Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?  Of Course!  But...

Nimble is showing you that dogs can eat strawberriesI think Nimble is enjoying the sun as much as sharing her strawberries!

We need to make sure our canine friends can digest them.  Dogs can eat strawberries if you feed them at the correct time.  Also, the types of food you mix them with and preparation are very important.  Furthermore... make sure you buy these natural dog treats from the right source.

Heck... your dog will appreciate them fresh or frozen!   How much and how often?   What about making strawberry dog treats?   Bottom line... follow the prey animal theory and you can't go wrong!

Yup... I know... we're always talking about the prey animal theory.  But, it's sooo important!  This paints a clear picture that simply keeps everything in perspective (even for me!).

Your Dog Can Eat Strawberries Served Different Ways

Here's a couple of ways you can serve fresh, unfrozen strawberries and other fruits to your dog...

Put the pureed fruit in a dish and they'll lap it up.  Or...

Your dog can eat pureed strawberries from her favorite bowlNimble sniffing... her favorite way to eat most fruit is pureed with a feeding syringe.

...use a feeding syringe.  Nimble really likes it this way... maybe she just likes the attention!  I fill it up and gently squirt a little at a time into the front of her mouth, between her cheek and tongue.  Never squirt down your doggy's throat.

I've got a syringe that works great... I customized it myself.  I cut off the tip and enlarged the hole.  It'll never plug up.  And... I figured out how to use the syringe over and over.  Just rub a little olive oil onto the plunger before every use... presto!

Nimble's strawberries or other pureed fruit ready for the feeding syringeStrawberries and other pureed fruits serve nicely with our customized feeding syringe

If you have questions about any of this... please get a hold of us using the comments section at the bottom of this page.  Or, go to our Contact Us page and shoot us an email.

Your Dog Will Get Lots of Nutrition from Eating Strawberries...

...and many other fruits that are also loaded with nutrients.


  • They must be raw (as with other fruits and veggies) Yes... your dog can eat strawberries cooked.  But, this doesn't cut it nutritionally.  If they come in a can, bottle or box... forget it... 

    Chances are they've been processed to the max
    Here's more about raw dog food.  Freeze dried or dehydrated fruit... although not raw... might be your next best choice.  Additionally, sugar and other unhealthy additives have probably been added.

  • If they're not organic be careful.  Certified organic insures that they aren't genetically modified, sprayed or grown with chemical fertilizers.  Oops, I can't believe I almost forgot irradiation....

    How do you feel about your dog's strawberries being blasted with nuclear waste?  Some non-organic sources are ok... but you need to know the grower.  It's all about the quality of your dog food... please click this.

Nimble's ripe organic berries have not been "nuked"...

Can dogs eat strawberries?  Only if they're certified organic!Don't be fooled... unhealthy strawberries can look as good as these!

Can Dogs Eat Strawberries?  Timing Sure Helps!

We're not just talking about the time of day...

They need to be properly combined with other dog foods.  Wild dogs don't mix a bunch of different types of foods together like we do for ourselves and our canines.  This causes havoc in your pal's digestive system.

It's all about proper food combining.  This is an inexpensive, easy concept to grasp.  Yet, so many people seem to ignore this... even after I explain the consequences. 
This food combining chart will keep you on track.

Also keep in mind...

Strawberries and other fruits digest really fast.  Your dog can eat strawberries about an hour before a really hard workout...

We follow this schedule with our dog feeding routine.  This is more than enough time for them to digest.  Did you know that strawberries and other fruits are actually predigested?

Preparing Your Doggy's Strawberries

Our Canine's digestive system will push whole pieces of fruit and veggies out before they get a chance to digest.  So... we need to puree all nuts, seeds, veggies and fruits... this imitates the pre-digested stomach contents of a prey animal.  Then, they'll digest before getting pushed out of that “meat and bone” digestive system.

Those apple seeds go right through a wild dog because they aren't chewed up.  Sorry, Nimble and I had to throw that in.  We know many of you are concerned about your dog eating apple seeds.  Still not convinced?... that's ok.  Maybe this article will change your mind.

