Quit Worrying about those Dog Chew Bones!

I've got some really good news for you!   Feed your dog those raw meaty dog chew bones!  Nimble and I will talk about general key points you and your dog need to know.  Also, we'll inform you of reliable and unreliable sources of natural dog chew bones.

Whole fish make excellant dog chew bones!Nimble is waiting for me to chop her fish into bite-sized pieces!

However, there are risks.  I feel the benefits outweigh the risks.  If raw dog bones aren't your thing (and your dog's) that's ok!  There are really great alternatives for dog chew bones....


I'm a worry wort when it comes to pre made dog chews, treats, food and you name it.  I selective with my dog's menu and brush her teeth to supplement dog tooth health... especially if you feed a healthy pre-made dog food.

Many of our furry friends don't “remember” how to eat bones like their wild ancestors did.   We need to lend a helping hand with those dog chew bones!

Speaking of lending a hand, Nimble does that with her teeth scrubbing routine... click here!

Don't Forget the Prey Animal Theory when Feeding Dog Bones!

Stay focused on keeping it simple and understanding the main concept.  Let's eliminate tons of confusing theories!  Tap here to learn about raw dog food.

Think about a rabbit.  This is the main diet of coyotes here in Oregon.  When you feed your dog bones, think about how much bone there is in relation to other parts of the rabbit.   This is how much to feed your dog (more or less).

Buy Dog Bones for Different Sizes and Ages

Puppies, full growns, seniors, big and little “adults.”   All need different sizes, shapes and types of bones to chew and devour.   Hard vs soft should also be considered.  Feeding meaty chicken bones seems to be a favorite of most canines.

Physical Features of Dog Chew Bones

Bone chomping risks...

  • Cooked bones can splinter causing mouth and internal problems. Wild dogs don't cook their raw meaty bones!

My first little poodle chipped her teeth.  My next dog did not.  I believe wild dogs even chip their teeth and poke their mouths.  It can certainly be kept to a minimum by choosing the correct bones.

  • “I keep poking the roof of my mouth once in awhile.   Those long skinny bones are the culprits.   My dad used to worry but not anymore.  He checks my mouth every morning to make sure all is well... arf!”   Nimble.
  • Scarfing down chunks that aren't broken down enough can cause choking and blockage.   I've seen huge chunks of bone in coyote poop...  It's a wonder they were able to pass it!

Did you dig out a bunch of yummy bone marrow from your doggy's beef bone?  Did you feed it all to her at once?  Might be too much at one time (it's really rich... wild dogs have to work for it).  If her tummy gets upset, click here to try one of our doggie upset tummy home remedies.

Benefits of munching bones...

  • Bones really clean those teeth!   Still, they don't reach all nooks and crannies. Even though dog chew bones are devoured by wild dogs, I'll bet some don't have perfect white teeth like Nimble's (I brush 'em)...
Brushing and chewing meaty bones clean teeth!Chek out these pearly whites... good job Nimble!

  • Especially when the seasonal diet changes to berries late summer.  Here on the Oregon coast coyotes live on blackberries for a couple of months.  I see no hair and bones in their poop... just berries and chunks of wild apples!

Nutritional Pros and Cons of Healthy Dog Bones

Bone feasting qualities...

  • Unreal nutritional benefits!  Keep in mind wild dogs have to work for their bones, including tearing off the meat.  Hand feeding bones makes it too easy.

Hazards of scrunching dog bones...

You need to wash up properly... but don't go overboard!

Click here to learn more about the quality of your dog food...

What about non-organic bones?

Nimble's healthy lamb meaty dog bonesNimble's meaty lamb bones aren't organic but they're just as healthy!

  • Some non-organic bones are just as healthy.   But...
  • Many are not!  Processing, gmo's, irradiation and country of origin should be considered.  Likewise, pesticides, hormones and other drugs are big culprits.  A dog throwing up water or food can be a victim these... please read this.
  • Some dog chew bones  are chemically treated with preservatives.  These are not located in the refrigeration or freezer sections of your grocer.  Frozen raw bones may or may not be treated.

What Happened to Bouser's Dog Chew Bone?

If you're wondering how Fido chewed up that big bone so fast, maybe you'd better take a look around.   Sometimes dogs like to “bury” their treasures.  That's one instinct canines still “remember” from their ancestors!

"I'm going to hide my dog chew 'bone' when I'm done chewing for the day.  My dad will think it's all chewed up... then he'll give me another... arf!"  Nimble.

Nimble absolutely loves these Whimzee dog "bones!"Nimble will bury her chew if she doesn't finish chewing it up!

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Put you mind at ease.  Your dog will get all the nutrition she needs by eating raw meaty bones.  Also, include the rest of that "prey animal" and other raw foods discussed throughout our site.

Click here for more great stuff about Bouser's favorite chew.

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above! 

Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.  Also...

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