Ready for this?...

Your Dog Feeding Schedule... Raw or Processed Food Makes a Difference!

“But that's not what all the other dog feeding schedule authorities” say!  Yep... you'll soon realize why we're different from the rest of the pack! 

Sure... we'll cover dog feeding guidelines like how much, how often, dog feeding times and feeding your puppies, etc...

...based on breed, age, health and activity level of your furry friend.  


All this is centered around what you feed your pooch... processed or raw dog food.  Likewise with proper food combining.

Mother Nature's been trying to show you this forever!

Our healthy, organic raw dog food...

Your dog feeding guidelines should include these raw foods... rabbit meaty bones and veggies.It's raw and properly combined!

... compared to processed commercial dog food I bought just for this picture...

You might find a healthy commercial dog food... but not this canned chocolate ice-cream looking stuff.Sure looks like chocolate ice cream!

Nimble Doggy eats all she wants whenever she wants because I feed her a raw meat dog food diet and other raw foods that are properly combined... 

Our dog feeding guidelines include proper food combining of these seeds, veggies, meats and seaweedsProper dog food combining for streamlined digestion

... but I'll also include some "cooked" treats in her dog feeding schedule occasionally (Nimble insists it's ok!).

Do we have you hooked?  Good!  If not... please don't hit that “Back” button yet!  Instead... we hope you keep reading!

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Our Dog Feeding Schedule is Based on Our Own Experiences

Rest assured....

I've fed both of my little canines raw dog food for many years (except for the "delicacies" they sniffed out in the wild!)...

These elk bones Nimble found left over from the coyote feast tells us feeding dogs bones is healthy!"Hey daddy... the coyotes beat me to it!"

Everything we write about happens daily in our doggie household (except when Nimble and I fast).

In addition... some information is gleaned from reliable sources which we read about from “been there and done that” authors.  It's impossible for us (maybe!) to adopt every breed of dog, puppy, old dogs, nursing dogs, etc.  Furthermore...

We've talked to many dog owners (and seen their dogs) who feed their dogs processed dog food (and raw as well).  We've also shared our healthy dog food with them!

All of the dog feeding schedule information below applies to healthy dogs unless noted otherwise.

As you browse along below, please refer to our section Tips.   This information supplements many of the sections below.  Furthermore...

Don't miss out on proper dog food combining!... it'll make a difference when feeding your pet dog.  Nimble and I are believers in this... can your dog digest her vittles without it rotting or fermenting in her stomach?  To keep this from happening... here's an easy-to-read food combing chart.  “Print it and pin it” on your 'frig door!

In addition... your dog needs to have a good supply of friendly bacteria in her digestive system.  Probiotics are a good source.  Has your dog taken antibiotics lately?  If so... this drug kills these wonderful organisms!

And finally (this is a real biggie)...  do you feed your dog a processed or raw dog diet?  It makes a huge difference with your dog feeding schedule and most of our information below revolves around this.  Please click this link.

“Remember... organic is best... arf!”  Nimble Doggy.  This plays a big role when it comes to when, how much and how often to feed your favorite pal!

Now that we've got that out of the way... let's get to the good stuff!

Dog Feeding Agenda for Active Dogs

We're talking about a good, hard romp... not a walk around the block!

  • Knowing when is very important... “Should I feed before or after exercising?”  Waiting awhile after feeding your dog before exercising is best.  However... this doesn't always work out well with our schedules.  Solution (you'll like this)...

    Set the 'ole alarm 45 minutes earlier than when you normally get up for work (I've been doing this for years... pat on back!)...

    … and work out with your doggy first thing in the morning.  This way... you won't need to worry about waiting after eating before working out!  And... you might not feel like exercising after work... especially if you have a physical job like mine.
  • How much should I feed?"  I feed Nimble as much as she wants.  She can't get fat on the raw stuff while she's on our dog feeding schedule!  Also remember... she's very active (we're not talking about a slow trot around the block). 

    She'll gobble it down asap... she won't pick at it.  My other dog was the same way.  If your dog works out hard... they're “earning” their food.  Your dog's appetite will be off this planet... unlike an inactive dog! 

    Healthy dog foods digest faster and easier when our dogs are really hungry and “empty!”

    Your dog will eat more processed dog chow than raw nutritious dog food since it lacks the nutrient density of the raw, homemade stuff.  As a result... more calories!  You'll read more about this below (this is Nimble's idea to make sure you read everything!).
  • How often should you feed your dog?  Gosh... if you think your dog might be hungry... put her feed bag on!  Feeding amount for dogs seems to be controversial... should you feed smaller meals more often or just one or two large meals? 

    We think smaller meals are best with our dog feeding schedule.  Either way is probably fine...

