Why is Your Dog Throwing up Undigested Food (again)? 

This dog throwing up undigested food might only need a little rest while mother nature cleans house!Nimble throws up occasionally... she'll rest (maybe!) while mother nature does her job

You just caught your dog throwing up undigested food once more.  Don't growl at her! 

Think about this instead...

  • What caused her to throw up?
  • How do you prevent this from happening again?... especially after slaving away in the kitchen preparing your doggy's vittles!
  • Is she regurgitating or vomiting?... it helps to know the difference.
  • Should you take her to the vet or keep her at home (maybe try your home remedy for dog vomiting)?

A dog throwing up undigested food might also have a case of the runs.  Pumpkin helps stop the doggy squirts.  Cook some of this pumpkin and feed it to her...

If your dog is throwing up and has the runs... cook and feed this pumpkin as your home remedy for dog diarrhea.Pumpkin helps stop the doggy runs. Cook your own or buy the canned stuff

Did My Pooch Regurgitate or Vomit Her Dog Food?

You need to know the difference before taking your course of action.

Actually... I never knew there was a difference until Nimble and Gidget Doggy moved in with me!

P.S... keep in mind that...

… a dog throwing up undigested food is mother nature's way of eliminating unwanted substances from our dogs' (and our) bodies.  Sometimes all you need to do is let mother nature run her course... she knows what's best!

Vomiting dog food...

… usually occurs a while after eating... after food has been in the stomach for some time.

When your canine vomits her dog food... a forceful contraction of the abdominal muscles forces the stomach contents out of the stomach, up through the esophagus and out the mouth. 

Hopefully it doesn't land on your new carpeting or bed sheets!  Nimble always gives me plenty of warning.

You might notice your furry pal starting to salivate... accompanied with nausea.  She might start licking her lips while swallowing repeatedly (like we do).  Then, you'll notice uncomfortable abdominal contractions and retching... up comes that dinner you spent so much time preparing!

Speaking of... I'm slaving away here preparing Nimble's raw, meaty chicken bones...

I'm chopping up Nimble's raw meaty bones... if she eats grass afterwards she might throw it up!Nimble won't throw up these raw meaty bones if she doesn't eat grass afterwards

Color and texture...

Vomited dog chow has been in the stomach for some time so it'll be partially digested.  It'll smell sour (fermenting).  I've seen it all different colors depending on what your furry companion ate. 

Vomiting liquid instead

This will be quite watery... it might contain yellow bile.  It can be slimy, foamy or clear. 

My past dog's vet told me that my dog throwing up undigested food (vomiting) may not be connected to the healthy dog food I fed her... but instead a completely different issue.  An underlying medical condition could be the culprit.

Regurgitating dog food...

… takes place shortly after your canine eats her grits.

Unlike forceful vomiting... regurgitation is a much more passive action.  When Nimble regurgitates... there's hardly any warning!  Seems she just opens her mouth and the stuff just flows out (thanks for the warning Nimble!).

Regurgitation does not involve abdominal heaving.

Color and texture...

This rejected dog food will pretty much look like it did on the “way in."  Or... it might look partially digested like our picture of Nimble's raw meaty bones ground up...

Nimble's ground-up raw meaty bones looks like a regurgitated healthy dog food dietDid your pooch throw up her raw meaty bones? It would look similar to this...

A Dog Throwing up Undigested Food Can be Caused by...

  • ...us serving them their food.  Our dogs don't have to work at eating their food... it's put in a bowl and they gorge too fast.  In the wild... a dog really has to work at tearing meat off bones and chomping  big bones down into smaller pieces!
  • Exercising shortly after eating.  This might cause dog bloat symptoms... here's more.
  • Eating grass right after dinner.  Nimble just did this... then chowed it right back down.  It's ok... let your pooch do her canine thing!
  • Eating something that doesn't agree with their digestive system.  From poisons and foods poisonous to dogs to unhealthy additives and everything in between.
  • Swallowing chunks of bone without chewing them up properly first.  My brother's Blue Healer (pictured with Nimble below) does this so they discontinued feeding whole dog bones.  They grind up Rowen's raw meaty bones now...
Homemade small dog liver treats are fed slowly.  Some dogs gobble too fast... then throw-upNimble's playmate Rowen is fed little healthy dog treats because he gobbles and regurgitates big pieces

But don't withhold bones from your doggy!  Please read this... yummy and nutritious raw bones.  And... here's more.

  • Eating grass before dinner.  Nimble (my little crumb-snatcher!) also does this.  Then... if your dog doesn't want her dinner... remove it.

Nimble's searching for those "choice" blades of grass...

