Organic Human Grade Dog Food... Sounds Healthy Enough?

Human grade dog food should include fruits such as these!Nimble showing you these fruits are included in her healthy organic food!

Let's break down organic human grade dog food somewhat.  What should natural, organic and human grade really mean?  We'll tell you (in simple terms) what you're up against.  You should feel good about the food you buy for your pooch!

Buy all your own organic human grade dog food ingredients.  Serve up this natural organic dog food raw as a wild dog would be served and you can't go wrong! 

All the ingredients are organic, human grade (not feed grade), natural, uncooked and unfrozen.  No nutrient deficiencies in this special dog food!

This is the perfect all natural dog food world!  I know we can't all do this.  Many of us buy pre-made dog food.

We're currently building your list of healthy dog food brands...

Get right to Fido's dog food list by clicking here.  Please come back here later and learn how to make sure you're buying dog vittles that are healthy, not harmful!

Organic Human Grade Dog Food Broken down...

Human grade dog food... a step in the right direction?

This means fit for human consumption (whatever that means)!  The dog food industry isn't regulated like the human food industry, so this carries some weight.  However, the biggest percentage of non-organic human chow is full of contaminants anyway!

Gmo's, hormones and other drugs as well as pesticides lurk in your dog's food. Preservatives and irradiation are for desert!  However, dog foods containing these contaminants are approved by the FDA and other government regulatory agencies!

Nothing will lurk in your doggy's peanut butter if you make it... click here.

Your grocery store shelves are lined with these foods dogs "can" eat.  Let's climb down the ladder...

Feed grade...unhealthy dog food

This list includes animals that are diseased, dead and dying... totally unfit for human consumption!  Discarded waste from human food grade manufacturing facilities are included.  Now throw in all those dog food contaminants mentioned above...

“Please don't feed this 'dog food' to your dog!  If my dad fed this junk to me I'd hit him over the head with a big dog bone... arf!”  Nimble.

Nimble shows you her fresh, organic chicken treats... definitely human grade...

Healthy, organic, free range chicken is used to make Nimble's treats"We're going to cheat and bake some of my free range chicken for treats... arf!"

You won't believe this!...

Last summer I was fishing on a local dairy farmer's land.   When my dog and I walked up to the car, a dead cow that was laying around for a couple of days was being removed.  It was loaded up into a truck with other dead cows.

I asked the driver where the cows were headed.   He said some dog food facility!

Let's move on to other controversial dog food topics...

Non-organic vs Organic Human Grade Dog Food

Organic dog food... how organic is it?

When I buy certified organic meat, produce, vegetables, nuts and seeds (human grade) to make my own I feel fairly safe!   When it comes to pre-made dog food I'll question it.  Weaker standards are met for dog foods, in most cases. 

Some foods may not be safe for your dog.  Please check out the Pet Poison Helpline website to make sure...

If you are still hesitant, please ask me through our Contact Us page.

Nimble's birthday cake is definitely safe for your pooch.  Click here to check it out...

Getting back to commercial dog foods...

This doesn't apply to all... just some dog food brands.  We pay more for organic dog food... it should really be organic!  The contaminants mentioned above should not be allowed in safe healthy dog food.  Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Please read this article to help you choose your healthy organic dog foods.

Non-organic dog food... stay away!

Enough said.  Again, there are exceptions:

  • Some growers don't want to go through the cost of organic certification.  However, their product is perfectly healthy.  I buy  free range chickens from a local business called Mineral Springs Poultry.  They're not certified organic but they're as organic as it gets.

my doggie with her non-organic and organic human grade dog food ingredients.Nimble with her non-organic and organic human grade dog food ingredients. And yes, dogs can munch honey!

  • Other growers are transitioning into organic growing guidelines.  They're working their way towards organic standards.
  • Some manufactures use products that aren't stamped organic but are just as good!  Some of these are small dog food operations.  They take the time to seek out their healthy dog food ingredients!   A good example of this is the tooth oil and toothpaste I use for my doggie.

Don't forget about those raw doggy veggies... ok?  Please click here.  "What about fruit?"  No worries... about 10% of your companion's diet should consist of fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds.    

Natural Dog Food... How Natural?

I feel the word natural is probably the most misleading word in the dog food (and human food) industry!  To repeat, there are some dog food companies who really have healthy natural dog food.  The unscrupulous ruin it for the good guys!

  • The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) allows a dog food to be processed to the point where it is totally pulverized.  They consider it natural if you don't add synthetic ingredients “except in certain cases!”  Certainly not on our healthy dog food list!

    See this link to read more about AAFCO dog food guidelines

I'm quoting the following from the FDA's dog food regulations.  This is from the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Category...

  • “A substance added to food may be GRAS for one use but may not be GRAS for another.  For example, sodium aluminosilicate is GRAS when added to food as an anti-caking agent.  But adding this substance to food to bind fungal toxins and prevent the food from being absorbed by the digestive tract is not GRAS.”

Is this safe healthy dog food?

That's enough of the fine print...

I sound like I'm totally bashing the FDA, AAFCO and other agencies.   If it wasn't for them our dog food would be out of control.  Still, this stuff shouldn't be allowed!

These agencies provide us with dog food recall information.  It's used to make our bad dog food hit list... Click here.

Our Advice for Selecting Real Natural Organic Human Grade Dog Food

I'm a “here's the general dog food stuff you need to know” type person... “let's get on with the good stuff!”  I've researched tons of articles over the years... and also practiced it.  Let's condense all this, steering you towards a healthy dog food diet.

What to make of all this healthy dog food stuff?  This is my (and Nimble's) advice to you...

  • Next option:   Raw, frozen dog food.  Organic vittles are best!
  • Our third selection:  Buy natural canned dog food.  Consider dehydrated dog food as well.  Shoot for organic.
  • Our last place dog food choice:  Try dry dog food.  Again, organic is your best choice!

Dry dog food may cause your doggy to gulp tons of water which might lead to dog bloat symptoms... please read this article!

Certified organic instead of organic labeling is best.  There are exceptions as discussed above.

Did you doggie eat her dinner too fast?  Tap here to check out our dog upset tummy home remedies...

Or maybe she has the doggy runs... better check out this page!

One last Important Organic Human Grade Dog Food Buying tip...

When choosing a healthy dog food source, selecting a smaller operation might be a better choice.  The owner has more hands on control.   Healthier practices are followed within these dog food companies.  The owner is easier to contact.

Please make sure you...

Call them and ask to talk with the owner.  Talking with customer service usually isn't reliable.

Keep in mind there are some very reputable healthy dog food companies to choose from.  We'll not only recommend them, I'll feed their healthy dog food to my pooch if I can't make her vittles!...

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above! 

Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.  Also...

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