Are You Concerned about Your Dog Throwing up Water?

Should you be troubled?  Is your dog throwing up water (and food) not a big deal?

Vomiting vs regurgitation... is there a difference?  “Is my doggy really throwing up water... or is it something else?”

Maybe your main concern is “Why on earth is my doggy upchucking water and food?” 

It's no fun if your dog isn't feeling well...

Nimble's not feeling well as a dog throwing up water and food because of salmon poisoning!The only time Nimble didn't feel good when throwing up was when she had salmon poisoning

So what's next...

Home treatment or off to the vet?  And... thinking about prevention is a good bet to help prevent future episodes!

Vomiting or Regurgitation?  There is a Difference...


  • ... seems to be right after eating.  They open their mouths and the stuff just seems to flow out... look out new carpet!  There's hardly any warning when a dog regurgitates water or food. 

  • is very passive.  A dog throwing up water or dog food this way seems effortless... no stomach contractions, retching, etc. 

  • partially digested stomach contents that haven't been in the system very long.  Or... they've just been swallowed and aren't digested at all.  So... it'll look like it did on the “way in” or a little more “ground up.” 

  • of dog food might get eaten again.  My doggy will usually eat this later once her stomach settles down and she gets hungry.  I've read you shouldn't allow this... animals in the wild do!  Your dog will know when her stomach is ready for healthy dog food again... like Nimble below after she eats grass and vomits...
Nimble is carefully eating the "right" pieces of grass as one of her dog upset stomach home remediesNimble's choosy about her "perfect" blades of grass...


  • … takes a lot more energy than regurgitation.  Before my dog throws up water or food she usually gives me a warning... (thanks Nimble).  These include drooling, restlessness or kind'a just sitting there... staring into space.  I'll see abdominal heaving and wretching before and during vomiting.

  • involves stomach contents that have been in the system for a while.  It'll be partially or almost completely digested.  It might contain some fresh looking blood or “coffee grounds” (old blood). 

  • might happen hours after your doggy ate her vittles. 

  • nothing much more than air (whew... good dawg)!  Sometimes Nimble or my past doggy Gidget would do this.  They would retch and heave... only to throw up a teeny bit of watery stuff or nothing at all.

Throwing up and dog diarrhea are not a good combination... your dog can get dehydrated.  This can be serious!  Does your dog only have diarrhea?  Are you sure it's not serious?  If so... you might want to make your own dog diarrhea remedy.

“Is My Dog Throwing up Water or is it Something Else?

I've read (from reliable sources) that sometimes a dog coughs so hard you'll see foamy liquid around her mouth.  I've heard that dogs with kennel cough have this symptom.  Also... sometimes a dog will drool (we see this all the time... my little dogs don't).  These aren't related to a dog throwing up water or food.

When your dog throws up liquid it may not always be water.  Always inspect this watery substance closely for clues (It's a nasty job... but somebody has to do it!).

Hopefully your doggy only ate something that didn't agree with her!  Maybe chowing on this commercial dog food loaded with unhealthy additives...

Nimble is showing you that this processed dog chow is not a healthy canned dog food!I bought this dog food so Nimble could show you what not to feed your dog

You're sure this is all it is and it's not serious?  Good!  Here's some dog upset stomach home remedies... click here.

Sometimes a dog throwing up water may not be related to food or water at all... instead an indication of an underlying medical condition...

  • Bile.  Produced by the liver and used to digest your dog's food.  There's a few reasons why your dog may vomit this yellowish-green looking liquid.  Maybe there's nothing to worry about.  Or... it could be something serious.  Here's more info.

  • Gastric Juice.  This digestive acid is formed in the stomach and plays an important role in the digestion of your dog's food.  Possibly your dog's stomach is irritated (gastritis) and just needs some rest.  Or... like bile vomit... it could be more serious. 

  • Mucus.  Your furry pal's regurgitated food may be covered with this.  Or.. excessive coughing might be the culprit.  Like bile and gastric juice... it might be smart to have it checked out if in doubt (I sure like peace of mind... if for no other reason)!

  • Blood.  Called hematemesis... this may or may not be serious. Occasionally... I'll see little bits of blood in Nimble's vomit (or poop).  That's it.  Then it goes away. 

    But... if this happened a lot and was more than just a little... I'd definitely get her to the vet!  The blood will look fresh, clotted or like “coffee grounds.” 

