure water and a great environment... arf!”  Nimble. 

So dig up those roots!  I can hear you from here... “What do you mean?” You'll soon find out....

Conventional Medicine or Natural Remedies for Dogs?

Nothing is more rewarding than making your own healthy concoction that works like a charm.  Or, buying simple and safe natural dog remedies that really help your furry pal!   Finally, feeding my dog a natural dog home remedy makes me feel good!

We love starting from scratch...

Wheat grass juice is a natural, healthy dog remedyGrowing and making Nimble's wheatgrass juice is rewarding!

Before we go on I'll make a point.  There's a time and place for conventional medicine...

We're not telling you to discontinue the advice and use of your dog's veterinarian.   At times, professional veterinary care is essential.  There are situations where some dog diseases have progressed too far and...

Progression of the disease needs to be halted asap.  After administering conventional medicine... your dog can slowly be weened off while introducing your dog home remedy.  Only do this with the consent of your vet.

There comes a time when change is needed.  This usually happens when...

  • You and Fido are tired of trips back and forth to the vet.  Ditto your purse or wallet.
  • You decided... “That's enough... no more pills, sprays, powders, shots and whatever else I'm putting on and into my doggy.  This is not working!”
  • Your pooch (and you) are stressed out every time you leave the vet's office. You (and your dog) still have a full head of hair... you'd like to keep it that way!
  • Home made or pre-made concoctions seem like real time savers... just do it at home.  Save some gas plus wear and tear on your car.  I hate running all over town looking for something I didn't know was in my kitchen the whole time!  Homemade?   Hmmm... check out these doggy treats!

Growing sprouts at home is inexspensive and simple...

Alfalfa sprouts are an easily grown healthy dog remedyWe never could find decent sprouts in the store with a long shelf life

If your furry pal is on medication, please tell your vet about your plan before feeding your dog her home remedy.

Conventional Medicine vs Natural Dog Care

More and more dog parents are leaning towards natural remedies for dogs when treating their canine's disease.  This also applies to finding the best all natural dog food and healthy home made dog treats.

Healthy dog chews are desired as well.

Conventional medicine has been around a long time.  And, constant daily marketing campaigns are seen and heard throughout the day.

It's no wonder we have a hard time changing our ways (I know I do!).

But, natural remedies for dogs were used thousands of years ago... way before conventional medicine took root....

And it's coming back.   We see signs of it everywhere!

Conventional Medicine Only Masks the Symptoms

Speaking of symptoms... here's our article about dog food intolerance symptoms.  Clicking here will help you make a good home remedy choice.

I once read a great article that described perfectly how conventional medicine usually only masks the symptoms.  I'll tell you in my own words...

Drugs.  Spraying weeds in your garden will get rid of them.   But, poisonous chemicals cover the ground, harming all living creatures.  The weeds will quit growing, and all looks well.  But the drugs only mask the symptoms.

The drugs harm the rest of your dog's body.  Also, undesirable side affects will occur.

Dog diseases may even be halted for a while.  Eventually, the disease will return disguising itself as “another” dog disease... the weeds have returned!

Surgery.  You can cut the weeds off at ground level.  Everything looks fine for a while.  But, the disease will return.  Just like drugs, this does not get to the root of the problem.

My Nimble doggy's body is a finely tuned machine (bragger).  All pieces are working in harmony.  Remove a gear or screw (surgery) and all havoc breaks loose...

"I am sooo lucky my daddy gives me natural dog food, sunshine, exercise and pure water.  I hope I always feel this good... arf!"  Nimble.

Healthy dog cures should include exerciseJust finshed exercising... what a view!

Natural Remedies for Dogs Balances the Body!

Now for the rest of that article...

Natural dog home remedies.  Holistic (natural) dog remedies go after the roots.  Pull that darned weed out of the ground, roots and all, and it won't return!  Nimble and I couldn't have found a better analogy...

So dig up those roots!

Sometimes Natural Dog Health Remedies take Awhile

Many feel that the holistic approach takes too long.

Here's why...

  • You're ridding your furry companion of the dog disease, not just masking her symptoms.
  • The sooner you treat the dog disease, the sooner you'll uproot it.
  • If the disease has manifested itself for a long time, it will take a long time to cure.
  • Remember, you aren't just ridding your dog's body of the nasty culprit... you're balancing it out.

Don't Worry... Natural Dog Treatments are Safe and Healthy!

Our health food store carries a good variety of reputable tinctures...

Tinctures can be a very effective, safe healthy dog remedyExtracts can be very useful... make sure you're using the correct one

Nimble and I will show you both sides of the coin...

Most natural healthy dog food ingredients/products are gladly accepted by your canine's body.  But, too much of anything... even safe healthy dog food... isn't the best thing.  Many natural dog health remedies/ingredients are very gentle...

On the other hand, some natural remedies for dogs are really powerful... extracts are a good example.  Nimble always tells me to use good judgment.

Proper guidance is important... that's what we're here for.  Our information is from our own personal experiences and those we trust.

It's assuring to know exactly what you're putting into your furry pal's body!