Grass is one of Nimble's dog upset stomach home remedies... she's looking for that certain type hereIf Nimble eats grass it's usually early in the morning before potty and breakfast

  • An underlying medical condition.  For example, bacterial or viral infections, kidney failure, ulcers within the stomach, etc.  Sorry... we aren't trying to worry you!
  • A sudden change in diet can result in a dog throwing up undigested food... especially changing from processed unhealthy dog food to homemade dog vittles.

From this processed dry dog food...

Nimble changed from this to completely raw dog food no problem when I adopted her

To this raw meat dog food diet...

Don't want your dog throwing up?  Feed her these raw meaty bonesThis stuff is full of water... your dog won't gulp down tons of water after eating... causing her to throw up

  • Riding in the car (motion sickness).  My last doggie Gidget had occasional problems with this.  Nimble... nah!   
  • Certain types of medication.  Don't think drugs won't ruin your canine's health... they do!
  • Unhealthy digestive system.  For example... lack of probiotics  and enzymes to help digest food and keep your doggy's digestive system healthy.
  • Intestinal obstruction.  Swallowing objects they shouldn't mess around with... some dogs seem to get into everything!  My dogs never had a problem with this (guess we're lucky!). 
  • Gastric torsion.  Twisting of your dog's stomach.  I've repeatedly read that giant or deep-chested dogs are more prone to this.  And... risks may increase with age... over-weight dogs should not be overlooked.
  • Stress.  A dog throwing up undigested food might need time to adapt.  Did you just move?  Have you adopted another doggy?  If so... your dog may need time to adapt to her new environment.

I believe some dogs vomit because...

...they eat too much too fast... it's in their genes.  Wild dogs do this because they're in competition with other predators wanting to steal their meal.  But... they're healthier than our pet dogs and their food is pure.  So... they (usually) don't throw it up.


That processed dog food is so darn dry... unlike feeding raw food to dogs that's full of water.  So... after gulping down those bone-dry vittles... our dogs gulp water which causes “up-chuck!”

Nimble won't gulp water after eating her raw dog food...

Feeding dogs chicken meaty bones whole or ground up like these Nimble's chomping on usually won't cause your dog to throw upLick'in her chops!

Something else to consider…

Our pets haven't had time to evolve (adapt) to our environment.  All dogs... just like humans, evolved to live in their environment in a particular geographic place.  However... because of how fast travel is nowadays... we as well as our dogs aren't living in the same place as our ancestors did.  So...

We're eating foods shipped express from all places on this planet.

This is a problem because our (and our dogs') bodies haven't had time to adapt (evolve) to their current geographic location...

...eating a wild healthy dog food diet native to their home.

Coyotes here on the Oregon coast gorge on apples (here's more) and blackberries in the fall.  Would these be a better choice than, say, bananas from the tropics?  Hmmm...

Nimble with wild blackberries we just picked...

Nimble with the wild blackberries we just picked... coyotes love this raw dog diet!Can dogs eat fruit snacks? You bet... make sure they're raw

Is Your Dog Throwing up Undigested Food... Or Not?

Are you sure your canine is throwing up?  There's a slim chance she's not...

Your doggy may drool if she's in a distressed state.  If it isn't followed by food “coming up'' then she's not throwing up.  Or...

Does your dog have kennel cough?  If so... coughing really hard causes white foam to come from her mouth.

“What Should I do Now?”

Now that you're familiar with the causes of your dog throwing up undigested food and the differences between vomiting and regurgitation...

… you'll need to decide if you can safely treat your dog at home.

Natural remedies are accepted by most dogs with an upset stomach... even NimbleYour doggy doesn't like her home remedy for dog vomiting? Most dogs really don't seem to mind...


... do you need to take her to the doggy doctor? 

If you're unsure or have your doubts... please take your pal to the veterinarian.  This article is meant to help guide you along the way and prevent as many future episodes as possible. This page is not meant as a replacement for veterinary care.

Treating your furry companion at home  

I would treat my dog at home if...

  • She only threw up once or twice in 24 hours (no more than one day in a week).
  • She was acting her normal self... happy, not lethargic, etc.
  • Her poop was normal.
  • Even if she wasn't too crazy about eating for a few hours.

Home remedies for a dog throwing up undigested food

My first little doggie Gidget was 6 years old and very unhealthy when I adopted her.  I used the natural remedies for dogs mentioned below.  Nimble, on the other hand... was only 6 months old when I adopted her.  I started her on the path to good health right away.  So...

She only occasionally needs a remedy (usually just fasting).  However... our friends' dogs “enjoy” them occasionally (we hope!).

Nimble and I don't want this article to get too long (you might fall asleep!)  The rest is on a couple other pages...

Click here
and you'll land on our Natural Remedies for Dogs page including that list of dog home remedies you'll enjoy trying.  Also...

Here's more about your dog throwing up water and food.

I would take Nimble to the vet if she...

  •   … wasn't acting her normal self (lethargic, weak, etc.).

  •   had a fever.  We always keep a thermometer on hand.

