Can Dogs Eat Apples? Mine Does!

By the time you finish reading this page, you'll be convinced without a doubt that dogs can eat apples (Nimble and I sure hope!).  You ask “How much, how often and how do I feed them?”  Furthermore, they're nutritious, easy to store and inexpensive.

Heck, you can even make doggie treats with apples!  Is your dog constipated?  Apples to the rescue.  There's sooo many ways your doggie can eat apples...

Can dogs eat apples?  Sure... this doggie eats lots of them!Ok dad... can we puree these or make some apple treats now?

We're only talking about raw apples here, not the cooked, sweetened, unhealthy canned stuff!  Nimble's treats are an exception...

Wild Dogs Gorge on Apples (Raw)

Here in Oregon, coyotes gorge on apples and blackberries in the fall.  I observe nothing but blackberries and apple chunks in their poop for a couple months.  Because the blackberries are soft and mushy, they're digested except for the seeds... dogs don't chew.  The apple chunks go out the way they came in!

“Hey, I thought the cyanide in apple seeds are poisonous to my furry pal.  Also, I read that my doggy can choke on the apple core!”  Nope...dogs can eat apples... 

All I can say is some people need to get out in the woods instead of copying articles written by others.  I don't like bashing... but I dislike misleading information.

Ok Nimble... I'll get on with what I have to say...

The apples come out the same way they went in... in chunks.  I'm sure some pieces get crushed when they're gorging... the coyotes are getting some nutrition.  Also, they eat apples that have been laying around for a while.  These apples are soft.

When a wild dog eats a prey animal, she eats the whole critter... including pre-digested (pureed) apples and other fruit, veggies, nuts and seeds.  Where am I going with this?  Well, after reading our example... you might already know the answer to...

Can Dogs Eat Apples Whole or Sliced Up?

Different proportions and shapes for different sized dogs...

Dogs love to eat apples cut up into different sizes and shapesYour dog will enjoy chewing these...they'll come out the same way they went in

For chewing pleasure...

  • Serve the whole apple to big dogs or cut it in half.
  • Cut into smaller pieces or thin slices for smaller dogs.

For cleaning teeth...

For nutrition...

  • Puree apples in a blender.  This is the only way your dog can eat apples for nutrition.... they won't digest if you don't puree 'em.  Imitate those pre-digested stomach contents of a prey animal.  Just mix into your dog's food.

    You're dog might lap 'em up from her favorite bowl.  Or, use a feeding syringe like we do.
    But... before you do that... please check out our food combining article and chart. 

Your dog can easily eat apples that are pureed...Nimble likes to be syringe fedNimble enjoys me syringe feeding her pureed apples or other fruits and vegetables

Feed Your Pooch Apples for Constipation...

Apples, as well as many other fruits and veggies, really clean out the digestive system.  Because of their high fiber content, they act like a roto-rooter!  You know... if you fed your dog raw foods in the first place... she wouldn't be constipated!  I had to throw in my own two cents worth...

Can Dogs Eat Apples and Gain Nutrition?

Of course...

Apples, as well as other fruits, provide many nutritional benefits.

If some of you read my other articles you know I don't like to analyze nutrients... I think it's extra work... just follow the prey animal theory instead.  For those of you that would like a nutrient profile... that's ok.  We all like our “dinner' served differently (especially me... I don't know about Nimble).

Nutritional benefits of Dogs snacking on apples

For first-rate digestion... puree your apples and other fruit...

Feeding your dog apples gives her tons of nutrition!I think Nimble knows that apples are really good for her!

I've only listed some of the qualities of each nutrient...

Vitamin C.  Responsible in the development and repair of your dog's body tissues.

Fiber.  Holds water and pushes food through the digestive system while cleaning... roto-rooter!  Does you pooch want more fiber?... try this for size.

Iron.  Helps build red blood cells and hemoglobin.  A deficiency can lead to anemia.

Vitamin B6.  This vitamin is needed for proper brain development.  Nimble didn't have a shortage here!

Vitamin A.  Needed for healthy eyes and decent bone development.

CalciumEveryone knows about calcium... even Nimble.  We're talking strong bones here.  Check out these best natural sources of calcium for your dog...

Sugar.   It's ok... don't sweat it.  Unlike the opinions of others, this is fruit sugar in its natural state in its whole form.  And...with variety and moderation... you can't go wrong!  Furthermore... fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies should only make up about 10% of your pals diet... not enough sugar (or seeds) to cause concern.

So... no more worries about sugar and apple seeds... your dog can definitely eat apples!

Concentrated, processed sugar like Nimble's showing you below is another story.... stay away from this stuff!

Your dog can eat apples that contain natural, whole fruit sugar...not like the stuff in this bag.Processed sugar is poison for your canine

Carbohydrates.  Carb up!  However, I believe the carbohydrates from meats are really meant for dogs.

Potassium.  Reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke (“So does exercise... arf!”  Nimble). 

Antioxidants. They protect your dog's cells from becoming damaged, leading to aging and disease.

Magnesium... Important for heart health and blood pressure regulation.  Nimble suggests I need more!

Phosphorus.  Keeps those bones strong and energy levels up.  No lack of phosphorus with Nimble...

Salt.  Just kidding!  Please don't feed this poison to your doggie... look for it in processed dog food and treats.

Can Dogs Eat Apples with the Seeds? How about the Core?

The apple seeds...

A dog hardly chews the seeds.  They just pass right through unless you blend the whole apple.

If you don't think dogs can eat apple seeds, then remove them before blending.If you blend the apple, your dog will digest the seeds.

If you're worried, remove the seeds.  However, moderation is the key... this way your dog won't consume enough seeds to pose a threat.