“Why is My Canine Throwing Up?” 

There's tons of reasons for a dog throwing up water or food.  It could be as simple as your doggy eating too fast... she doesn't have to work at it like a wild dog.  It's served on a platter... all ready to gulp down! 

Feeding your dog raw food like this bone marrow will be cherished by your pooch!Nimble goes crazy for her bone marrow treats! Just feed a little bit once in awhile

Or... gulping tons of water after eating dry, processed dog food instead of raw dog vittles loaded with pure water.

Here's a list of all the causes we know about... please check 'em out. 

“What Should I Do... Home Treatment or off to the Vet?”

Please read our other pages about dog food intolerance symptoms and a dog throwing up undigested food...

They're part of this page and will give you a clear picture of when a dog throwing up is normal or not.  

Home treatment for a dog throwing up water or food

If treating your doggy at home is your choice (or your dog's)... here's another page we wrote about natural remedies for dogs.  Please read the whole article.  If you're short on time... click here and it'll take you to the list of remedies for dogs near the bottom.

Taking your dog to the vet

There's no replacement for reliable veterinary care when it's needed.  Convincing you to avoid your dog's doctor is not our intent.  Instead... arming you with as much reliable information as possible is our mission.  Only then can you make the right choice that's best for your dog (and yes... you too!).

Clicking here will take you to our list of reasons why you should take your dog to the vet.

You've decided to take your canine to the vet?  Fine.  Not sure?  Then it's best to visit your dog's doctor.  You're dog can't tell you what's wrong.  And... peace of mind goes a long way! 

Hopefully... an examination with a simple solution will be all that's needed.  Or... perhaps your vet will need to do more tests.  Hopefully your dog throwing up water or food isn't something serious.

Nimble Has Something to Say... 

“If I only throw up occasionally... my daddy doesn't get too worried... as long as I'm acting and feeling normal.  Sometimes I won't throw up for months.  Other times... I'll throw up my raw dog food a couple times in a day. 

Either way...

If I vomit... seems I need a few hours before my appetite comes back again.  Once in a great while there's a tiny speck of blood in my thown-up water or food.  I've never been to the doctor yet...

Probably because my symptoms have never been more serious than this (except when I had salmon poisoning)... arf!” 

Nimble is sharing her dog food intolerance symptoms experiences with you so you don't worry too much!Thanks for taking the time to give us your advice Nimble!

Can a Dog Throwing up Water or Food be Prevented?

I believe most occurences can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately... most dogs can't tolerate the unhealthy way we live.  For instance...

A dog throwing up water or food can happen after eating processed dog food, treats or chews.  They're loaded with chemicals and dry as a bone.  So... your canine will gulp down tons of water afterwards and regurgitate...

These commercial dog treats might be on our dry dog food recall list!What would these unhealthy processed dog treats do to Nimble's system?... ha!

… which I feel is one of the main causes of a dog drinking lots of water!... you got'ta read this.


Our dogs live in our environment which they haven't had a chance to evolve into.

However... I know healthy wild dogs throw up on occasion... I seen evidence of this (I've got the mosquito bites to prove it!).  I've also read documented facts from biologist studying wolves for months on end in the arctic.  By the way...

Did you know that adult wolves regurgitate their predigested stomach contents to feed their pups?  

Speaking of eating while gulping water... this may cause dog bloat symptoms.  At times... this could become dangerious!  Please read this.

Paying the Price for Living in Our Environment 

Tolerating a dog throwing up water or food is a small price to pay for the wonderful companionship of your furry pal (I need to remind myself of this once in a while!).

It's in their genes... a  wild dog is “programmed” to eat as fast as they can before a competitor steals their meal.  I believed this is “inherited” from their ancestry.  So...

Throwing up is caused by something as simple as eating their food really fast like their ancestors (not having to work at pulling the meat off the bones so they gulp too fast).

Nimble's work'in at it here...

A raw meat dog food diet is the only way to go... see how Nimble enjoy's eating hers?I'm sure Nimble enjoys gnawing and crunching... it's a natural fit!


Drawbacks of living in our environment (additives in dog food, not having to work at crunching bones down into smaller pieces, etc.) causes “up-chucking.”  Or... maybe there's something else more serious going on.

You need to be informed before making your decision... “Do I take my doggy to the vet or do I treat her at home?”

Hopefully we helped you succeed in doing this!

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