    The smaller meals throughout the day and one big meal late afternoon/evening works out best with our timetable.

    Dogs are designed to inhale their food in the wild and their digestive systems are designed accordingly.  This way they can gulp it down before another predator steals their meal!  Don't be afraid to feed big meals less often... 

    “My daddy puts my healthy dog food out and lets me chow.  If I don't eat right away or just 'pick at it'... he'll put it away.  I'm glad I usually gobble it right up... arf!”  Nimble Doggie.

Nimble likes to play “Tease” first... then she'll eat!

No matter how hungry she is... she's got'ta play this game!

Here's how it goes...

I act like I'm trying to steal her food... then she'll chase me down until I say “I'm sorry”... then she'll eat.  This goes on and on until she's done... whew!

No kidding!

Hey pops... let's play tease before I chomp another meaty bone...

Nimble's plate is loaded up with lamb raw meaty bonesGrrr... let's get to it!

How often continued...

Worth repeating... even if your dog is very active...

Be careful when feeding your pet dog processed dog chow.  Consult with your vet if you're not sure about this dog feeding schedule.  A vet who has a nutritional background is best.

Nimble Doggy helped me find a really good vet... here's ours!  They'll show you how to make sure your dog doesn't get fat on a commercial dog food diet.  Your conventional vet can show you how to check your dog for too much fat.

Sometimes the dog food manufacturer will disclose this information.  However... you need to make the final decision.  Only you know your dog! 

For those of you who don't want to go the homemade route...

...we're working on a list of different types of “ready-to-go” dog foods.  It's a work in progress... keep checking back for more approvals as we keep adding to our best organic dog food list.  I would feed these to Nimble if I couldn't feed her my homemade raw dog food recipes... we'll try them out before giving our stamp of approval!

You'll also read some good background information about every type of dog food.  Each page is sort of an “extension” of the others.  These pages will help you assure yourself while making these foods a part of your dog feeding schedule....

Our health food store has a big selection of doggy food, chews and treats...

Here's a picture of some all natural organic dog food our health store has to offerSuch a selection... where do you start?

  • Just like how much... only you can determine how often to feed your dog.  You'll need to monitor her weight and adjust accordingly with processed dog food.  With us... frequency of meal times are pretty much the same every work day due to my work schedule.  My days off are different.  

    I think amount and frequency are important.  Once again...

    Perhaps more smaller meals throughout the day might be healthier than gorging on one huge meal.  I have no proof of this (Nimble won't tell me... ha!).

    Wild dogs gorge... sometimes only once a day or even once in a few days.
      But... this is due to lack of availability.  And as mentioned above... they're designed to “inhale” their food.

“My conventional vet thought I was too heavy.  My daddy had to convince the doctor that it was muscle... not fat!  Can you believe it?... arf!"

Nimble posing in the field showing off her safe healthy dog food bodyDo I look chubby? I hope not... arf!

Is Your Carnivore Inactive? Try this Dog Feeding Schedule...

We're talk'in about couch potatoes here... or the occasional “walk-around-the-block” dog.  Are you feeding your dog processed dog food?  If so... be careful.  Those pounds might add up!

  • When?  Feed you pal if she's looking at you with those big, cute eyes (while pushing her food bowl towards you!).  You won't need to worry about her up-chucking food when eating right before a "tough" workout... right? 

    Have you ever noticed how fast your body seems to digest food after a hard workout compared to eating “just to be eating?"  And so it is with dogs...

  • How much?  Even though your doggie isn't exercising much...  it's really hard to get fat when raw feeding dogs (there are exceptions).  As we've mentioned before (I hate to sound like a broken record!), the more a food is processed, the harder it is to digest.  Likewise with improperly combined dog vittles...

    This = weight gain.  Throw in a few additives and other junk... bingo!  The pounds (or ounces for little dogs) start to compound. 

  • How often?  Feeding your dog 2-3 times during the day (or more) is probably the best schedule for feeding your dog.  Remember... her body will crave healthy dog food  after exercising.  Worth repeating... your dog (and us) digest food better when it's "earned.”  Also...

    Because smaller portions spread out over the day is healthier for your pal...

    Nimble and I realize this isn't practical for all of us due to our differences in life-styles.  Just do the best you can and have fun with it!  A healthy lifestyle takes work... keep it as fun and simple as you can (Nimble is constantly reminding me of this).

What a furry, fun play partner!...

Our dog food feeding guidelines include playing in the winter sunshineNo matter how busy... there's always time for playtime!

Dog Feeding Routine for Ill Dogs

Acute illness

Did your doggy eat something that didn't agree with her?  Is her tummy upset?  Does she need one of our home remedies for dog diarrhea?  These are examples of acute illnesses.  

