"Can Dogs Eat Chicken?" You Bet!

Let's put to rest your concerns about dogs eating chicken!  "Can dogs eat chicken?" is a controversial dog food topic.  It's best explained by illustrating how wild dogs eat these prey animals raw.  This is our chicken diet for dogs... we found this works best for us!

"Can dogs eat chicken?"  Just look at Nimble!...

Nimble is a picture of health due to her dog eating chicken habit!My healthy Nimble doggy eats lot's of free range chicken!

Let's put to rest your concerns about dogs eating chicken!  "Can dogs eat chicken?" is a controversial dog food topic.  It's best explained by illustrating how wild dogs eat these prey animals raw.  This is our chicken diet for dogs... we found this works best for us!

If I can't put your mind at ease about dogs eating whole, raw chicken, we have a backup plan!

Worth repeating from my other articles... wild puppy dogs are taught by their parents how to eat prey animals!   Our domesticated friends never had this opportunity... you must teach them.

Yes, there are risks!  Even in the wild, I'm sure dog bone safety is an issue!

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"Can Dogs Eat Chicken?" Raises More Questions...

Before we answer those questions... I wanted to say wild dogs eat all  types of birds (chicken) in the wild!  Furthermore, insects, reptiles, rodents and  other kinds of critters are munched! 

"When we go fishing, I love to eat mice... arf!"  Nimble. 

My doggie will stand motionless forever until a mouse shows itself.  Then she pounces...

What a safe healthy dog food!

Wolf pups practice with chasing and pouncing on insects when they're just a few weeks old...

These following chicken dog food points are the most popular...

Dog salmonella and other diseases

  • Your question (of the century!):   “If I feed my dog raw chicken I'm worried about dog salmonella and other dog food diseases!”

...our processed, unhealthy foods caused this condition in the first place! 

Still, most dogs are affected by this disease. You need to know what  dog salmonella symptoms are.  If you feel your pooch is suffering, an immediate trip to the vet is important!

If serving raw meat still doesn't appeal to you (yet), read about some healthy pre-made dog food choices here. 


Free range, healthy birds are not raised in constricted, filthy environments which harbor disease.  Dog food quality is not an issue with wild birds!

"Can dogs eat chicken bones... are they safe?"

Another really popular topic of concern:  “We're worried about raw meaty bones chipping our pooch's teeth!  Also, won't the chicken dog bones splinter and get stuck after swallowing?  In addition, at times my dog throws up after eating her raw meaty bones!”

Nimble Doggy's answers:

  • Dog tooth health is always a concern.   My dad makes sure I eat softer chicken bones such as small chicken wings, necks and ribs.   Smaller, younger birds work great as safe dog chews for small, adult pooches like me.   My dad and I have seen coyote skulls with chipped teeth!”
  •  “We've heard of chicken bones getting stuck during the digestion process.  My dad feeds me chicken bones raw... they hardly ever splinter!  He notices some pretty big bone pieces in my poop... like coyote poop.   I'm pretty good at digesting them... my poop feels really hard and breaks apart.

Feeding dogs bones is such a popular topic... click here for more bony stuff!

  • “If my dad mixed my chicken with fruit or starch (rice for example) I'd probably throw up!   He feeds me chicken with healthy pureed vegetables only... something about food combining.  Wild dogs don't mix different types of vittles together!  We've never seen berries mixed with bones and fur at the same time in coyote poop...

Your dog can eat vegetables and chicken at the same time!Nimble's veggies are blended and combined properly for excellant digestion!

"Heartburn results from ill-combining your foods.  While consuming those ant-acids, think about how you're making those drug companies rich!  Arf!"  Nimble."

Speaking of heartburn, how about trying one of our home made remedies for upset doggy tummies?... please click here. 


Tap here and give this page a shot.

"Can dogs eat chicken and still get all their nutrition?"

Good question!  Keep in mind that wild dogs eat fresh and old meat.   They even store (cache) meat to be eaten days later.  We pick up our chicken fresh.  It keeps for a week at 40 degrees!

Eating the whole chicken should provide your dog with most of the nutrients she needs!  I also rotate chicken with other “prey animals” occasionally. 

Furthermore, good, wholesome dog food supplements can be added.  Fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds are healthy dog food ingredients!

When you have time, please read our interesting article about organic human grade dog food!

Always remember, keep those dog food proportions the same as when a whole bird is consumed.  This includes blending up fruits and vegetables for proper dog digestion.  Likewise with nuts and seeds.  Imitate those prey animal stomach contents!

One more dog food thing I'll bet you never thought of...

"Can Dogs Eat Chicken if it's Too Fat?"

Trim off that excess meat and fat for proper chicken bone/meat proportions.  Wild birds are lean and are a great low fat dog food!

Your chicken is much fatter than a wild bird unless it's really, really free range.  The chickens I get from the farm are pretty darned lean.  The “free range” from most stores have much more meat and fat!

The skin is nutritious.  Our dogs also need the fat.  However, I would remove about half of it (skin and fat) when your bird is really fat.  Our canines are designed to assimilate fat (raw fat – cooked is another story!).  Fat deposits are located under the skin.

Click here to publish your story on our website about your raw dog food good (and bad) experiences and advice...

Some Final Points about Dogs eating Chicken...

  • Wean your dog slowly from his processed vittles to the chicken dog food... even cooked.  Give her body time to adjust!
  • Cleansing will take place.  Runny eyes, poop and other healthy dog food symptoms might be noticed!   Be patient... mother nature is cleaning house!

This article is about raw chicken for dogs that are at least a few weeks old.  Puppy dog food will be covered in other articles.  In the wild, pups nurse only on mother's milk for the first few weeks.  Then...

They're fed by mom or dad regurgitating pre-digested food for the following few weeks while still nursing.   When they are a couple months old, the "pups" can finally eat raw meat and bones.

Ok... Are You Still asking yourself "Can Dogs Eat Chicken?"

Then here's that chicken dog food back-up plan...

  • First best dog food choice:   Grind up that whole chicken and feed raw.  I did this for my last doggie after she lost most of her teeth!   I still do it for variety. You won't need to worry about chicken bone problems.

Tap here if you want to mix in another raw meat dog food diet for variety...

  • Your next best solution:  After grinding up the chicken, go ahead and cook it!  I'm not totally against cooked dog food, I just feel nutrients are compromised.
  • Our Last choice:   Don't grind up the chicken, just cook and feed without the chicken bones.  However, as with the above choice, consider making sure your dog is getting all the nutrition she needs!  Cooked chicken alone is not enough!

How about spicing up your dog's chicken with a tasty and healthy topping?  It tastes like cheese (we'll keep you wondering).  Tap this link and give it a whirl!

If using one of the three dog food choices above, make sure you brush your dog's teeth.  My dog's teeth need brushing even though she chews bones and safe dog chews...

Tap here for info about "dental" dog chews.

Speaking of safe chews... please share your experiences... good or bad.   Click here to write your story and we'll publish it on our website for others to enjoy!

Are Your Chicken Dog Food Concerns Solved?

Although your dog has been domesticated since ancient times, she's still built to eat dog food like her wild ancestors do.  With some guidance from you, your doggy can enjoy the benefits of a healthy dog food diet for happiness, health and longevity!

Some of you don't have the time, or are still uncomfortable with this "Can dogs eat chicken?" popular topic.

You can choose from a variety of healthy dog foods... just know what to look for! 

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Please enjoy our articles about all the other healthy foods dog can eat.  If you feel necessary, add some recommended healthy dog food supplements just to make sure!

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