Really ripe strawberries are fairly soft, unlike apples.  During blackberry season here in the fall, coyotes gorge on ripe, soft blackberries for a couple months.  Their poop is purple!  They're digesting these sweet, tasty fruits because they're soft and mushy.  They also graze on wild strawberries.

Try this...

  • Freeze the strawberries whole and feed them right out of the freezer.  This would be for chewing pleasure only.  Your dog might digest a little of this.  You can also puree them with or without other fruit...

    This way your dog can eat strawberries which will be digested.  Just pour into an ice cube tray...

Your dog can eat strawberries pureed and frozenThey aren't fancy... but man, they're delicious!

...and presto... home made doggy popsicles!

Dogs can eat Nimble's frozen strawberry popsiclesWow... Nimble sure did a good job!

  • Puree like mentioned above and pour into a bowl.

  • Make strawberry home made organic treats.  How about mixing with yogurt?  This isn't proper food combining... but that's ok.  Yogurt dog treats and other snacks are only meant to be fed occasionally. 
  • Dried strawberry slices!  You can dry them in the oven... a dehydrator would be best for keeping nutrition to the max.

Can Dogs Eat too Many Strawberries?

Approximately 10% of Nimble's healthy dog food diet consists of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. This is a general guideline.  Fluctuations are ok... just like in nature.  For example... dogs can eat strawberries (or other fruits) and nothing else for days on end.  I've seen nothing but mostly coyote blackberry poop for a couple months!

If your furry pal has never eaten strawberries (or other fruits) before, slowly introduce them.  This especially applies if your dog has been on a commercial, processed dog food diet.  Keep an eye out... possibly strawberries (or other fruits) might not agree with your doggie (at first).  Personally, I've never noticed any dog food intolerance symptoms with my canines.

Hmmm... think I'll add a few more for myself!...

Make sure your dog eats strawberries blended for good digestionAfter I puree Nimble's strawberries... I'll "sample" them to make sure they're acceptable!

Whenever introducing new raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, check in with the Pet Poison Helpline.

Some are actually poisonous to your dog.  I don't agree with their whole list.  However, it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to foods poisonous to dogs.

If your furry pal gorges on a bowl of strawberries she might get the squirts (dog diarrhea).  No worries.  Fast your dog for a while, then introduce her normal dog food again.  Sometimes I think diarrhea is mother nature's way of cleaning house (just my opinion).

Does your pooch have diarrhea and/or an upset tummy for another reason?  These pages should help your dog...

Variety and moderation is the key when feeding your doggy strawberries and other fruits.  Also, keep this in mind while feeding veggies, nuts, seeds and all other dog foods.  Human foods should only be fed as a treat... occasionally.  Wondering about vegetables for dogs?  Your doggy might be missing out!... please read this.

Nutritional Benefits from Eating this Tasty Fruit

Your dog is really missing out if she's not eating strawberries and other fruits.  Besides being one of the tastiest of all fruits, these red berries...

  • Cleanse your dog's body... ridding it of toxins.

  • Require very little energy to digest... unlike meat and bones (or human foods).  This frees up energy for repair, maintenance and cleansing.

  • Provide lots of fiber to clean out your canine's digestive system (roto-rooter).

  • Are full of nutrients!  To name a few... vitamins (super high in vitamin C), minerals (lots of potassium and magnesium), antioxidants and tons of fiber.

Nimble enjoys being hand-fed strawberry slices (no, she's not growling!)...

Your dog can eat strawberry slices as well as pureed...Spring sunshine and tasty strawberries... it doesn't get much better than that!

Your dog can eat strawberries and other tasty fruits high in natural fruit sugars.  Don't be concerned about “this type” of sugar unless your dog has a malady requiring a low sugar diet.  Processed sugars... that's another story!

Furthermore, stick to moderation and variety... how can you go wrong?

Go Ahead... Your Doggy Deserves those Strawberries!

Hopefully Nimble and I convinced you that strawberries (and other fruits) are a tasty, safe nutritional choice for your pooch.  When our wild strawberries are available this year, I'll take a picture of all the paw prints and other evidence of coyotes foraging on this sweet fruit...

If you could only see how excited Nimble gets when she smells coyotes at the wild strawberry patch!

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