Check Our Dry Dog Food Recall List including other Dog Foods

Nimble says all healthy dog foods shouldn't be found on her dry dog food recall list including other dog foodsCheck the ingredients and Nimble's recall list before feeding your pooch processed dog food. We're thankful for these healthy chews and raw dog food.

In a hurry to buy your pooch's dog food?   Is it found in our dry dog food recall list that includes other dog foods poisonous to dogs?  Did you check the label for healthy dog food ingredients?  Furthermore...

Practicing good hygiene and knowing what to do if your pooch eats contaminated dog food is critical.  Many other nasty dog foods aren't on our list... education is the best prevention!

Following our list of dog food recall brands,  you'll find two links for more details of your chosen dog vittles.  You'll know if your dog food has (other) recall history (even if it's not on our hit list).

Has your dog gotten into something she shouldn't have?  If so, click here to give a natural home remedy a shot.

Sorry... we're still having difficulties with adding to our list below.

So... until we resolve this... Nimble said it would be a good idea to keep you informed here with the new listings for now:

  • Dry Dog Food    Evolve, Sportsman's Pride, and Triumph         11/27/18
  • Lamb and Rice Dry Dog Food    ANF    11/28/18
  • Pet Food    Elm Pet Foods    11/29/18
  • Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe dog food    Abound    12/5/18
  • Frozen Meat Product for Dogs and Cats    Columbia River Natural Pet Foods    12/5/18
  • Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe dog food    Abound    12/5/18

And on to the rest of the list...

Here's Our Dog Food Recall List:

Name of Product

Dog Food Recall Brands


Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food



Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dog Food

Nature’s Promise


Chicken and Potato Dry Dog Food

Natural Life


Chicken and Chickpea dog food



Chicken & Potato Dry Dog Food

Natural Life 


Chicken and Chickpea Dry Dog Food 



Multiple products

G & C Raw, LLC


Performance Dog

Bravo Packing, Inc.



Steve’s Real Food


Ground Lamb Dog Food and Ground Turkey Cat Food 

G & C Raw, LLC


Raw Diet Cat Food

Rad Cat 


95% Premium Beef

Dave’s Pet Food


Backcountry, Good Buddy beef treats

Merrick, Castor & Pollux


Chicken, Fish & Produce + Freeze Dried Sardines

OC Raw Dog


Beef Toppers, Beef Entrée

Vital Essentials


Boost Me



Chicken Feast

K9 Natural


ZooLogics, Natural Selections



BRB Complete

Blue Ridge Beef


Steak Grillers and Grilled Burger Bites

Milo’s Kitchen


Tucker’s Pork-Bison Formula

Raw Basics, LLC


Bully Stick dog food

Redbarn, Chewy Louie, Dentley's and Good Lovin' 


Raw frozen dog food turkey canine recipe 

Steve's Real Foods


Freeze-Dried Beef Nibblets

Vital Essentials


Chicken & Salmon Recipe

Northwest Naturals


Treat Me Crunchy Beef Delights



Smokehouse Pet Products, Inc.



A variety of canned dog foods

Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘N Bits





Redbarn Naturals

7 Inch Bully Stick


Smokehouse Pet Products

Beef Munchies dog treats


Raws for Paws

Ground Turkey Pet Food


Meals with Green Beans

Just Food For Dogs


Freeze-Dried (Cat and Dog)

Primal Pet Foods


Natural Selections



Rawhide Chew Products

(Expands voluntary recall of multiple brands of dog chews) 

United Pet group


Please be sure of Your Safe Dog Foods Choice...

Here's the links to more details for our dry dog food recall list including other dog vittles harmful to your furry companion...

Are you and your dog hunting for a healthy pre made dog food?  Looking for a certain type?  Please check out our organic dog food menu.  I personally review each brand...

If it's not good enough for my dog you won't find it on our healthy dog food list.  Our best all natural dog food menu is a constant work in progress...

Protection against Contaminated/Recalled Dog Food

Don't forget to practice good hygiene!   I'm the first to admit... I'm not a fanatic.  My dog and I do a lot of sharing (and kisses)... but I'm not recommending this.  I feel our good health (healthy immune systems) makes a difference.  Also...

