Fruit and Vegetables for Dogs...What'cha Waiting for?  

Mangoes and other tasty fruits and vegetables for dogs are guaranteed doggy nutrition!Nimble (and I) love mangoes and many other tasty fruits and vegetables!

Maybe you haven't fed your doggie raw fruit and vegetables for dogs because...

  • Raw dog food of any kind gives you the  “dog salmonella shakes.”
  • Your furry pal has “certain dog nutrition requirements” due to her age or condition.
  • Your friend told you that some veggies and fruit aren't safe for your canine... some down right poisonous to dogs!
  • So many  to choose from... “Where do I start?”
  • Confusion sets in when you wonder “What about dog feeding guidelines?  How am I gonna feed 'em?”


  • You're totally puzzled about how much to feed.   


  • Your vet told you “Don't feed them at all... the commercial dog food we sell has every dog nutrition supplement she needs.” 

We'll easily (keeping it simple) cover your concerns listed above by demonstrating how we feed fruit and vegetables for dogs.  This can only be done by duplicating (the best we can) how wild dogs do it.  

So...  loosen up...  you've finally come to the right place!  Here's an example of how we should...

Just Pay Attention to Mother Nature!

Wild dogs love to eat really ripe apples.  You've heard over and over again that apple seeds are poisonous to dogs.  I've never seen a dead coyote during the Autumn apple season.

This time of the year they gorge on apples and blackberries around here.  There's tons of coyote poop full of apple seeds and apple chunks.  Dogs can't digest the seeds! 

I even grind up Nimble's apples... seeds and all.  However... I only feed them once in awhile.  They're alternated with other fruits.

"An apple or veggie a day and no doctor to pay... arf!"

There's sooo many wonderful fruits and vegetables for our dogs to choose from!"Aren't these apples purdy? My daddy purees them so they'll digest!"

“I've Heard Sooo Many Different Views about Fruit and Vegetables for Dogs”

It's no wonder you're hesitant!

We study the diets of wild dogs in their environment.  Furthermore... we've been there and done that.  Nimble's health (and my first doggie) are living proof that raw, pureed fruit and vegetables for dogs is the only way to go.  

However, because our pals live in our environment (and we don't live in theirs)... some adjustments need to be made.  

Nimble's health is as mother nature intended.  Unfortunately, most dogs can't enjoy living a disease-free life.  Hopefully... we aim to change that.

Our focus has always been on variety and moderation... not keeping track of nutrients.  Mother nature takes care of the rest. 

However... everyone likes their cards dealt differently.  So...

For those of you that enjoy a fruit and veggie review... you'll appreciate our list below (we hope!).  There's tons of fruits and vegetables for dogs.  Here's just a few we're fond of...

A quick note to you before we go on...

Nimble and I are searching for new stories, experiences or recipes... anything to do with doggy treats, chews or raw dog food.  Experience is the best teacher... we need more besides our own (including images). 

Please click here to share yours... we'll publish it as a page on our site!

"Ok Scott & Nimble... let's get to that list"...

Nimble and I Enjoy Eating these Fruits and Vegetables

Oh... If your pal goes nuts over a new raw fruit or veggie and gets the runs... no worries.  Her body is cleansing.  If she eats something else and gets the squirts, gurgling tummy or whatever... give our home made remedies page a glance.


Carrots are a safe vegetable for your dogSeems most dogs love to chew on whole carrots... puree 'em for good digestion

Sweet and tasty... this is one of the few vegetables for dogs Nimble will gnaw on.  The carrot is a root vegetable and available in a variety of different colors.  We eat the tops (greens) also. 

It's been said that carrots are a vision enhancing veggie due to it's richness of alpha and beta-carotene.  They're a good source of vitamin K and vitamin B6.  Storage:  excellent in your cooler.


Cucumbers are a high water content vegetable for your dog...Our watery cucumbers are always added to the bottom of the blender before the other vegetables... helps to puree

Consisting of about 90% water... cucumbers are classified as fruits by many (as well as tomatoes and avocados) because of their high water content. 

Although not as rich in nutrients like other veggies... I love to puree them with Nimble's vegetables because the high water content helps to blend the vegetables into a slurry.   

They're high in Vitamin K.  There's small traces of many other vitamins and minerals.  Storage:  we keep them in an open container in the 'frig.  If the container is closed... sometimes they get slimy and soft.


Yams and other tubers add variety to our vegetables we feed our dogsYams and other root (tuber) veggies are loaded with lots of minerals from the soil

Baked yams... yum!  They also make great all natural dog treats.   However... Nimble and me eat 'em raw... oh well.  The root (or tuber) of the plant is the part that's consumed.  You should include raw, organic yams or other tubers with your vegetables for dogs. 

With moderate nutrient density... this tuber is high in potassium, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin B6, thiamin and dietary fiber.  There's smaller amounts of other nutrients.  Storage:  lasts a long time in or out of the 'frig.


Growing your own is rewarding and too easy...

Home-grown sprouts are a healthy addition to vegetables for any dog.Buckwheat and winter wheat in our sprouting jars

Like these tasty, crunchy bean sprouts!...