No more gmo's (genetically modified organisms) and pesticides.  Ditto with preservatives, irradiation (used from nuclear waste), over processing dog food and you name it!

Buying Ingredients and Natural Remedies for Dogs

Be aware that some “healthy” dog food ingredients or products are labeled as “all natural” and shouldn't be.  What you see is not always what you get... unfortunately.  The term “natural” is being used by some unscrupulous merchants hoping to catch the buyer unaware.  Always check the ingredients on the label... we can't stress this enough!  And...

If you're buying from a health food store or related website... still take time to make sure.  I'm busy... just as you are.  If it takes time to check out a product... so be it.  I'd rather do without (unless it's really urgent) than to use a misrepresented product.

I trust these seeds at our health food store (Nimble's getting better at using our camera!)...

Many different types of seeds can be a part of your natural dog remedy.The dog food industry is unpredictable. Using certified organic "human foods" is more assuring.

Keep in mind that the dog food industry is very loosely regulated!

I feel best if a product is stamped certified organic.  However, there's many healthy choices that aren't certified organic human grade dog food but just as healthy.  Beware of product names like this... “Organix.”

I could write a whole book about this, but there's not enough room here.  This material will help you with your choices...

Making Your Own Natural Dog Home Remedies

Many home made natural dog health remedies can be concocted from ingredients you already have in your kitchen...

  • That apple cider vinegar that's been sitting in your refrigerator collecting dust can be put to use.  I used it in my other dog's drinking water.  What a great natural home remedy for dog fleas!  It has other benefits as well.

  • How about that plain (unsweetened) yogurt your kids don't like?  Feeding dogs yogurt now and then is ok.  This stuff enhances the population of friendly bacteria (probiotics) in your doggy's digestive system.  Improved safe healthy dog food digestion and immunity are some of the benefits.

Healthy dog remedies can include plain, unsweetened organic yogurtA little plain, unsweetened organic yogurt now and them is ok. Best to feed a couple hours before or after other foods (proper food combining)

  • Similarly, I give Nimble one of the best dog supplements... probiotics.  This also contains those probiotic live cultures.
  • How to treat dog worms?  What about those organic, raw pumpkin seeds (not roasted) you bought for your family that nobody likes (not salted)?  My other little dog had parasites in her poop...

    Instead of giving her a dewormer from the vet, I gave her home ground pumpkin seeds.  About three weeks later, I took some of her poop to the vet for another fecal exam.  Bingo... no more worms!  Honestly, I don't think the vet believed this dog home remedy really worked...

These are just a few examples.  Some of your veggies or fruit can be used.  Tinctures, homeopathic dog remedies and flower essences are easily used as natural remedies for dogs.  Likewise with essential oils and teas.  Finally, the medicine cabinet wouldn't be complete without herbal dog remedies.

Heck, if you really want to start from scratch, you can make your own teas and tinctures (extracts).

Better yet, try...

Growing Your Own Natural Remedies for Dogs


We grow a lot of our own sprouts and vegetable greens indoors.  Most can easily be purchased.  If you don't need much (fresh or dried) it's probably best to just buy what you need.  If you enjoy indoor (or outdoor) gardening, go for it!

I grow wheat grass and juice it for myself and Nimble doggy.  We drink it 4-5 times a week.  Buying it would be impractical.  In addition...

While growing lot's of sprouts and greens, we include herbal varieties. We eat these daily.... don't worry about over doing it with (most) of these dog (and people) foods.  Just be careful with the tinctures, extracts, homeopathics, etc... they're concentrated.

Growing some of our natural dog remediesOnce we got the system down, growing our own became lots of fun!

I never though I'd enjoy growing my own!  It's fun “going to your garden” and harvesting what you need.  And, it's hard to find decent sprouts at the market.  Furthermore...

We've already been down that road... Nimble and I can save you headaches and time (also money).  Growing our own is simple now.  However, we had our bumps along the way!

Tools of the trade

We've got this covered for you...

Most of what you already have in your kitchen should do it!

Dropper bottles, cheese cloth and other different sized bottles for mixing, storing and growing natural remedies for dogs are used.  They're inexpensive and easy to find.  I've got feeding a dog with syringes down to a pat... just ask Nimble!   I easily customize mine and they can be used over and over.

If you don't make anything from scratch, only a few simple kitchen utensils are neccessary.  The more involved I got, the more “tools” I needed.  Either way, I think it's more of a convenience and satisfaction thing with me.

Feeding Natural Remedies for Dogs

I've fed my dogs health remedies all sorts of ways...

  • Syringe feeding a dog.  Nimble likes being fed like this (or likes the attention?).  I feed her daily blended fruit this way.
  • Mix into Nimble's water bowl.  Some of the herbal dog remedy teas and other liquids are easily administered like this.  Nimble doesn't (seem to) mind the taste.  Occasionally I mix in herbal teas and other liquids for extra daily nutrition.

Speaking of water... a dog throwing up water or food might be harmless.  On the other hand... maybe you'd better be concerned.  Find out more here.