I'm extremely cautious with my dog food and healthy dog treat choices.

"We make a lot of home made dog treats... check out this yummy chicken treat I'm about to snatch up.  If we buy 'em, my daddy does a ton of research first... arf!"  Nimble.

Dry dog food recall call lists don't include Nimble's home made chicken treats!Making dog treats is assurance against some unhealthy manufacturing practices

Salmonella in dogs... tap here to read our page about this popular canine disease...

Here's some good contaminated dog food prevention tips.  What goes for us also applies to our faithful friends...

Warm soapy water works best:

  • Wash your dog feeding bowls and dog food containers after use.
  • After handling your pals dog food and eating utensils, wash your hands and food preparation surface.  Washing hands is my weak area....
  • Properly store your dog's vittles, especially if it's not dry dog food.  Leftovers should go right back into the 'frig or freezer for proper dog food storage.
  • Wash and change your dog water bowls often.  I change Nimble's (distilled) water every 2 days.

Nimble's clean water bowl is not contaminated like foods found on her dry dog food recall listNimble's water bowl and distilled water is changed regularly. Notice the organic seeds for extra nutrients.

Nimble wants me to remind you...

As long as we're on the subject of hopefully finding your all natural dog food, please don't forget to clean your dog's teeth.  Click here and Nimble will show you how to brush those pearly whites.  There's some pretty cool dog tooth care info also!

Has Your Doggy been Poisoned? Act Now!

Is your furry pal poisoned from eating tainted dog food or treats?  Call the Pet Poison Helpline immediately.  Also, get your dog to the vet asap!  You should have contact information on hand at all times.  The Pet Poison Helpline shows how to build an emergency dog food poisoning kit.


It's a great source of information for dog food safety (feeding correct dog food).

If your doggy has been poisoned, please file a complaint with the FDA.  Click here to access the Consumer Complaint Coordinator for your state.  You'll also find much more useful information that will benefit you and your pooch.

Filing a complaint will protect other canines from foods poisonous to dogs!

Did your dog eat exercise right after eating?  This could upset her stomach or cause dog bloat symptoms.   Please click here to choose one of our dog upset stomach home remedies.  Here's info about dog bloat... nothing to 'mess around with! 

Here's some Interesting Dog Food Recall List Facts

Removing a product from the market through actions taken by a firm is known as a recall.  There are three types:

  • The company may take action itself to remove the unhealthy dog food.

  • The FDA may request that the product be removed.
  • Removal of the dog food by an FDA order.

On September 2015, the safety of your dog's food took a big turn towards improvement!  Written plans for prevention of dog salmonella and other food-borne illnesses are required.  Manufacturers of pet food sold in the U.S. must comply.  Furthermore, product contamination prevention is being enforced through basic sanitation measures.

Face it... some manufacturers won't pay extra expenses to gurantee a safe, healthy dog food or treat for your pooch.  They'll go out of their way making sure their product isn't on our dry dog food recall list combined with other dog foods.

Based on the size of their business, pet food manufacturers are given a staggered number of years to comply.  My research shows this can be anywhere from 1-3 years following September 2015.

Are you hesitant about buying dog food? Thinking about making your own?   No problem... please click here!

If it's
Not on Our Dry Dog Food Recall List including other Dog Foods...

…doesn't mean it's ok!

Nimble and I want to be sure you don't feed anything harmful to your dog.

The products listed here caused acute noticeable symptoms.  Many dog foods, over time, do just as much damage.  It just takes longer for dog diseases to rear their ugly heads.

The dog foods on Nimble's dry dog food recall list including other dog foods should be made with this healthy organic chicken!Nimble's organic free range chicken will not cause poisoning or disease!

We're constantly updating our list of dog food recall brands...

Here's some good articles about dog food quality (ingredients, processing, growing, buying and more)...

  • Dog food intolerance symptoms.  Click here to learn more about annoying dog food reactions.

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above!  Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.

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