Kicking Around Vegetables for Dogs?

Organic vegetables for dogs is a must!Here's all our veggies for the week!

Relax!  Choosing vegetables for dogs (and fruit) is a great move.  We'll explain and duplicate how wild dogs eat 'em so you won't go wrong! 

You ask "How much do I feed and how do I serve them?"   It's simple... we'll show you.


You heard that some vegetables aren't safe for your dog?  You're right.   However, most are.  We've got you covered!

In addition...

Certain nutritional requirements for different ages and conditions might require specific types of veggies.  We won't overlook this...

You don't want to feed 'em raw?  We'll give you your next best choices.

Speaking of raw dog foods... before you read on...

We'd love to publish your raw dog food experiences (good or bad)!  Maybe you have some advice you'd like to share... click here to tell your story.  We'll publish it as a page on our website!

Back to those veggies...

Want the Nutrient Analysis of Fruit and Vegetables for Dogs?

You won't find it here.  this is why...

  • There's tons of websites that do this for you... there's no sense in us repeating the same nutrient info.  Is your dog a special case who needs (or should avoid) certain nutrients?  Then this is the time to analyze...  
  • Feeding your pooch a good variety of raw, pureed veggies and fruit will pretty much give her all the plant nutrients she needs.  We feel that analyzing each vegetable or fruit your dog eats is a waste of time.  

A good assortment of colors is important.  Also... above ground and below ground vegetables for dogs should be included.  Finally, don't forget to mix up different "types" of veggies...

Dogs should eat a good variety of vegetablesI blended all of these veggies for Nimble and me... makes for one healthy dog!

Here's Why You Need to Feed Your Dog Vegetables...

  • They're cleansing.  We spend time making sure our canines are clean on the outside.  What about the inside?  Veggies and fruits cleanse the inside of your pooch's body.  You might think about this for yourself!
  • Raw vegetables for dogs are packed with nutrients.  If you feed your furry pal processed dog food... her body craves these nutrients.
  • The enzymes in raw veggies and fruits clean your doggy's teeth.  Unlike processed dog food, vegetables and other raw foods don't stick to your dog's teeth (and yours!)...  

    Processed dog food does.  This is breeding grounds for bacteria followed by tooth decay.
  • Your pal will live a lot longer... Yipeee!

Confused?  It's No Wonder!

Growing tired of all the different opinions about feeding dogs vegetables and fruits?   Seems like everyone has a different one!

Have you noticed sometimes opinions depend on what side of the dog food fence the writer is on?  I'm on the same side of the fence wild dogs are on.

I'm not going to benefit by giving you my vegetable dog food opinion.  Forget all that dog food marketing hype and please listen to what our wild dogs have to say.

Here's a good example...

One article I read said to chop up your dog's veggies before serving.  Another said to steam them to a mush.

Finally,  I read that if your dog food has all the nutrients she needs, you can forget about feeding your pal veggies.

Fruits and Vegetables for dogs should be organic, raw and pureed for nutritional benefits.  This is the only way your pooch can digest them.  Period.

Only feed your doggy vegetables pureed for good digestionI also eat 'em pureed at times for variety... reminds me of sulsa. Try it!

Have some good tips about feeding your furry pal veggies or fruits?  Please share!... see our comments section at the bottom of this page.

Would you like to see a list of some of the fruits and veggies... our photos included... that I feed Nimble (and myself)?... 

Just check out our other page about feeding your dog  fruits and vegetables.  

Remember... everything on this page as well as the other applies to fruits and veggies.  There's one exception though...  proper dog food combining.  "We've got this covered for you on both pages.  Arf!"... Nimble.   

Vegetables for Dogs that are Unhealthy... Some Even Poisonous?

You bet!

Some veggies are plain poisonous for your dog... even if eaten in moderation! 

Others, if eaten in large quantities over a long period of time, can cause problems.  To name a couple...

  • Thyroid problems.
  • Inhibiting calcium absorption. 

Variety and moderation to the rescue again!

Let's make sure you're aware of these... we're more than happy to list 'em for you...

Cruciferous Veggies

Add red cabbage and other colored vegetables for your dogRemember... different colored veggies means an array of nutrients!

Cabbage, bok choy, brussels sprouts and similar vegetables.  I've read for years these may cause thyroid problems.  I've been feeding them to my dogs and never had a problem.

“A thyroid test is part of my yearly physical.  The test results show my thyroid is very healthy.  Arf!”... Nimble.