Sprouts are a safe, healthy vegetable for all dogs of any ageWe grew these bean sprouts in quart jars like the sprouts pictured above

Sprouting seeds causes an improved nutritional change.  For instance... a barley seed has about 12.7% crude protein before sprouting.  After 7 days of sprouting, this increases to 15.5%!  Furthermore...

Your dog will digest seeds much easier after sprouting (and pureeing).

Bacterial infections such as salmonella have been associated with commercially grown sprouts (mass production = undesirable growing conditions).  We've been growing them for years and never had a problem with this nutrient-packed vegetable for dogs.

Nutrients needed for good dog health abound... phytochemicals, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and a good source of energy to name a few.  Storage:  I keep home-grown sprouts in a sealed glass (canning) jar in the 'frig for up to seven days.  Store-bought sprouts don't last very long! 


Some nutritious vegetables for your dog like parsley parsley have a long shelf lifeThis stuff will keep in the 'frig a long time!

This herb is used a lot as a garnish.  That's ashamed... it's a very nutrient dense veggie green.  Here's another.  Although it's not the tastiest of greens, does my doggie even care?  This stuff is really packed with nutrients.  

Nimble doggy gets a dose of antioxidants, flavonoids, luteolin, apigenin and folic acid when she eats this stuff.  And if that weren't enough... throw in some vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C along with many other vitamins and minerals... 

You can't go wrong with greens!  Storage:  excellent in your 'frig.


Mostly feed your dog green vegetable leaves like this chardMake sure you puree those red stems also...

Chard has very nutritious leaves like other green leafy vegetables for dogs.  It's called many different names such as swiss chard, perpetual spinach, silver beet, leaf beet, beet spinach and seakale beet.

Ready for this?  It's packed with vitamins A, K and C to name a few.  Minerals such as iron, potassium, manganese and magnesium... as well as many others... are just waiting for your canine companion!  This stuff also has a lot of vitamin E.  Storage:  about a week in your 'frig...  the larger leaves bruise easily.      



Nimble eats apples and other fruits along with her vegetables for a healthier dog!"An apple a day keeps the doggy doctor away... arf!"


Blend all fruit and vegetables for your dog before feeding themPlease puree all hard fruits and vegetables before feeding your dog. Here's ours...

The proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” dates from 19th century Wales.  How about “An apple a day and no doggie doctor to pay.”  This also applies to all fruit, veggies and other raw dog food.

Can dogs eat apples?  What about those seeds?  We've never had a problem!  Click here to learn about dogs and apples.  High in fiber and moderate in nutrients... I feed them to my doggie now and then.  Remember... variety and moderation.  

Storage:  excellent!  Store them in your cooler for weeks.


I feed fruit about an hour before feeding your dog vegetables.Feed oranges and other fruits separate from vegetables

Good 'ole citrus. Citrus fruit juices are used in household cleaners.  They also clean the inside of your doggy's body (as well as other raw fruits and vegetables for dogs).  Everyone knows oranges are loaded with vitamin C.  However, your furry pal's body produces it's own vitamin C. 

Other dog nutrition such as vitamins and minerals are plentiful in smaller amounts.  Phytochemicals, flavonoids and organic compounds are also found in this tasty, juicy fruit.  Storage:  excellent!  We keep them in 'frig.  Tip... use a spoon to peel them.


Fruit like these kiwifruit are important for good health... just like vegetables for your dogNimble is glad her kiwifruit is available year 'round here on the Oregon coast

Soft, sweet, hardy and juicy!  I've never eaten one I (or Nimble) didn't like.  Whenever I add kiwifruit to Nimble doggy's blended fruit... she's much more interested in lapping up this nutritional dog food.    

There's about 60 species of kiwifruit.  The fuzzy kiwifruit is the one most commonly sold... it's pictured here and is the one we're bragging about. 

This fruit is a good source of fiber (all fruits and veggies are).  Also, lots of vitamins C, K and E.  There's smaller amounts of numerous other vitamins and minerals.  Storage:  keeps forever in the 'frig! 


Blackberries should be eaten no less than an hour before or after feeding your dog vegetables.Coyotes gorge on the really ripe blackberries. This is our "secret" blackberry patch up in the hills

Gosh... there's tons of 'em here in the fall!  They'll make your doggy's poop turn dark... no worries.  Check out this wild dog poop Nimble found... evidence of canines gorging on blackberries.

This fruit has large amounts of Vitamins C and K while loaded with fiber (as with other fruits and vegetables for dogs).  Even though other nutrients are available in smaller amounts... feeding a variety of all fruits (and vegetables) will give your furry companion tons of other dog nutrition.  

Storage:  keep in your refrigerator.  Firm berries will keep at least a week.  We've found that the really soft, ripe berries need to be eaten within 2-3 days.


These ripe mangoes are as nutritious as feeding your dog vegetablesMy doggy can digest the soft, sweet flesh from these fruits without blending.

Variety means an assortment of different colored fruits including acid, sub-acid and sweet fruits.  All the fruits above including mangoes are acid and sub-acid.  