Here's our favorite “dog feeding schedule” in a case like this...

Put your dog's chow away and fast her for at least 24 hours.  How simple and inexpensive can it get?  “But I feel guilty eating in front of my dog!”  Simple solution...

Fast right along with her!  Here's more about fasting.

Nimble and I know at least half of you don't agree with us... that's ok.  We wish you were right... we both love eating too much!

Dog food digestion takes more energy than any other bodily process.  So... free up that energy to cleanse and repair.  If you'd like to try home made natural remedies for dogs... please try this page for different types. 

Here's one of our home made teas...

One of our natural dog remedies are these green tea leaves seeped in hot waterOur organic green leaf homemade tea

Wild dogs fast.  Have you ever noticed that when you're not feeling good your appetite disappears?  Even mine goes away and I have one heck of an appetite!  Know why?

Our body is telling us to stop eating!  Same with dogs... for some reason we've been “programmed” to eat when we're sick to "keep our energy up.”  What a bunch of nonsense!

“OK... so how come my dog's doctor hasn't told us this stuff?"  Because they'd go out of business if every pooch was healthy!  I could write a whole book about this but Nimble's nudging me... I ramble too much.

"Ok Daddy"...

Nimble's staring at me while I explain that fasting and safe healthy dog food make a happy dog!Nimble's giving me the eye...

Chronic illness dog feeding schedule

Diabetic dogs, doggies with kidney or heart disease, etc... these are examples of chronic illnesses.  Your pal might be born with them.  Or... many chronic illnesses rear their ugly heads after months or years of an unhealthy lifestyle.

If your furry pal is ill please discuss her dog feeding schedule with a vet who is trained in nutrition.  A holistic canine doctor is our choice.

Different types of illnesses (diseases) may require different dog diets and feeding regimens.  For example... if your dog has kidney disease you might feed some type of renal diet dog treats.

Nimble and I want to throw in our two cents worth... we've seen dogs who were near the “end” due to an illness.  Fasting and a new healthy lifestyle saved them.  Now they're living a normal, healthy life!

Your Puppy's Dog Feeding Schedule...

Or better yet... from puppy to pre-adult.  Your new family member is a eating machine!  Make sure plenty of food is available... she'll need it!  You or someone else must be available to constantly satisfy her nutritional demands.

We realize you can't duplicate a wild puppy's food or feeding routine.  But...

Please ponder on our following example... then decide the proper dog feeding guidelines for your furry companion.  At least it will guide you in the proper direction.

A newly born wild pup feeds only on mom's milk for the first month or so...

But not this kind of milk...

This picture of supermarket milk should be last on the puppy dog food ratings listI bought this milk only to show you what NOT to feed your dog

Then... adult members of the pack feed the pup by regurgitating partially digested stomach contents.  At this time the pup continues to nurse on mother's milk.

Our ground-up meaty bones look like the real thing...

Buy dog bones with meat and feed them to your dog whole or ground-up like theseNimble also loves her meaty bones and organ meat ground-up

After a couple months or so... the pup is fed regurgitated stomach contents that are freshly eaten but not pre-digested.  The pup occasionally takes a “sip” of mother's milk.  And... the youngster begins to wonder outside the den while learning how to catch and snack on insects, mice and other tiny prey (“Yumm... arf!”).

It'd be great if we could follow this schedule for feeding your dog... your pooch would be super healthy!

Finally... the “mature” pup begins to join the pack on hunting expeditions and is weaned off mom's milk.

Mother Nature's  amazing!  I learned this by spending many nights reading documentation (instead of watching tv... ha!) written by biologists and others who spent months observing wolves in the Arctic.  We trust their research.  


Nimble and I spend lots of time in the outdoors studying coyotes (watching them, examining coyote poop and fresh/old kills, etc.).

I sure hope some day Nimble and I can be a "biologist"... we'll come back with stories and photos to share with you!...

… like this treasured moment...

On 10/20/18 Nimble and I watched a coyote “mousing” in a farmer's field.  This is one of the few times I didn't bring our camera.  Nimble was disappointed in me. 
We've never seen one doing this so close to the road!

Now 'ya see it... now you don't!...

Nimble is chasing mice... you can't beat this safe dog food!Nimble loves chasing mice!

  • When is the best time to feed your little “crumb-snatcher?”  Anytime she wants to slurp up more of what mommy has to offer... your little fur ball is growing like a weed!  She needs the nutrition. 

    She'll stay close to mom... not doing much for exercise during the early weeks so you won't need to worry about eating right before exercising.  As she grows and becomes older... she'll exercise more and more (first playing with other pups in the den). 

    Other factors... such as moving, new family additions, thunderstorms, etc., might effect the feeding schedule for your dog.