Just rotate with other vegetables for dogs.  Think moderation and variety... you can't go wrong. 

Kale and Spinach

A big portion of your dog's vegetables should be greens...Green veggies such as these make up most of a wild dog's plant food

These vegetables might bind calcium (so I've heard and read).  Like the cruciferous vegetables... I've read about these claims for years.  They've never caused problems with my doggies... fed 'em for years!

Feeding all types of veggies and fruits is the key... don't over-do it with one type of vegetable, fruit or any other kind of healthy dog food.

Nightshade Family

Tomatoes are another healthy vegetable for your dog!Tomatoes add lots of liquid for easy veggie blending...

Tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and potatoes.  Many “experts" claim that canines don't get along well with these veggies.  Ok... hmmm.

Why have my doggies been munch'in on 'em for years (along with other vegetables for dogs) without displaying dog food intolerance symptoms?  Luck?  We don't think so!

We're not going to make a long list of veggies and fruits that are supposed to be unhealthy for your pooch.  Instead... we'll provide this link that should keep an updated list for easy access...

Check out the Pet Poison Helpline.

Click on Poison List on the Home Page.   You'll see a long list.  On the left side of the page you can decide your category for refined search results.

Unfortunately, there are conflicting opinions.. sorry.  This seems common in the dog food world!

Don't get hung up on one type of vegetable or fruit (or any safe healthy dog food) because you read somewhere that “this fruit and vegetable is the healthiest for your dog!” 

With variety, your dog's body will use what it needs and get rid of what it doesn't need.  Other healthy dog food nutrients will be stored for a rainy day... like a bank!


With all the wonderful choices and availability, why take a chance?   Exclude veggies that you feel are foods poisonous to dogs.

What about garlic?  Your friend said it was poisonous?  Hmmm... I've fed it to my doggies for years!  Small amounts fed occasionally is fine.

Small amounts of raw, organic garlic should be included in vegetables for dogsNimble's garlic and fleas don't get along!

Some veggies like garlic and other healthy dog foods make great natural remedies for dogs... click here to learn more.

Making Vegetables for Dogs

Raw veggies

Fido's raw meat diet should provide most most of her nutrients.  Of course... this includes the bones, organ meat, etc.  In addition...

Imitate those prey animal stomach contents when you feed your canine nutrient rich vegetables and fruit.  I know... here I go again.  But... the "prey animal theory" is worth repeating...

...especially for those of you who haven't read my other all natural dog food pages.

Blend 'em up into a puree... this is the only way your carnivore can digest this super premium dog food!  Vegetables and fruits are pre-digested in the stomach contents of a wild dog's prey animal. 

If you want crunchy and chewy for your dog's desire to chew... fine.  Just remember to blend for easy digestion.

Is your pooch a little hesitant about her veggies?  No problem... here's a healthy topping that tastes like cheese!

If you're out in the woods and your dogs starts eating elk, deer or whatever poop, let her finish this (homemade) healthy dog food... 

Vegetables for dogs includes vegetation-filled wild animal poopThe greenish-brown fresh poop is from elk. The other stuff is coyote poop

My dog absolutely loves this raw delicacy...

You'll never find this "dog nutrition supplement" anywhere else!  Most times this organic human grade dog food is full of vegetation remnants (greens and sometimes berries and seeds). 

Furthermore... wild animal poop is full of healthy organisms!  No worries about parasites... don't make the de-wormer (poison) manufacturers, doctors and retailers rich!

I've never seen a wild dog taking medication for parasites.

Cooked vegetables

Cooking vegetables for dogs destroys the nutrients.  Period.   Forget about what the dog food “authorities” say...

... and please remember this... “It depends what side of the 'best all natural dog food' fence you're on.” 

Also, tons of opinions are based on facts written by others that haven't “been there and done that!”

If raw dog food is not your thing, then cook (steaming is better) your dog's veggies.  Try to cook at the lowest heat for as long as possible.

“I don't remember seeing coyotes cooking their healthy dog food... arf!”  Nimble Doggy.

Cooking destroys nutrients.   The less you cook, the less destruction takes place (steaming, simmering on low heat., etc.).

There isn't a cooked veggie on this planet that comes close to our home-grown wheatgrass juice...

vegetables for dogs can include frehly made wheatgrass juiceFeed your doggy our fresh, home grown wheatgrass juice and watch her health improve!

