Reggie's Preparing Balanced Beef Burger Dog Treats! (Batch Prep)

by Reggie Anderson
(Cheshire, England.)

Reggie's dog treats... healthy and safe!

Reggie's dog treats... healthy and safe!

These can be served flash fried, grilled or raw! Making dog treats like these is fun... Regie grinds up the meaty ingredients with his mincer, mixes in the rest, and away you go...

Here's how you do it:

Beef flank, skirt or brisket. 3kg.

Beef heart. X 1.

Beef Liver. 0.5kg.

Beef Kidney. X 1.

Herbs of choice.

Hollings bone meal. 3 heaped tablespoons.

1 cup of fine oats to bind & absorb blood fluids.

Combine all minced meats and ingredients in a clean bucket and thoroughly mix and combine.

Makes 35 tennis ball sized meatballs of 200g.

Freeze for future use or as required.

Press meatball into burger shape.

10% offal content.

Nimble & Scott's reply...

This is another great, healthy example of good 'ole homemade dog food and treats.

I've never thought of using fine oats to absorb blood fluids and bind... great idea Reggie. Our health food store carries organic “quick” oats. We'll pick some up...

You heard that grains (cereals) are not compatible with dogs? If this is true... it's ok... the oats (if they're whole) will just “pass right through"... undigested!

I also feed Nimble beef meat, heart and kidneys. Use organic and fresh if you can find it. There's some out there that's as good as organic. However... it's not stamped organic (no biggie).

Fresh is best but don't knock yourself out... use frozen if that's you're only option. It's still healthier than 95% of all processed dog foods. Here's more about dog food quality...just click here.

I like the addition of herbs... it's a good thing to make sure they're ground into a powder for easy digestion.

Bone meal seems to be a very popular ingredient for your dog's calcium needs.

Here's a twist to Reggie's procedure (if you don't mind Reggie!)...

For example... is your doggy really small? Is she big? You said she likes frozen meatballs? Perfect... just roll the “dough” into little balls or big balls for big dogs after you've finished mixing.

Freeze until rock-hard. Then use a “flipper” to remove them. Place on cookie sheet, then freeze. Afterwards... put your pooch's little treasures in bottles and freeze up.

We vacuum seal in bottles. Your dog will probably gobble 'em up before they get a chance to freezer-burn! Remember...Make different sized “balls” for different sized doggies.

Does anyone else have a recipe as yummy, safe and healthy like Reggie's? Please share it!

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