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Dog Feeding Schedule Overload? Read this!

You're finally at the right place! You've got your dog feeding schedule all figured out (whew!). Are you sure? For instance... did you know that raw dog food vs processed dog food makes a big difference? Just tag along with us and mother nature... it's simple!

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Fido's Best Organic Dog Food... Avoid Marketing Rackets!

Want your pooch forever? Seems like everyone is telling you their best organic dog food is tops! We don't want to sound like a broken dog food record...

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Nimble's Dry Dog Food Recall List including other dog foods

Before buying, check our dry dog food recall list combined with other types of dog food. If it's not on our list that doesn't mean it's ok!

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Dog Bloat Symptoms... Now What?

We may never completely eliminate dog bloat symptoms. How about reducing the chances of this annoying dog malady from happening in the first place? Start by feeding your dog raw meaty bones. “But why will this help?” Wait 'till you hear what we have to say...

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Organic Apple and Pumpkin Granola Bars

Making dog treats like these that Joyce is sharing with us just may end up in my lunchbox also! (sorry Nimble Doggy!)... 2 jars of Organic Beech Nut Apple,

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Nimble is enjoying her raw dog food... homemade raw meaty bones ground up and served as meatballsAhhh... that's much better... arf!

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