Check this out!...

If I cough... Nimble will quit eating... even her favorite food of all time... homemade dog liver treats!  She'll leave her treats and hide on the hallway steps (just for a few minutes... then she's back at it).

Minimal (if any) exercise is required when your little companion is very, very young.  Lighty playing together is fine.

  • How much do you need to feed?   Your newly born puppy will demand more nutrition than a puppy who is “almost” an adult.  Let her chow down!  As she grows and becomes older... nutritional demands will decrease so you'll need to be aware of your dog's healthy weight.

If your dog exercises a bunch... she'll chow down almost like a growing puppy...

After Nimble finishes playing with this dog at the beach a big plate of safe healthy dog food will digest perfectly!Nimble outplays most dogs on the beach... even after our workout!

You'll enjoy reading below about feeding large breed puppies.  Be careful... your pup might grow too fast causing physical problems.  Please tap here.

  • “How frequently?”  By the time your pal is full grown... 2-3 meals a day is ideal (if it works out with your dog's feeding schedule... not yours!).  It's not set in stone... just our opinion.  This contrasts to eating multiple times a day during the early weeks in her new world.

Ok... so obviously we're not practicing what we preach... Nimble's not eating 3 small meals today!...

Can dogs eat raw meat?  Nimble thinks so... look at her gorge on this heaping plate full!Nimble's gorging on meaty lamb bones

An Old Dog's Feeding Agenda...

… is different than that of a younger, active doggy.  However... there are exceptions.  My first little Toy Poodle... at age 16... was chowing down like she was 6 months old!  But...

She was very healthy which enabled her to exercise with me like a youngster giving her a big appetite!

Because most old dogs are more inactive than youngsters... we'll focus on them.

  • When is the best time to feed my favorite companion?”  Anytime during the day.

    However... Your adult is probably set in her ways and used to the same routine.  For instance... is she used to eating by herself?  Suddenly a new family member is eating right next to her (stealing her food).  This might be hard on her digestion!

    Do you need a healthy, homemade dog indigestion remedy?  You've come to the right place... please tap here.
  • How much chow does she need?  You can let her eat all she wants if her healthy dog food is homemade, raw and organic.  If it isn't... you'd better check this out (if you haven't already).

    Even though our yummy oatmeal dog treats
    (click here) are homemade and healthy... I still consider them human food so treat your dog occasionally.

Tap here if you're interested in making dog treats... a list of Nimble's healthy recipes.  I steal 'em from her cookie jar when she's not looking!

  • How often?  Your older dog's digestion doesn't work quite as well as it did when she was a youngster.  Don't you think a few smaller meals throughout the day is better than one or two large, “heavy” meals?  In addition...

    The processed stuff isn't your best quality dog food... it's hard to digest (tough on your healthy dog feeding schedule!).

    These vittles require probiotics and digestive enzymes to aid digestion... make sure they're good quality.  There's lot's of junk on the market now-a-days.

I'm mixing up some probiotics powder with Nimble's pureed veggies, spirulina and dried seaweed...

Our organic dog food recipe includes these pure dog supplements mixed into Nimbles pureed veggiesI add pure, whole food supplements to Nimble's blended veggies

Is your pooch displaying signs of dog food intolerance symptoms?  Please refer to this page.

Dog Feeding Schedule for Nursing Dogs

Make sure you feed mom really healthy dog food while she's nursing.  This sets the stage for a healthy life for your new pups and a successful birth for mom!  For starters... dog food quality is sooo important!

Try this page to get you started in the right direction.  And... organic human grade dog food must be exactly that... click here to make sure!

Are you really into making your own dog food?  When it comes to making vittles for your lactating (nursing) mom... do your research if you're not going to feed her a simple wild mom's dog diet (raw homemade dog food).  Consult with a reputable holistic vet first before deciding on a feeding schedule for your dog.

Just got home from shopping.... organic and free-range meat, organ meat and meaty bones...

Our dog feeding schedule includes these organic meaty bones and organ meatDo I spoil my doggie? That's just fine... she's worth it!

… included with pureed veggies and fruit, whole food supplements and nut or seed butters!

These nuts I pureed for my dog are an organic human grade dog foodHomemade organic nut butters... yummm!

In addition... 

Please tap here... this page of the American Kennel Club (AKA) is very informative and a necessary read.

If raw feeding isn't your thing...

We've heard there's some  nutritious and safe commercial dog foods that are formulated for a nursing dog.  We've never used them.  However...we'll do our research and give them a whirl (Nimble and our neighbors' dogs will be our official testers).

Then... we'll make a list of those suitable for your dog feeding schedule.  Please come back to this link to check on our progress. 

