Why can't Barf Dog Food help My Furry Pal?

by Tina Almario
(Sachse, Texas)

Tina, I hope you don't mind Nimble sharing part of her diet!

Tina, I hope you don't mind Nimble sharing part of her diet!

Why is there no improvement in her Boxer's severe skin allergies a couple of weeks after Tina switched her dog to a raw food diet?

I've fed my dogs a cooked food for years... the typical chicken rice and veggies. We have a boxer that has horrible allergies. I switched to the raw food diet (barf dog food) a few weeks ago. I think this is day 10 or 12.

Anyway, I haven't seen a big improvement yet. His entire body is pink, although he doesn't scratch as much. His sores are healing but he's fully pink, his eyes are red and swollen and his little nose is really stuffy. Is this normal? I thought by day 3-4 I'd notice more improvement.

I have noticed I can't give him chicken (not sure if its the chicken meat or the skin on it) or chicken feet as it really works him up. I give all my dogs a good variety of meats from heart, gizzard, liver, beef tips, beef cuts, chicken legs, turkey necks, oxtail, beef knee, ribs and various fish. (I've cut off the chicken and turkey for my one little guy)

I'm stumped!

Thank you and I'll send pictures in a few weeks.

Scott and Nimble's reply...


Feeding your dogs raw is the best thing you can do... stick with it!

Transistioning into raw food sometimes needs to be done slowly... although all dogs seem to react differently!

After eating cooked foods, it may take time for his body to adjust and slowly recover from that ugly condition.

Keep in mind... your Boxer has been this way for a while. It is going to take time to slowly recover. Whenever an animal is given a "remedy" (food, etc.) to heal an illness, this always takes time. It is the nature of the beast!

Your dog's body needs to cleanse... remove all those toxins that have been building up for years! It won't happen overnight... but it will happen.

There is no better "natural" way to cleanse than to feed raw food. This is because your dog's body can use it's energy to cleanse instead of working overtime to process unwanted foods.

Digestion takes just about more energy than any other bodily function!

I will admit, drugs act fast. BUT, they only clear up the symptoms and not the underlying issues! Then, that symptom which disappeared shows up again, in a different form!

But, I'll admit, sometimes there is a time and place for drugs.

To get back on track, Possibly take your dog to see a Holistic vet... that is your choice.

Also, My dogs and I fast regularly... cleanses out the system faster than raw food.

Additionally, there a many home remedies you can make to put on your dog and/or feed your dog. However, without knowing exactly what condition your dog has, it would be hard for us to suggest a remedy.

Please come back here and let me know how your pal is doing. And... feel free to ask more questions! Speaking of... how long have you been feeding all your dogs raw?

Lastly, Nimble and I could sure use a photo or two!

Good luck Tina and Boxer.

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