Here's your cooking choices, from best to worst:

  • Steaming vegetables for dogs.  They must be steamed until soft enough so your dog's body can break them down.
  • Simmering veggies.  Simmer in a pan with a little water on low heat.  Again, simmer until soft for better dog food digestion.
  • Boiling, “nuking” (microwaving) and baking.  Serve when soft.  Personally... I've never nuked our food.  Thinking about the radiation makes me cringe. 

The following links about dog food preparation also apply to veggies...

It's been touted that freeze-dried or dehydrated veggies retain most of their nutrients.  Because of the slower, low heat preparation process... it's possible there's less nutrient destruction.

What about cooking fruit?  Don't.... better not to feed it at all!

Choosing Fruit and Vegetables for Dogs

Here's some good (pat on back!) general advice to follow...

  • Fresh is the best.  Frozen is your next best choice, followed by dehydrated and freeze-dried veggies.  Canned (cooked) would be our last resort. 

    Dehydration and freeze-dried possibly preserves a good portion of the nutrients while removing the water.  However, please remember vegetables, fruit and any other raw dog food is always most nutritious in its whole state!

Prey animals eat lot's of green leafy vegetation, so...

  • Leafy greens should make up a good portion of the mix. The rest should consist of different types and colors.  Variety is the key.  Different colors and types means different nutrients for a good healthy dog food addition.

  • Organic is the best kind of veggies and other dog food which usually rules out contaminants and other nasty elements.  Some non-organic fruits and vegetables for dogs are fine. 

    However, you must talk with a reliable source (owner or manager) of where these vegetables are grown to make sure.  Don't count on customer service or the store clerk (usually).

We eat these organic Crimini mushrooms with our veggies a couple times a week...

Vegetables for dogs should include these safe, healthy Crimini mushrooms.Our organic Crimini mushrooms are totally safe for Nimble!


I grow sprouts, baby greens and wheat grass.  I'd love to write pages about these vegetables for dogs and just about everything else covered in this article.  However, this page might become too lengthy (it probably is... ha!).

"How do I Feed My Canine Veggies and Fruit?"

Here's how much...

I'd say about 10 or even 20% of bouser's dog food diet... more or less.  Don't get too hung up on numbers!   I'm against over-analyzing.  This applies to feeding your doggie "human food" treats such as yogurt as well...

Coyotes around here eat nothing but blackberries for about a month or two (vegetable replacement).  They also graze on wild strawberries!

This example tells us we shouldn't get too hung up on numbers... look at the big picture.     

Back to the veggies and fruit...

Different ways to serve your dog fruit and vegetables...

After blending up into a puree... here's how to serve vegetables for dogs as well as fruit...

  • In a bowl by themselves.
  • Mixed in with other foods.
  • Syringe feed.  Nimble won't eat her veggies by themselves.  Also, if I add too much to her favorite dog vittles... she'll ignore her food.  funny thing... when I load up her feeding syringe, she walks over to me! 

She enjoys being syringe-fed!  Use a feeding syringe like the one I customized below...

Pureed raw vegetables are fed to dogs with this feeding syringeThis is the best style and sized syringe we've found

Notice how I removed the tip and enlarged the hole...  it never plugs up.  Also, use olive oil to lubricate the plunger.  This way, you can use it over and over!

If you have questions about how to do this... please contact Nimble and me.

Even eating healthy vegetables or fruit too fast can cause doggie upset stomach.  Tap here to choose one of our home made dog upset stomach remedies.

As mentioned above... ill-combining your pooch's veggies or fruit with other foods also causes an upset tummy.  That's why...

...wild dogs instinctively know how to...

Properly combine fruit and vegetables for dogs with other foods 

I wouldn't recommend mixing vegetables or fruit with most pre-made, processed dog foods.  They contain too many ill-combined commercial dog food ingredients.  These don't mix well with veggies (or most other foods).

Here's a link to a food combining chart for a more thorough dog food combining plan.

For those of you who don't enjoy examining charts...

Here's a good rule of thumb for safe dog foods that don't mix well with veggies or fruit...

  • After your furry pal eats fruit, wait about an hour before feeding your dog veggies.
  • Wait about two hours after feeding other properly combined dog foods before feeding your canine veggies.
  • You can feed other dog foods that don't combine well with veggies about an hour after feeding your dog vegetables.
  • Can you feed meaty bones with vegetables for dogs?  Sure!
  • Wait about 2-3 hours after eating raw meat dog food or veggies before eating fruit dog treats or other foods.