  • How much do I feed mom?”  All she wants to eat!  There's big demands placed on her body while nursing.  She need lots of vittles so she can supply her little crumb-snatchers with all the nutrition they need...

    … while at the same time not depleting her own reserves.  The more pups she's nursing... the more food she'll want and need.  It's critical at this time to make sure her food is really nutritious... and make sure she's digesting it properly!

  • How frequently should I offer food?”  Whenever she'll gulp it down.  Go ahead and free-feed her if you'd like.  Smaller meals (she's still eating all she wants) eaten less often is healthier.

  • When is the best time?  Anytime during the day.  Mom probably won't leave her pups.  Keep things normal around the household while she's lactating (nursing)... don't move to a new house, no new family additions, etc. 

    Tell mom not to give birth during the holidays when you're having lots of company... ha!

A Pregnant Dog's Feeding Routine

You need to make extra sure your expectant canine mom receives proper nutrition ...

Some of Nimble's healthy dog food ingredients for the week... organic raw fish, lamb, chicken meaty bones and organ meat"Look at all the yummy food I get to eat this week... arf!"

… not just when she's pregnant... but from the time she became pregnant until her pups are weaned.

Again... please refer to the AKA about proper dog nutrition and care for Mrs. dog.

  • How often does mom need healthy dog food?  Feed her as often as she'll eat.  Again... smaller meals less often are ideal (if it meets with your dog's feeding schedule... ha!). 

    If not... 2-3 times a day.  She might refuse food about 12 hours before giving birth.
  • “How much does my dog need to eat”?  By the time she's ready to whelp (give birth)... she'll be eating 15 to 25 percent more dog food according to the AKA (American Kennel Club).
  • When's the best time to feed her?  Anytime during the day.  When she's exercising during the very early stages of pregnancy... please don't feed her right before a good romp.  Here's more. 

    Just like mommy who's nursing... she needs a nice, private place to eat and rest without sudden changes to the lifestyle she's been so used to.

"Ahhh... nothing like a warm, quiet place to digest my food"...

Nimble won't need a dog indigestion remedy for over-excitement after eating because she is resting with only the birds and the bees!Nothing but the birds and bees while Nimble digests her food!

Different Dog Feeding Schedule for Different Breeds? 

Yep.  For instance... a very large breed pup grows so fast you must be extremely careful how much and how often you feed her.  Talk to your vet about this... it's not healthy and safe if she grows too fast!

In the wild... mother nature takes care of all this.  But... because of our forced breeding practices over the centuries... our dogs suffer many maladies such as this (could be one of the reasons for dog food intolerance symptoms... check this out).  

  • Large breeds such as the Bullmastiff, Akita or Boxer are good examples.  Some of the really large breeds like to snooze more than an average sized dog.  Unfortunately... some of these dogs are prone to bloat (nothing to mess around with!), orthopedic disease and obesity.  Here's more about dog bloat symptoms.

    Again... feed your doggy smaller meals throughout the day...

    This will surely benefit your faithful companion's dog feeding schedule.

  • Small breeds like your Toy Poodle, Yorkie, Pomeranian and other small “crumb-snatchers” have a higher metabolism than larger breeds.  They tend to eat more pound for pound... requiring more calories.  “My daddy can't believe how much I eat at times... especially on days when we exercise extra hard.   Arf!"... Nimble. 

    This is so true... I can't believe how much she can pack away!  But... your dog is designed to gorge... trace this back to their ancestry.  As we've mentioned above... when a wild dog finds their prey... they gorge really fast so a competitor can't steal their chow!

Nimble's plate was packed full...

“Daddy, I don't think I can eat another bite!”...

Nimble's enjoying her raw meat dog food diet... meatballs made from ground-up raw meaty bonesPack'in away those meaty chicken bone meatballs!

  • Some active breeds... such as your Border Collie, Terrier, etc., sleep less than an average breed.  Seems they're running around even when “dozing!”  A feeding schedule for dogs like these breeds at least three times a day is a good choice...

    ...since their metabolisms are “full throttle."  Please click here for more.

Different breeds may have different nutritional demands. 

If you're not sure... talk with your holistic vet about any nutritional risks related to your dog's breed including health problems or age.

Tips for Your Dog Feeding Routine

  • This one's a biggie!  As we've mentioned above... if your dog is healthy, exercises, and eats all raw dog food... feed her all she wants (there are exceptions).  She can't get fat. 

    The less she exercises and the more commercially processed dog food you feed her (especially if it's junk... most is unless it's homemade)... well... that's a different story!  Be aware of unhealthy weight gain which sets the stage for dog diseases. 