  •   … threw up more than 2-3 times during the day possibly causing dehydration.  You'll notice your doggy visiting her water bowl more often (I add seeds for nutrition)...

Nimble with her water bowl.  If she was throwing up or had dog diarrhea... she'd be slurping it up!A dog drinking lots of water might be normal... or she could be dehydrated from diarrhea or throwing up

  • was an old doggie.  Older dogs may have a hard time withstanding the consequences of throwing up.
  • had some type of pre-existing medical issues.
  • was a youngster (puppy less than about 8 months old).  Puppies, because they aren't fully developed... may have a difficult time coping with this.
  • also had diarrhea and/or bloody poop (another contributing factor to dehydration).  Remember... a dog throwing up undigested food with the runs can be serious.  Here's some helpful things you should know about the doggy "squirts"... tap here.
  • seemed depressed, in pain or confused (like her daddy when he's acting normal... ha!).
  • had a sore tummy.
  • was urinating less than “normal”... another symptom of dehydration.
  • had blood in her vomit.
  • keeps trying to vomit but nothing comes up.  Blockage or gastric torsion?
  • had something unusual in her vomit (foreign objects, etc.).  Some dogs can get into just about anything... especially curious puppies...
Is your dog throwing up undigested food?  Remember... this is partly due to their curiosity!  Here's Nimble poking her nose in the brushNimble sniffs and eats lots of different things in the woods

Veterinary treatment for your dog throwing up undigested food

Your veterinarian will ask you some important questions about your dog.  Bring in all medical records you have including records of past doctor visits.  Also...

Before you leave home... write down everything you can think of since your doggie started throwing up.  For example, what did she eat?  What did her thrown-up food look like, etc?

Make double sure you inform your dog's doctor about any medication and dog supplements your pooch may be taking.  Is she taking any herbs, homeopathic remedies, etc?  What about your pooch's medical condition?

Your vet will perform a thorough physical examination.  Furthermore... she may want to take blood, poop and urine samples.

Check'in out those pearly whites...

Nimble is showing you that a vet exam is neccessary if you choose not to use dog dog home remedies for throwing upNimble at the vet for her yearly physical

Hopefully... your vet will figure out the cause of your dog throwing up undigested food quickly.  If not... she/he might need to do additional tests.


Healthy living is the best remedy for a dog throwing up undigested food.  Nutritious dog food, exercise, sunshine, fresh air and water... bingo!  Oh... don't forget to provide a stress-free environment. 

There's some foods that your dog might throw up... even if they're pure and raw... that may not be compatible with your dog (or maybe she's just not used to them yet). Maybe raw, meaty bones?  Moreover... that same dog food might agree with another pooch!


You still want to feed your doggie some treats... right?   Then... at least go for the healthy ones... it's ok once in a while.  Before you do... check out these articles...

  • Feeding dogs yogurt... it's got some benefits.  Click here.
  • Making dogs treats.  Hopefully these will make your doggy's mouth water!  Your dog will be excited if you tap here!

Nimble's Experiences as a Dog Throwing up Undigested Food...

“I told my daddy I should tell you I throw up...

Nimble telling you that a dog vomiting undigested food can happen at different timesNimble is an authority when it comes to throwing up food

  • right after eating (it looks like it did when I ate... I might eat it up again).
  • a couple hours after chowing my vittles (it looks partially digested...sometimes I'll chow it right back down!).
  • ...in the middle of the night.
  • ...after eating grass (but not always).  I usually eat grass in the early morning.  When I throw up... it's usually liquid (I haven't eaten yet). Then... it's usually a few hours before I feel like eating.
  • ...sometimes in the car (I really don't think it has to do with motion sickness... just timing)."

All these instances occur once in a while.  Sometimes Nimble will go for months without throwing up.  Other times... she'll loose her chow a couple times in a week.

But... there never was a cause for concern.  She might loose her appetite for a while...


A dog throwing up undigested food that still acts and feels normal... I can live with.

Dogs will be Dogs

Would you get an upset tummy and throw up if you lived in the wild... eating your dog's wild, raw (and often “ripe”) food?

Our guess is yes (at least it's pure)!


Nimble is saying there's no way a coyote will throw up after feasting on her safe healthy dog food leftoversNimble is happy to share her left-over fish carcasses with the coyotes!


The coyotes don't need a home remedy for vomiting after devouring our pile of fish scraps... all that's left is some bones and skin!Can you imagine feasting on these? Nimble and I don't expect you to!

Your digestive system isn't built like theirs.  Also... we throw in tons of additives and other unhealthy dog food ingredients to make things worse.  A dog throwing up undigested food can't deal with our unhealthy way of life.

Healthy living and trying to mimic your pooch's wild diet is the best you can do.  However... I expect our furry companions to throw up at least a few times throughout their lives... some dogs just more than others.

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