Feeding Dogs Bones... Mix and Match 'em!

You can feed your dog all types of bones!   Feeding dogs bones makes them salivate!  I feed some bones as-is, others I “tune up” before serving.  Different strokes for different dogs! 

I'll feed Nimble these whole fish ground up or chopped into pieces... feeding dogs bones the correct way...

Dogs can eat whole fish!  Don't worry about feeding dogs bones from fish.Even soaking wet on this chilly fall day... Nimble poses with her catch!

I'll show you what works (and hasn't worked) for my dogs and me.  I can save you from the school of hard knocks through our own experiences over the years. 

There's always exceptions but I'll give you some good, reliable guidelines!

Remember, this piece is about adult dogs with fully developed teeth... big, smaller and small pooches!

Only Feed Raw Dog Bones.  It's a Cinch!

Feeding dog bones is not rocket science... big bones for big adult dogs.  Little bones for little “adult” dogs!  There's always exceptions, but I'll give you some good, reliable guidelines.  Keep it simple!

Tap here for more great dog chew bone stuff!

Feeding Dogs Bones as a Snack

It's best to leave some of the meat attached for total enjoyment of this nature diet dog food!

Remember, this article is about bones fed as a nutritional chewing snack  throughout the day for exercise, keeping occupied and cleaning teeth.  Furthermore,  the urge to chew is satisfied!  Either way...

Don't forget to brush those teeth!

Also, meaty bones make a great dinner!  However, you might still be hesitant about feeding raw meat and bones.  This might be worth your time... read about choosing healthy organic dog food brands!

Other Tasty Raw Meaty Bones Info!...

Food combining, organic vs non-organic, grinding bones, salmonella in dogs and other related topics will be shared with you in other articles.   Also, Special cases such as puppies and seniors are important, including buying healthy dog bones... 

Click here for dog food quality important facts!

Furthermore, I'll make sure you know about the dental pros and cons.   Also, awareness of other physical problems is important when feeding your dog tasty bones...

Nimble loves her meaty chicken dog bones!My dog knows that raw meaty chicken bones are super nutritious!

Bones can be fed at “meal time" along with other foods that combine well with meaty bones for good digestion!  Also, they can be ground up with meat at feeding time for variety, or if your canine's teeth aren't in great shape.  Click here for great tips on barf dog food!

Ok... now I'll get back on topic.   I get excited and ramble at times!..

Munching on Beef Bones and other Big Animal Bones

Most dogs enjoy these!  My little companion is a bit picky.  My other wasn't.

When you buy these dog bones, they're usually cut up into smaller pieces.  You can feed as-is to your big dog or down size them if they seem awkward to her. 

Most medium and small dogs need them tailored.   No problem... ask your butcher or style them yourself!

Click here to read great stuff about combining veggies with those raw meaty bones!

What an easy dog treat “recipe!”

I use a big vice anchored to my workbench and a reciprocating saw with a stainless steel blade.  Just cut them or rip down to size.

Dogs seem to “grind down” beef bones more than other bones.  They're very hard!

Almost forgot... make sure they have to work for that marrow like a wild dog.  When we cut them up the rich bone marrow is easily exposed.  “I gorge on this stuff and then sometimes throw up!   No big deal... it's yummy!  Arf!” Nimble.

feeding Nimble these organic free range chicken bones are unmatched for good health!Nimble has to work for the bone marrow in these chicken bones... smaller, softer bones for small dogs

Wolfs have been seen crushing big elk bones with their strong jaws to get at the marrow!

Feeding Dogs Bones from Chicken and other Poultry

These tasty morsels seem to be the biggest hit with most canines!

You can buy whole chickens or drumsticks.  Large dogs can eat whole drumsticks or cut up the whole chicken into just a few pieces.  Watch 'em gorge! 

Tap here for another neat doggie dinner!

My small doggies like me to cut the poultry down into much smaller pieces.  Just keep an eye on your friends... if they're having a hard time handling them, just cut the pieces smaller!

More on these chicken dog “treats”...

I use an old wooden breadboard and a large meat cleaver.   Don't chop the chicken dog bones up unless you're outside.  Pieces fly everywhere!   When I'm doing this task indoors, push down on the cleaver and it should slice through.

I just finished chopping up these meaty chicken bones for Nimble...

Feed meaty chicken bones like these to your dog and you'll see improvements in her health!This is what your dog's healthy meaty chicken bones should look like!

Speaking of chicken, here's a juicy "Can dogs eat chicken?" article!

Poultry bones are softer than beef bones.  The more “free range” a bird is, the harder the bone!  When I buy them from my “poultry guy,” he usually cuts them up for me on a band saw. Those birds are running around everywhere...

The bones are really hard!

“Free range from the grocers are much softer!”  I often wonder what “free range” labeling means?  Don't get me going on this!

Would you like to tell everyone about your dog's good or bad barf dog food experiences?  Click here to tell your raw dog food story... we can publish it as a page for others to enjoy!

Gourmet Dog Bones from Rabbits

My doggies rank these bones second to chicken bones, like beef bones.

The person who raises chickens for my dog also raises rabbits.  I can't find these bones in the grocers around here.  Just follow the poultry guidelines listed above.

Include Fish when Feeding Dogs Bones

I often hear that you shouldn't feed your doggy fish!  Did these people spend time in the wild observing?  Wild dogs eat fish.  period.

They're free range and organic... it doesn't get better than that!  Make sure you don't feed your pooch pen raised fish if you buy 'em...

I feed Nimble fish bones with the whole fish...My Nimble Doggy loves her sea perch ground up... we just caught these!

My doggies are picky with some fish.  Others get chewed up instantly!

You can buy whole fish at most grocers.  They will already be cleaned but are still really nutritious.  Even fish fillets are fine when I give my dog fish.

Take your companion fishing and catch 'em!... you won't need fish oil pills for dogs...

If the fish is small, I feed it whole to my doggy.  If it's too big, I cut it up into smaller pieces.  Either way, I feed the whole fish to my dog.

If you don't want a big mess, you can clean the fish first.  However, I like to make sure my dog eats all of it.  We regularly include fish into our dog feeding schedule.  Here's more about Nimble's feeding regimen.

Also, you can cut or chop it up. Then run the fish through your meat grinder.

Talk about a healthy all natural organic dog food!   Some dog foods aren't... click here!

Here's a suggestion...

Before feeding salmon or trout make sure you're aware of salmon poisoning in dogs.  I'll write an article about this and let you know when it's completed.  If you have any questions, contact me and Nimble through our Contact Us page.  Leaving a comment below works as well!

*  Nimble told me to remind you that there's no need to worry about fish oil dosage for dogs.  Whole fish is the best balanced source of fish oil for your pooch!

Sniffing out Wild Dog Bone Treasures!

“While outdoors my human and me find yummy bones!   No matter what type (or how much they smell) I'll munch on them like I'm starving... arf!”   Nimble.

We're being taught a lesson here.   Feeding dogs bones is one of the best things you can do for your fido!   Click here to throw in some safe dog chews.

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