I understand if you're worried about the seeds.  There are sooo many nutritious foods to feed your doggie!  Why take the chance, right?  Go for it.  On the other hand...

There's two sides to every fence.  We feel you need to hear both sides of the story...

My dogs have been eating apples for years (I blend them... Nimble won't chew whole raw pieces).  They've never complained about cyanide poisoning.  I've never found a dead coyote during apple season when they gorge on them.  I'll admit, the seeds pass right on through because coyotes just gulp without chewing.

What about the core?

Your dog can eat the apple core if you cut up the whole apple into pieces.  This way your dog can't choke on the core.  If you just feed your dog the core... don't.  Feed the whole apple... the way mother nature intended.  Or, cut out the core and feed the rest if you're worried about the seeds.

Dogs can certainly eat apples with the core... cut up the whole apple.Worried about your dog choking on the core? Cut up the whole apple with the core intact

On the other hand, our dogs weren't trained by their mothers how to properly chew bones (and other hard foods).  Something to consider...

Introducing Apples to Your Dog

Your pooch never ate whole or sliced apples before?  What about other fruits and veggies?  Just feed a little at first.  Slowly increase the rations.  If your pooch eats too much to quick, she might get a case of the squirts.  No problem... Nimble's home remedies to the rescue!   Click here for relief from the runs...

The first time I fed Nimble blended fruit, she ate 2 ounces of pureed fruit... no problem.  Most dogs can eat apples but each pooch and every situation is different.  She likes pureed apples syringe-fed... must like the attention!  This is the only way she'll eat pureed apples now.

Treats... that's another story.  I freeze apple slices for treats or dry them in the oven.  She also likes yogurt-apple frozen treats. 

Thin, dried apple slices really brings the sweet flavor out...

Your dog can enjoy eating apples sliced up and oven-driedOven-dried apples are really sweet... make 'em crunchy or chewy!

Here's some other safe, home made treats Nimble and I have tried your dog might enjoy. 

Can Dogs Eat Apples Used in Treats?

Sure!  Here's Nimble's concoction...

1)   Use one medium sized organic or non-sprayed apple.  Chop into little pieces.

2)  1 cup of yogurt (plain and organic).  You can change the apple-yogurt proportions... it really doesn't matter.

Your dog will like eating apples blended with yogurt... frozen or unfrozenTry feeding your dog frozen yogurt-apple treats any time of the year!

3)  Put the ingredients into a blender and puree.  If the ingredients don't blend well, just add more of both.  Or, add more yogurt.  Also, you can cheat and add a little water or fruit juice.  Tap here if you'd like to add strawberries!

4)  Spoon onto a cookie sheet or pour into cookie mold.

5)  Freeze.  Presto!

6)   I store the little gems in containers in the freezer.

Notes:  You can add other ingredients if you'd like... honey (a little), other fruit, cinnamon (a little bit), etc!

Your dog can eat apple treats made with yogurt, honey and cinnamonNimble told me to add cinnamon and honey to her frozen yogurt apple treats

According to my food combining rules, dogs can not eat apples mixed with milk products.  However, this is just a treat.  Once in a while won't hurt!...

Hey Nimble... I'm loosening up a little!

Here's Some Other Neat Stuff...

Storing apples

We keep our apples in the 'frig for weeks.  When I load up on wild apples in the fall, I've kept them for 2 months.  You wouldn't believe all the apple-filled coyote poop around those apple trees!

Buying your companion's apples

Organic is best (unless you find an apple tree that hasn't been sprayed).  Apples are cheap if you buy the most inexpensive ones you can find.  I don't think your dog cares one way or another!

Hey... I almost forgot to ask (Nimble had to remind me again).  Do you make your doggie home made treats with apples and other nutritious ingredients?  How about other home made healthy treats? 

We'd love to hear about it... click here to tell your story.  We'll publish it as a page on our site to share with others!  You ask "Can dogs eat apples cooked?"  We'll let it slide... it's ok once in a while!

Feeding your doggy apples

  • How much and how often?  Feed your little dog a few small pieces now and then.  Feed a whole apple to a really big dog.  If your dog wants to gorge, let her fill up.... just don't make this a habit.  Moderation and variety will keep things balanced.

  • Preparing and serving 'em up.  If your furry pal is really big, just feed the whole apple or cut it in half.  Remove the core if you aren't comfortable about your pal eating seeds.  If your dog is smaller, slice or chunk it up.  Your dog can also eat apples graded.

    Worth repeating... If you want your dog to digest them, they must be pureed.  Put the blended apples in a bowl for your dog to lap up.  Or, you can syringe-feed her like I do with Nimble.
Your dog can enjoy eating apples pureed and syringe-fedThis doggy loves being syringe-fed!

  • When should you feed apples to your canine?  An hour before exercise just to be safe.  They digest really fast if pureed.  Feed apples by themselves... try not to feed apples and other fruits with other types of food.  Furthermore...

    Wait at least a couple hours after feeding your dog other foods before feeding apples and other fruits.  To make sure,
    check out that link above with the food combining chart.  Nimble also wants you to read the whole page!

Well... Are You Convinced that Dogs Can Eat Apples?

We hope so.  If you decide not to feed your dog apples, that's ok.  There's sooo many other nutritious foods for your doggie to munch.  However, apples are available year 'round and inexpensive.  Also, they're easy to prepare and you can store them forever... why not?

On top of that, they're super nutritious like other fruits.  “An apple a day keeps the doggie doctor away”... nothing is farther from the truth!

Do you really want to keep that doc away?  Try some other fruits and veggies.  Also... here's another page that really gets into those veggies.

Although your dog can safely eat apples oven-dried, raw is most nutritiousAlthough these dog treats are tasty, fresh is most nutritious

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