Is Peanut Butter for Dogs Safe? Yes, if... decide making peanut butter for dogs is a wise choice before adding it to your pal's favorite homemade dog treat.

Our home made peanut butter for dogs and peanut butter treatsNimble is showing off our homemade peanut butter dog treats and peanut butter!

If you don't have time, knowing which type to buy is your next best choice.  Furthermore, learn about your furry pal's wild ancestors' diet.  Then you'll...

... accept the fact that peanut butter (and most other doggie treats) are a people food.


Dog treats can be safely consumed by your furry pal if fed in moderation!

Our #1 Choice:  Making Peanut Butter for My Doggy

It's hard to cut Nimble off while she's begging for more peanut butter dog treats with those big eyes!

Check out Nimble's cool home made dog treat recipe menu... tap here! 

Following this regimen makes me feel comfortable about dogs eating peanut butter...

Ingredients needed to make peanut butter for dogs

Use raw, organic peanuts in the shell.  The shell protects them from going rancid.  I'll admit, it gets old shelling them!  Sometimes I don't... Nimble says I'm getting lazy while making her peanut butter dog treats!

If the peanuts are roasted, make sure you follow Nimble's dog tooth cleaning routine.  Foods that are not raw tend to stick to your dog's teeth.

If they're shelled, try to buy refrigerated peanuts... it keeps them from going sour.

Making Nimble's peanut butter

  • We grind up these easy homemade dog treats ourselves.  I used to have a machine.  Since it broke down I just grind them up at our health food store.
Our safe dog peanut butter is made with this machineNimble makes sure I grind our own organic, raw peanut butter!

  • Grind up no more than 1 – 2 pint jars at one time.  This keeps the machine from heating up your dog treat ingredients.  I'm sure your dog doesn't care but the heat can destroy some nutrients!
  • I store Nimble's “nut” butter in a sealed glass jar in the refrigerator.  The glass jar doesn't leach toxic elements into the homemade peanut butter for dogs.

Our #2 Choice:   Buying Our Peanut Butter


  • Please take time to read that dog food ingredients label!   Your dog's peanut butter should have only one dog food ingredient... peanuts!  Period.

  • Please choose certified organic, raw peanut butter.
  • A glass dog treat container is preferred as we suggested above.  Sometimes you have no choice.  If the dog treat storage container is plastic, put the peanut butter into a glass jar when you get home.
  • Storing your dog's (and your) peanut butter in the 'frig is a must!

Peanut Butter for Dogs is Ok as an Occasional Treat

Our companions' digestive systems are designed for a canine diet (barf dog food diet).  The biggest portion of a wolf's diet is prey animals.  When consumed, the bones, meat and stomach contents of the prey animal should be considered when feeding your dog.

Wild dogs are opportunistic... they will eat other items when the opportunity presents itself.  These include, but are not limited to...

  • Insects.  Coyotes love crickets!

My brother observed Mamma Coyote teaching her pups how to catch crickets on a ranch in eastern Oregon.  As she turned over the “cow flops,” crickets hiding underneath them would jump up.  Eventually her pups caught on!

  • Fish.  I've read fish for dogs is unhealthy... this is way out of line!
  • Reptiles.  I've seen snake skin in coyote poop.

I need to remind myself of these best all natural dog food menus. Then, I'll think twice before I give Nimble “just one more” peanut butter dog treat!  This also applies to yogurt dog treats... please read this before you go shopping.

Nimble wants one little taste of our home made peanut butter doggy treats!Can I please have just one more?

Peanut Butter for Dogs... Who should You Believe? 

I read an article on the internet that said meat is a people food, don't feed it to your dog!   You're kidding me!...

It's no wonder we're confused!  I know we're not talking peanut butter for dogs here, but that's not my point.

I'm disappointed with all the misleading “best dog food to buy” information online and in books.  I'm angry because tons of dog parents are “fed” this stuff (and their dogs)!

What are safe dog foods?  Numerous opinions are formed from scientific data or copying another author's content.  Some of this dog food stuff is spot on... don't misunderstand me!


...some don't know any better (or do, they just don't want to admit it... this would affect their financial interest).  They haven't been there or done that.  Lining their pockets with dollars, not your pooch's health, is their only concern!