    Your dog will eat more processed commercial dog food than raw food because she's trying to get enough nourishment since processed dog food lacks wholesome nutrition.  This means more empty calories resulting in unhealthy weight gain.  Our dogs don't need this!
  • These factors (I'm sure you can think of more) might influence your dog's “private” chow time...

    Are there other different dogs around during mealtime? 

    Did you just move? 

    How about lightning storms?

    New member of the household?

    Windy days really bug Nimble's dog feeding schedule (not while we're outside working out or doing whatever... just during dinner). 

Cold, windy winter day at the beach...

Nimble at the cold, windy beach looking forward to her homemade peanut butter dog biscuits!Nimble has her nose to the wind...

  • How long should you leave your dog's food out?  If you put your furry friend's chow out and she doesn't eat it after ten minutes or so... just pick it up and put it away.  No sense letting it go to waste. 

    Are there unusual “environmental” factors influencing her like we mentioned above?  If so... fix whatever is annoying her (except the lightning storm and wind!).

I read this somewhere and it makes a really good point...

If you leave your dog's food out all day and she just picks at it, a few days might pass before you notice she's eating less.  However... if your doggy normally gobbles her food down as soon as you feed her... you'll notice right off if she refuses her food. 

This might be an indication something is wrong.  Hmmm... something to think about!   

You fed your dog right before exercising and now she's sick?  Check out our page about your dog throwing up undigested food by clicking here.  Or...

Deadly dog bloat symptoms might rear their ugly head... please be prepared!  Here's more.

I read you should potty your dog right before dinner.  We don't agree with this.  After feasting... your dog's digestive system works really fast.  It'll “push” that poop along it's way...

“I might not need to potty an hour before dinner.  However... an hour after dinner... look out!  Arf!... Nimble.

  • It's a great idea for your dog and you to workout first thing in the am... before any meals are consumed.  You'll do anything for your dog... right?  So... set your alarm clock an hour earlier.  It's a cinch... no more waiting after eating! 
  • Does your dog gulp water with her dinner?  This disrupts your pooch's digestion... possibly leading to your dog throwing up undigested food.  Here's more on that.  Even worse... it might cause bloat!  Click here for dog bloat symptoms.  Don't fool around with this... it's deadly!

    I know... most dogs do it (most dogs also eat processed unhealthy dog food with all the water cooked out of it!).  Mine gulp water once in a great while (after working out).  However... they get most of their water from the food they eat (it's already distilled)...

    Thank-you mother nature for my dog's healthy feeding schedule!

    Is your dog drinking lots of water... seems like much more than she needs?  Please tap here... you're in for a surprise!

    The hot sun makes Nimble "extra" thirsty...
My Nimble Dog drinking lots of distilled water after a workout!I added organic seeds for extra nutrients

  • If you adopt a canine... make sure you ask about your new addition's previous dog diet.  You might want to continue with this or make a transition to a new menu.

Nimble's Dog Feeding Schedule

Nimble wants to share her dog feeding routine with you.  We change the ingredients including treats and whole food “supplements” daily or weekly for variety.  Everything is homemade and organic (as possible).

“Thanks dad...

Monday through Friday we work an hour and a half away from home (nice drive up the Oregon coast).  We only take a half hour lunch.  So... this works out best for us...

5 am:  Bee pollen and honey before we workout.

6 am:  Organic pureed fruit right after workout (both of us... yummy!).

We drive to work (my daddy doesn't let me drive).

I nap in the car if the weather is bad while my daddy slaves away.  What a lucky doggie!...  

No dog indigestion remedy needed when resting after eating!I love my nest in the car!

If it's nice... I'm outside in the sunshine all day!

11:30 am:   Lunch time.  Organic chicken organ meat and a couple of dried beef heart and kidney treats... here's how we make 'em. 

Potty time.

I spend the rest of the day outside if the weather isn't nasty (my daddy is still working away).

3:30 pm:  Whole ground-up fish and dried liver treats right after work, before we drive home (salmon or ocean fish... my dad catches 'em).  Can dogs eat fish?  You bet... check out our catch!    

On the way home we stop at Rockaway Beach so I can go potty and see the squirrels even though daddy is dead tired... 

I just ate... I'll need a dog indigestion  remedy if I chase those beach squirrels!Hey... where's all those squirrels?

6:30 pm:  Meaty chicken bones.  Love 'em!  Are you wondering if dogs can eat chicken bones?... just tap this link.    

Also... pureed vegetables (add seaweed and spirulina), a little nut and seed butters and home grown wheat grass juice.  I'm not crazy about 'em but they're good for me.

I get to go potty... yipeee!

Dried homemade chicken dog treats... yummy!  I'm sooo lucky to be on this healthy feeding schedule for dogs... arf!

Dad brushes my teeth.