  • Mix into your safe healthy dog food.  This is easy to do.. just mix it in.  However, if you're dog doesn't like the taste, they won't eat.  I'm not crazy about this one.
Mix your natural dog remedy into your dog's blended fruit, then syringe feed itI mix anything I want into Nimble's pureed fruit... then syringe feed it

  • Dropper.  A glass dropper and a little glass storage bottle works good with small amounts of remedy.
  • Hide in your dog's favorite home made organic dog treat.  Liver treats are Nimble's favorites... tap here.  These are used for hiding tablets such as homeopathic natural remedies for dogs.  I don't have much luck here, either... 

    I think my dog knows I'm up to something.  Instead, just crush it up and drop into your dog's mouth.  It will stick to her tongue.

Storing Your Natural Dog Cures

Most tinctures, essential oils, flower essences and homeopathic dog remedies have a long shelf life.  Seeds for growing can keep for years.

Dried herbs will also last a long time.  Keep these natural remedies for dogs in a cool, dark, dry place.  Home made teas should be used right away.

Fruit juice for dogs and other bottled liquids like vinegar need to be kept in your refrigerator.  Of course, vegetables and veggie juices should be kept refrigerated as well as ripened fruit.  Find out more about feeding your dog veggies by clicking here. 


How about fruit along with veggies?... give this page a little of your time.

Our healthy dog "remedies" include these veggies from our health food store.Nimble's daily diet includes these natural dog "remedies" from our health food store.

Your garlic can be kept on the kitchen counter, as well as honey.  These are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.  Nothing hurts them!

List of Natural Remedies for dogs


Here's a list of natural dog health remedies we highly recommend.  There are sooo many more... please don't limit yourself to our list.  We'll be adding more recipes as time permits.  Nimble and I are busy writing about other helpful and healthy topics to share with you and your dog!

When you choose dog health remedies from our list, we'll give you all the information you need.  Hopefully, you'll successfully be able to make (or buy) your own... we'll focus on the areas covered above in more detail.  For example, if we suggest feeding your dog alfalfa sprouts... we'll tell you how to grow 'em!

Please click on the blue links in our list... those articles are published.

Here's our list (don't let your doggy get too healthy!)...

  • Does your dog have allergies?  Remedies for dog allergies are welcomed by your pooch!
  • Dog ear infections are sooo common!  Choose a dog ear infection remedy.
  • Are you and your dog tired of the constant itching?  Is your dog keeping you up all night?  It's time for a dog itchy skin remedy!
  • Constipation is not fun for your dog!  It's no wonder your dog needs a constipation remedy.  Try a healthy dog food diet...

Natural healthy dog remedies need to include raw meaty bones and other raw foodTonight I'll give Nimble some of this lamb. I'll cut it up and she'll also chew those bones

Speaking of upset tummys... is your dog throwing up undigested food?  Is it difficult deciding home treatment or veterinary care?  There's some things you should know before making your decision... this article will help you.

  • I feel sorry for a pooch with dog mange... we've got some dog mange remedies for you.

  • Gas on the tummy... nothing like flatulence!  A barf dog food diet is one of the best remedies for dog flatulence (and everything else).
  • Dog anxiety remedies.  Dog anxiety natural remedies probably won't work if your dog knows he's going to the beach!
  • Doggie breath remedy.  Two things cause bad breath... lack of a healthy dog food diet or dog tooth care. 

We Feel it's Time for Our Readers to Know This..

I hate to sound like I'm bragging.  But, Nimble is really healthy (I got her when she was really young).  Immediately, I began cleaning up her young system with natural remedies for dogs.  Safe, healthy dog foods, treats, pure water and sunshine completed the “treatment.”  Also, we fast on a regular basis.

I haven't treated Nimble for any "major" ailments once her body was detoxified.  But, my little doggie Gidget was in terrible health before she came home at age 6 (before Nimble was born).  I used about every healthy concoction I could think of.

I read tons of dog books.  We saw lots of doctors (conventional and holistic).  I began to realize the big difference between drugs and natural remedies for dogs.  Actually, I already knew this...

I just needed reinforcement!   We followed the same healthy lifestyle that Nimble and I follow now.

Gidget lived 'till the age of sixteen.

Where am I going with this?  I just wanted to give you a taste of where I've been.  We don't want you wondering why I use all these dog home remedies if Nimble is so healthy (just kidding).

Our little health food store has so many choices...

Organic herbs are used in many natural dog cures!A wonderful assortment of herbs and a healthy diet works wonders!

Give Your Natural Remedies for Dogs a Helping Hand

As mentioned in the beginning, feeding your pooch an all natural dog food diet is the best healthy remedy.  Throw in exercise, sunshine, clean air and pure water... how can you go wrong?  By doing this, your natural dog health remedies will work much more efficiently.  Also, they'll be needed less often, if at all!

Oops... I almost forgot!  Here's a bunch of reasons your doggy might be sucking her water bowel dry.  Better safe than sorry... you might give this a shot... 

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above! 

Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.  Also...

Be sure to check out Scott & Nimble's News Flash for monthly helpful tips and other neat stuff!

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