Improperly combined dog foods sit in the stomach for hours while rotting and fermenting.  This could lead to a dog food reaction.  A dog's short digestive tract is designed to pass that stuff fast... especially meat before it begins to spoil!

A good example of proper dog food combining..

Wild dogs eat lot's of apples and berries (stomach contents of prey animals or whole right off the plant).  However, upon examining the wild dog's poop, I've noticed the apple chunks are undigested (they weren't broken down before eating)....

Soft berries right off the bush will digest.

Furthermore... no healthy dog bones or hair are mixed in (wild dogs don't combine fruit with meat).  Only poop the color of blackberries!

Another example...

When a coyote or wolf eats a prey animal... the stomach contents are already properly combined.  The prey animals know how to do it! 

By the way... do you still need more proof that it's ok to feed your doggy apples?  No problem... here you go

"Make sure you puree your doggy's veggies and fruits before serving... arf!"

Dogs should eat vegetables so they can be healthy like Nimble!Nimble reminds us variety and moderation when feeding vegetables and fruit is the key (as with other foods).

Introducing Vegetables or Fruit to Your Doggy

"My dog has never eaten fruit (or vegetables) before."  That's ok... introduce them slowly if you prefer.  Remember... puree 'em first.

Uh oh... did your dog have a reaction after eating these raw dog foods for the first time?  Is your dog throwing up undigested food?  Please don't worry... read this page instead. 

Ok... to start with...

Make sure you combined them properly with other dog foods.  Also, Check out our dog remedies.  You'll find dog upset stomach home remedies and home remedies for dog diarrhea.

Offering new foods with your dog's vittles may cause dog diarrhea or an upset stomach with or without vomiting.   Or, other dog food intolerance symptoms may crop up... 

I've never had to do this (luck?).

Perhaps introduce one new veggie or fruit at a time.

Is you dog on medication?  Is she on a special healthy dog food diet designed specifically for her?  If so... perhapts consult with your vet before introducing fruit and vegetables for dogs.

Just remember...

Some vets don't believe in feeding your pooch raw, pureed veggies as well as fruit!

Your Still not Sold on Raw Fruit or Vegetables for Dogs?

Well... maybe later.  For now, please try to blend these nutritious, all natural dog foods now and then.  The vegetables in pre-made dog foods are cooked.  This means most of the nutrients are destroyed (honestly)...

There's some conscientious dog food companies that do the best they can for your dog's health.  We'll recommend some safe healthy dog food companies if you don't have time to make your own healthy dog food.

Are you concerned about dog salmonella?  Tap here... maybe this will change your mind.

One final note... fruit and vegetables for dogs and other raw dog foods contain live enzymes.  This goes a long way towards keeping your furry pal's teeth pearly white.  And...

Raw food doesn't stick to your dog's teeth.  Processed (cooked) dog food does.  This is a breeding ground for bacteria... followed by plaque, then tartar.  Yuck!

Don't blame your pooch if she has stinky breath! 

It's not her fault she's not roaming the wild, munching on raw bones and other foods loaded with live (un-cooked) enzymes to scrub her teeth.  And...

You won't share your breath mints with her!

Here's Nimble on the prowl, do'in it... just like a wild dog...

Dogs can find raw vegetables just about anywhere in the wildCheck'in it out... what a lucky pooch!

We don't want to get off topic...


Please give your dog a fighting chance...

Give up the tv tonight (ha!) and give these pages a shot...

Now... are You Convinced Fruits and Vegetables are for Dogs?

Nimble and I hope so!

We understand that many of you don't live close to wild dog country like Nimble and me.  We're fortunate to be able to observe how coyotes eat. 

We enjoy observing nature first hand... then passing this information on to you!

It's fun not worrying about calorie counting and figuring out nutrients.  Instead... you can spend that time preparing and feeding your dog vegetables.

I've been feeding raw, pureed fruit and vegetables to my dogs for years.  Once a year I make a trip to the vet for a full-blown physical... blood work, thorough physical exam... you name it. 

Feeding raw, organic fruits and vegetables for dogs pays off!

Sometimes I wonder why I do this... so does my dog.  So...

This year we skipped it.

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I customized these meaty lamb bones and fed them with vegetables safe for dogs.Nimble loves meaty lamb bones!

Feeding dogs bones (meaty bones) will give our furry companions enjoyment, jaw exercise and excellent dog health. 

Don't forget clean dog teeth...

Fetch it!

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