8 pm:  Daddy tucks me in for the night.”

Did Your Dog's Doctor Prescribe a Certain Diet for Your Dog?

Is your doggy diabetic?  Does she have kidney disease?  What about her heart?  Sometimes a dog feeding schedule and menu need to be designed for a specific ailment.

We don't want to replace conventional veterinary care.  At times... it's necessary.  However... like we said above... most conventional vets aren't trained in nutrition and healing the body as a whole instead of individual parts (prevention).  Holistic vets are.  This will help you locate a Holistic vet.

There's a time and place for either type of veterinarian. 

Should Your Dog Feeding Schedule be the Same Time... Day after Day?

We've read numerous times (yes... Nimble does read) that feeding your dog the same time... day after day... is necessary.  Why?  This is their reasoning...

“Dogs are creatures of habit (we might agree with this)... they like routine” (again... this may be true).

However... we feel this allows your dog to run the household.  Also... let's say you get up at 5 am every morning to exercise and feed your dog before going to work....

Our dog feeding guidelines include exercise on this sunny Oregon beach!It's Saturday today... we work out here before work days with headlamp, Nimble's blinking collar and ringing bell!

Then... Saturday rolls around and you want to sleep in.  But... guess who'll be licking you on the ear at 5 am Saturday?  Arf!

Furthermore... if you're on a busy schedule every day but still try to arrange the same feeding times... this may be very impractical for you (more like driving you crazy!).

Processed vs Raw Dog Food:  It Makes a Difference!

Before we go on...

Is your furry pal on a special dog feeding schedule prescribed by your holistic vet?  Also... certain breeds might have special requirements,  puppies are fed differently than adults, etc.  These are some of the exceptions we talked about above.  If your dog is a “normal” adult... please read on.

This works for us...

When should you feed your doggy?

“Does feeding my doggie processed vs raw homemade dog food make a difference when I feed her?”  Well... as far as exercising goes...


Make sure you allow more time for processed dog food to digest than you would with raw dog food when feeding your pet dog before a workout. 

As we've said above... if you and your dog exercise first thing in the morning... you won't need to worry about dog food digestion time as compared to chowing down before working out.  Simple!

Is it light enough dad?  We forgot my blinking collar...

Nimble is ready for her early morning workout at the beach and then our healthy dog food!This sand spit is one of our favorite workout places

"After workout" breakfast for both of us...

I chopping up fruit to puree for Nimble doggie.I'm pureeing our fruit for Nimble and myself... it's sooo much tastier this way!

How much do I feed my pooch?”

“Did you read the section above about active and inactive dogs?  If not... please do before reading on... arf!”  Nimble.

So... “How much processed dog chow do I feed my dog?”  Be careful... your dog will eat more processed dog food than raw dog vittles to get the nutrition she needs.  It's hard for your dog to satisfy her nutritional demands feasting on refined dog chow.  This type of schedule for feeding your dog means more calories!

Most commercial stuff lacks the nutrition raw, homemade dog food provides.  More “empty” calories means unhealthy weight gain.  Be careful.  That's the beauty of homemade dog food (especially raw)... no worries!  Tapping here will lead you to a raw meat dog food diet.

How often?

Put the feed bag on whenever you feel your pooch is hungry for raw dog food if you exercise your dog regularly.  As we mentioned above...

Even though dogs are built to gorge  (can you believe my little 9-10 lb dog can eat all this at one time?)...

A big plate full of Nimble Doggy's favorite raw meat dog food diet... meaty bonesI've "customized" Nimble's meaty lamb bones... these small rib bones are easy to chew

... Nimble has something to add...

"I feel more smaller meals throughout the day is healthier than one giant feast... arf!  Nimble Doggy.

Nimble Doggy is explaining that eating smaller meals is healthier"I need a haircut but we spend lots of time outdoors in the winter"

Ok... maybe you really mean that Nimble?  Ha!

Proper Dog Food Combining and Your Dog Feeding Schedule

Please read this... we feel it's really good stuff!...

If you're combining your dog's food properly...

... you're not feeding her a bunch of different types of food at one time. This causes havoc with her digestion (more on this below).

For instance...

Mixing our fruit...

Nimble and I both eat these tasty tropical mangoesWe love our organic mangoes!

with Nimble's meaty rabbit bones...

These rabbit meaty bones are a very healthy dog food!Nimble doggy's meaty rabbit bones are the main diet of coyotes around here...

can cause havoc with your dog's digestion!

If your dog is very active... obviously she'll eat more dog food than she would if she wasn't active (you already knew that... right?).  Waiting a while after your dog eats before exercising is a must.  If you don't... she can get sick!   But did you know this?...