Nimble loves the flesh of this fruit whole, by itself.  Upon examining her poop afterwards, most of this tasty, soft fruit is digested... same with other soft fruits. 

Discard the large inner seed as well as others found in fruits such as plums, peaches, etc.  These delicious tropical fruits are loaded with a variety of nutrients... with vitamin C and folate in large amounts.  Storage:  they'll keep in your 'frig a few days after ripened.     


Sweet fruits like bananas and acid fruits add another dimension of nutrients to the vegetables for your dogThere's acid fruits. Then, there's sweet fruits like these bananas. Papayas are another...

Include sweet fruits like bananas in your canine's dog diet.  For an occasional treat... I peel the really ripe bananas.  Then, I chop 'em into pieces and freeze until rock-hard (Nimble likes them this way).  For me... I let them thaw a little... then enjoy this “vanilla” ice cream.  Out'ta this world!  

To ripen, put them into a brown paper bag with an apple or tomato.  Bananas are a rich source of vitamin B6.  Manganese, dietary fiber and vitamin C are available in moderate amounts.  Storage:  once ripe, they need to be eaten asap.  I keep ripe bananas in a cool, dark cupboard.

Now Let's Take Care of Your Doggie Fruit and Veggie Concerns

Just tap on this link... all you need to know about feeding your dog veggies.  This is also our way to get you to read another one of our pages... ha! 

Everything on this other vegetables for dogs page applies to fruit as well.  One exception though... proper dog food combining with fruit (see below). 

Do you still have questions and concerns about these natural dog foods after reading both of our pages?  Please shoot us a call by using our Contact Us page or the comments section below.  Your dog's health is our top priority!

Combining vegetables for dogs with other foods is different than fruit combining... 

Here's how...

  • After feeding your dog veggies... wait about 1.5  hours before feeding fruit.
  • Wait a couple hours after chomping on meat, fish or poultry before feeding fruit.
  • Fruit doesn't combine well with other dog foods.
  • After your dog eats fruit... wait about 30-60 minutes before feeding other safe healthy dog food.

This chart shows you how to properly combine all your dog's chow! 

Are We Missing Anything?

Need a list of poisonous fruits and vegetables?  Want to play it safe?  Good... just click this link.  Although we don't agree with every item on this list... better safe than sorry!


There's ton's of tasty, nutritious fruits and vegetables for dogs to choose from.  We make sure they're included in our dog feeding routine.

One more thing you should know...

Some soft, juicy fruits like very ripe blackberries and mangoes will digest without pureeing first.  Coyote poop is full of blackberries for a couple months... completely digested except for the seeds!  You'll see another  type of seed in this blackberry-filled coyote poop Nimble found.

Raw, Pureed Fruit and Vegetables for Dogs... 

You can't go wrong!

Feeding you furry companion fruit and veggies (as well as other healthy, raw dog food) will make your dog...

  • Healthier.
  • Live longer!
  • Happier.
  • Visit her vet just to give a big lick for a gourmet dog treat.

There's tons of water in raw fruits and veggies!  It'll keep your pooch from gulping her water bowl dry while eating... unlike dry, processed commercial dog food which can cause dog bloat symptoms.  This can be dangerous... here's more. 

I witnessed my first doggy's health turn around after adopting her at age six.  She was a very unhealthy pooch.  Her body couldn't get enough fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds with her new raw meat dog food diet.  

Fruit and vegetables for dogs played a big role in her recovery even though it was only 10-20% of her healthy dog food diet (including some nut and seed butters).  

But... if you cook it... you'll kill it.  Serve vegetables for your dog raw... your dog will thank you with a big smack right on the kisser!

Do you have an experience you'd like to share about your raw dog food routine?  We'd love it if you would share it... we're always learning!  Click here and jump right in... we'll publish it as a page on our site!

Did You and Your Doggy Enjoy this Page?

We sure hope you did!  Here's more related articles...

Nimble chows these raw organic bones after eating her doggy vegetables.Nimble's raw meaty lamb bones

Dog chew bones are another really healthy addition to your doggy's vittles. 

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You can feed your dog vegetables and this variety of raw fish and meat at the same time.My doggy's meat and bone stockpile

Bones and raw dog food (barf dog food) is the only way to go.  Don't you want your furry pal to live forever?  Here's how...

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Fruits like these organic strawberries and vegetables for your doggy pack a nutritional punch!I'll blend these for Nimble...

"Can dogs eat strawberries?"  Sure!  Pureed or frozen into popsicles, served with a little yogurt... you name it!  

We even dried strawberry slices in the oven... 

Fetch it!

I'll feed Nimble this whole organic apple today along with safe vegetables for all dogsChopping apples for the blender...

“Can dogs eat apples?”  Nimble does... and no problems with cyanide poisoning!  So don't worry about those seeds... 

Fetch it!

I'm chopping up a whole chicken and will feed it with vegetables for my dog.Nimble's at my feet salivating!

"Can dogs eat chicken?"  We've seen signs of wild dogs feasting on birds (poultry/chicken) in the wild... leaving feathers scattered all around!

Fetch it!

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