Dog Food Quality is the Cure!

Fresh sea perch for dinner... real dog food quality!Nimble admiring our catch of fresh sea perch... she loves 'em chopped into pieces and raw!

Your dog food quality is determined by the elements outlined below.  Canine illness will disappear if you follow these safe healthy dog food guidelines!...

For simplicity, just practice the prey animal theory.  Also follow our healthy dog food recommendations.

Why spend hours and hours of researching fine print?  Just dig a little deeper and follow along (you know I love to keep it simple!).   By doing so, you'll have a general idea of what's happening in the dog food world.  Try this raw dog food article.

Looking for a disease cure?  There's no cure!  Feeding correct dog food is the “cure” and it's right here... broken down into a simple list.  Pick your topics and then read on in greater detail...

You'll never know what you might find.

Do you have a safe or not so safe chew story you'd like to share?  Please do.  Click here to tell your story and we'll publish it on our website!

What You See may Not be the Dog Food Quality You Get!

  • Natural dog food doesn't always mean natural.  Some dog food companies catch the consumer unaware.
  • Feed grade and Human grade dog food... what's the difference?
  • Free range means what?  Was the dog food “prey animal” raised out in open country in sunshine?  I know of a free range chicken farm.  For about 2 hours a day, the chickens are let “outside”... a fenced area about 20'x20'!

Don't miss this... "Yes... dogs can eat chicken."  Please click here.

Nimble can't wait to feast on her premium quality dog food... yummy 100% free range organic meaty chicken bones!Perfect example of prime, healthy dog food quality. Nimble with her 100% free range organic chicken.

Supplement chicken bone teeth cleaning with healthy dog chews.

And what about these...

  • Labeling can be misleading!  Sometimes dog food labels ingredients are “missing.”  If listed commercial dog food ingredients are hard to pronounce maybe they shouldn't be in there!  Be wary of “color” or “number” words (ie, yellow #5)...
  • Branding dog food.  Watch it... organic or organix?

If you want to treat your pooch with yogurt dog snacks, please take a look here.

Other Factors to Consider when Buying Healthy Dog Food

  • Some Organic dog food can be fairly safe.  Certified organic might be safer than organic claims.  However, I feel the organic pet food business isn't regulated like our organic human food industry.
  • Non-organic isn't as healthy but there are exceptions.  Some health oriented farmers don't want to pay for the organic stamp of approval... no big deal.  Furthermore, some farms are transitioning into organic growing standards.
  • Irradiation?   Using nuclear waste to keep dog food (and ours)  from spoiling... you gotta be kidding me!   Nope.

And here's another good one...

  • Gmo's (genetically modified organisms).  Now we're really mess'in around with mother nature!  Talk about splitting atoms!  Safe healthy dog food?... I don't think so.

Tap here to make you own safe dog treats... gmo free.

From China? Add Chemicals? No Dog Food Quality Here!

I did research about an organic crop field in China.   The organic inspection team arrived to make sure all organic practices were being adhered to.   After the inspectors left, the workers resumed unethical practices!...

  • Country of Origin.   Where was the dog food meat raised?   What about the vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits?

Speaking of nuts... Nimble and I make our own safe doggy peanut butter... tap here.

  • Chemicals such as pesticides, drugs, hormones and preservatives are recipes for cancer!  These are injected into the animal, used on the feed and other plants.  Also used to preserve food... certainly not a dog food remedy.

Fresh fish or healthy pre-made dog foods that include fish can't be beat...

No worries about all those contaminants.   Also, since your dog makes her own vitamin C... you don't need to worry about the quality of this vitamin!

I catch all types of fish.  Then I grind them up or feed the fish whole to my doggie Nimble as part of her dog feeding schedule... here's more. 

If they're too big, I chop into smaller pieces, then serve.  What dog food quality!  Still...

If your pooch never ate like this before... she might show some dog food intolerance symptoms (no biggie).  Here's more on this.

You're still here?  You must really care about your pooch... you're trying to digest all this healthy dog food stuff.  You want a healthy dog food diet for your doggie... Good!

Click here to read those controversial topics about serving your doggy raw bones or gnawing dog bones.

Raw Dog Food vs Cooked Dog Food

Quality premium dog food for my pooch... raw organic chicken organ meat!Nimble's organic, raw chicken organ meat... she loves it ground up!

Raw dog food is more nutritious than cooked dog food.  When uncooked, the dog chow is "living food."  All nutrients are still intact. 

Some of us don't have time to prepare dog food for raw serving...

Furthermore, you might have health concerns such as salmonella in dogs.

Cooked dog food has a longer shelf life.  It's not as healthy but easy to prepare.  You might feel health concerns are minimized.  However... your pooch may gulp her water bowl dry because most cooked, dry dog food has little or no water...

This can cause dog bloat symptoms.  Please check out our article... bloating can be dangerous!  

Speaking of...

Making dog treats involves mostly cooked snacks for your dog.  Click here for some tasty, safe recipes (and Nimble's favorite).

The less Dog Food Ingredients the Better...

Do you and your companion have indigestion?   Listen to this...

Mixing a bunch of different ingredients together hampers dog food digestion (and ours).  The less mixing, the better!  Practicing proper food combining sure helps.  Is your dog having problems with digestion?  Is she throwing up undigested food?   

Please see our article about natural dog cures.

I know...

Stay with that list Scott!   Ok...

  • FDA approved dog food?   Does this mean I shouldn't worry about commercial dog food ingredients?   What about the AAFCO and other government regulatory agencies?
  • Packaging, shelf life and dog food storageWhat was the commercial dog food packaged in?  A long shelf life could indicate preservatives.   Was it stored away from sun and heat?
  • Frozen or unfrozen?  Canned or dry?  What about freeze-dried or dehydrated dog food?

Dog Food Quality is not Regulated like Our Food

Strict rules aren't imposed on numerous commercial dog food manufacturing practices. From the fields to the shelf or freezer, awareness pays big dividends for finding bouser her healthiest dog food.

Mother nature makes sure strict rules are enforced on her wild dog food diets including mice.  "I don't mind stopping for my photo while I'm searching for wild mice... arf!"  Nimble.

Talk about nutritious dog food... Nimble is searching for wild mice!Nimble still has the instinct to hunt for mice. However, she lost her instinct to eat them... she just wants to play!
Need more info before choosing Fido a healthy dog food brand?  Please tap here.


Click here for neat stuff to know about food for your pooch that's organic and human grade.

Usually you can't go wrong buying organic meat, fish and other ingredients for making your own dog foodBuying commercial dog food can be trickier.  If you don't have time to make your own dog vittles that's ok...

“We'll recommend the healthiest dog food companies that really care about your dog's health... Arf!” Nimble.  Hopefully you won't find them on our dog food recall hit list...

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