It depends on what she ate and how her food was mixed before determining how long to wait.  We're talk'in about proper food combining!... another part of your healthy dog feeding schedule.

For instance... if your dog eats fruit (feed pureed only) wait about 30-45 minutes.  Did you feed your dog veggies? (only feed blended)...

Good!  Veggies take a little longer than fruit to digest.  Wait a good hour before romping with your canine. 

“My doggie ate a ton of raw meaty bones" (best carnivore food on this planet!).  But... you'd better wait at least a couple hours even though a dog's digestive system is designed to move that stuff out fast.  It takes us many, many hours to digest meat!

Here's more...

If you're just going to walk your pal around the block... I wouldn't worry about timing too much.

Are you combining your dog's food improperly?

If you combine your pooch's food (and your's) properly...

... digestion time is much faster than an ill-combined dog food feeding schedule.  Bottom line... wild dogs don't mix a bunch of different types of food together like we do.  This causes havoc in our dogs' stomach (and ours).  Food sits in the stomach way too long (even healthy dog food)... rotting and fermenting!

Look out... here comes that gurgling stomach and gas!

In short... you can mix several different foods together as long as they're the same type... even some different types are ok.

Also... some dogs might tolerate ill-combined foods better than others.

You fed your dog right before exercising and now she's sick?  Please check out our page about your dog throwing up undigested food... click here.  Or...

Deadly dog bloat symptoms might rear their ugly head... please be prepared!

Once again... here's a link to our food combining chart (one more click after this... arf!).

It's any easy-to-follow chart you can print out and put up on your kitchen wall.  It'll show you how to properly mix your dog's (or your) safe healthy dog food correctly for proper, streamlined digestion. 

We keep reminding you about the chart because it's an important part of your dog's feeding schedule!

Make Sure Your Dog's Food is Nutritious!

Although this article is about creating your dog feeding schedule... not nutrition... we feel nutritious, safe dog foods are major players in your dog's health!  Here's some links to some of our pages that would be beneficial to your dog (and you)...

  • Be aware of dog food intolerance symptoms... click here.
  • “What's the best organic dog food I can buy?”  This link might help you with your choices.
  • Tap here to find out why dog food quality makes all the difference in the world!
  • Barf dog food (raw dog food) is always your best choice!

As you read through these pages... please be sure to click on the links to other pages. 

Changing Diet?  How this Effects Your Dog Feeding Schedule

You've decided to change your dog's diet from processed, commercial dog food to raw, home made doggy vittles?  Congratulations!

The first time I fed the local coyotes a heaping pile of Nimble's left-over ocean fish carcasses...

They were gobbled up overnight!...

Can dogs eat fish?  These left-over fish carcasses were later gobbled up by the coyotes!Carcasses from lots of fishing trips were frozen in a bucket and released today for the coyotes

I doubt that the coyotes suffered any type of unfavorable reactions even though there aren't any fish to feed on within a few miles of this area.  Why?  These wild dogs were very healthy with a strong immune system and were used to eating other types of “meat.”

I've done this with both of my dogs which I rescued... 

Just went cold turkey... fed them raw from the very beginning and let them eat as much as they wanted when they wanted... 

No problems with my dogs' feeding schedules.

However... their poop looked runny and there were some other mild “reactions.”  Other than that... they acted normal and happy-go-lucky.  I'm convinced the “reactions” were evidence of body cleansing... not a dog food intolerance because I switched my dogs too fast.

There is a difference.  Eventually... these symptoms disappeared.

On the other hand... is your dog throwing up undigested food and becoming down right uncomfortable?  If you're worried about this... go ahead and make the transition slowly.

Start with introducing a little of the new dog food on day one.  Then... introduce a little more day after day until your dog is eating 100% of her new, healthy safe dog food after a week or two.

Don't forget about all the cleansing that's going on as your dog's body thanks you for this... runny poop, ear wax, eye “goop,” gas and you- name-it.  It'll stop eventually and is perfectly normal.  Please... let mother nature run her course!

What about your dog feeding schedule?  Do you have a favorite chew, home made treat or raw food you'd like to share with us?  We'd love to hear about it!  Just click here and go for it!

Is there something else you'd like to share?  Great!  Just visit us in our Comments section below...

We hope Your New Dog Feeding Program is Underway!

There's sooo much information out there now-a-days!  It's a good thing...

But also can be a double-edged sword.  Sometimes we can get information over-load which can have you going in all different directions...

... when trying to figure out what's best for your dog!

Hopefully our article easily helped you set up your new dog feeding schedule.  You don't have any unanswered questions?  Great!  If you do...

… please use our Contact Us page or Comments Section below and fire away!  We'll get back to you asap... arf!

Nimble (& Scott).

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