“Sometimes my daddy needs to blow off steam... arf!” 

What's in Your Doggy's Peanut Butter?

"I'm checking on our peanut butter treats made without xylitol or other nasties... arf!"

Nimble's safe homemade doggy peanut butter is the main ingredient in her treatsNimble can't wait...

There's lots of “nasties” included in your dog's peanut butter as well as other foods.  These should be avoided for the sake of your furry pal's dog health.

Bottom line... some dog food additives, such as xylitol, can be deadly shorty after injesting a small amount.  Other culprits, I believe, are just as bad....

However, these foods poisonous to dogs don't show acute symptoms.  But, over time, they build up in your dog's (and your) body... finally resulting in disease.

Because symptoms took days, months or years to rear it's ugly face, we blame other things instead.

You should be aware of other ingredients and foods poisonous to dogs...

Please make sure you have this link to the Pet Poison Helpline on hand!

Peanut butter for dogs is safer without these poisons...

  • Xylitol Because of it's increased popularity as a sugar substitute, this deadly dog food poison is found in some peanut butters as well as other foods.  Check your dog's peanut butter “healthy” dog food ingredients label.   Under no circumstances should you feed this to your doggy!

Please tap here for an excellent article which covers xylitol in detail!

  • Sugar.  Sorry folks, this is another poison.   Sure, organic and unprocessed is better but... if you want to sweeten your dog's homemade treat, please use pure honey instead.   Keep it to a minimum.
  • Salt.  No... not in your dog's peanut butter!   Definitely not one of your healthy dog food ingredients!

Nimble's doggy peanut butter is pure and safe!Nimble showing you the good stuff... raw and pure!

  • Preservatives.  They extend shelf life... but not your dog's!
  • Words we can't pronounce.  Also, if they're a mile long... forget it!
  • Words with numbers.  Your good dog food ingredients don't sound like this... “yellow #5.”
  • Gmo's.  Genetically modified organisms.  We're really mess'in around with mother nature here!
  • Irradiation.  Many foods (and dog treat ingredients) are irradiated with our government's over supply of nuclear waste.  Be especially aware of peanuts imported from other countries!

Organic peanut butter for dogs will be free of gmo's and irradiation.  Furthermore,  unhealthy dog food ingredients you can't pronounce or those containing numbers, as well as unhealthy preservatives will be left out.


Healthier versions (the lessor of two evils) of salt, preservatives and sugar may still be included.

Please click here to learn more about the quality of your dog's chow.  

Also give this a shot... human grade dog vittles!

Dogs and Peanut Butter... Our Final Two Cents Worth

I believe most peanut butter for dogs is rancid if it's not refrigerated once removed from the protective shell.  Maybe this applies to peanut butter that's sealed but not refrigerated.  This is just my theory.  I could be “barking” up the wrong tree here!

Please read our following safe healthy dog food pages when you and your doggy have time.  They will help you realize peanut butter and other people treats should be fed in moderation.

Maybe your dog is allergic to peanut butter.  If you're not sure about feeding your dog peanut butter, please contact your veterinarian.  My intent is not replace excellent veterinary care.  I'm only sharing our dog food experiences so you can make an informed “peanut butter” decision.

Did your doggy throw up her peanut butter after feeding it for the first time?  Don't worry... she'll probably be ok.  A dog throwing up undigested food can be caused by feeding something new to your dog.  Or... it might be something else.  Click here to find out more.

Peanut Butter for Dogs?  Ok Nimble... Once in a While

I had a little doggie named Gidget before Nimble.  She ate a yummy, healthy dog food diet.... I never gave her any people food treats.

This wasn't hard because I also didn't eat people food treats (they weren't hang'in around the house).

This doggy has no objections about sampling our new batch of home made doggy peanut butter!Yipee... I finally convinced daddy we can have a doggy treat once in a while!

Then I started thinking about how healthy our diet is.   “We” decided that an occasional peanut butter (or other) treat would be ok...

...if we knew what was in 'em and didn't over indulge!  Tap here to check out Nimble's yummy yogurt dog snack!

Oops... I almost forgot... Nimble reminded me that peanuts are actually a legume... not a nut!

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