Most Wild Dogs Know about Safe Dog Chews

Unfortunately, our furry friends don't know much about safe dog chews!  Man has domesticated our pet companions.  As a result, our dogs behave differently than their ancestors... they weren't taught how or what to chew.

I'm not a wild dog but Nimble and I can convey our experiences.  We want to put your mind at ease.  No more worrying about choking, intestinal blockage and unsafe dog food ingredients.  Ditto with harmful and unhealthy consequences!

Home made sweet potato chews make great canine snacks!Nimble with her sweet potato pieces ready to bake... these make great homemade chews which compliment her meaty bones!

If you're like me, I was afraid to give my dog something to chew on that might cause her harm.  As a result, dog dental care and nutritional benefits were compromised.  Furthermore, she would have been totally bored if we didn't spend so much time together outdoors.

No more worries.  Hopefully, my doggy Nimble and I will put your mind at ease.

Safe Dog Chews or an Unhealthy, Unhappy Dog?

Nimble and I want you to really think about this...

I am totally against not feeding your doggy at least one meaty bone every now and then (we call this an edible chew).

Once upon a time someone started a rumor that evolved into one of the biggest misconceptions of our furry companions' natural diet... "Don't feed your dog raw bones!" 

As a result, our dogs suffer from boredom and disease.  In the meantime, the unscrupulous are lining their pockets with dollars.  We're talk'in anywhere from the medical field to the dog food industry... and everywhere in between!

Years ago a vet told me that he funded a new, state-of-the-art addition onto his clinic with the proceeds from his dog dental disease patients.

Pearly white teeth like Nimble's are the direct result of safe dog chew chomping!Nimble's bone-eating pearly whites won't make her dentist rich!

You decide... do you want to risk having your dog chip or fracture a tooth?  Maybe there's a chance your dog will choke on a bone.  I won't deny this... 

...or how about your dog suffering from dental disease or some other life-long malady due to inadequate nutrition?  When your dog chips a tooth everyone points a finger at the raw dog bone...


If your dog has dental disease... nobody points a finger at your dog's crappy diet.  How 'bout all the drugs (poisons) you've been putting into or onto your pooch's body?  I could make a list a mile long...


If your dog suffers from disease nobody wants to blame the processed dog food (or anything else unhealthy for your canine) that was supposed to be "fortified with every nutrient your dog could possibly need."  Furthermore... you read or were told it was more nutritious than any raw food provided by mother nature!

Here's why the real culprit isn't signaled out...

We're quick to blame the bone for the acute injury.  And rightfully so.  You hear the bone go crunch.  Your dog might yelp in pain.  Bingo... it's easy to pinpoint the culprit!

Compare this to...

My little 11 lb doggy will enjoy these safe dog chews after they're customized for her size!I'll customize these organic soft lamb rib bones into small thin pieces for my little 11 pound doggy feed your dog lousy chow since the day she was born.  You've put poisons into or onto you pal's body from day 1.  Add to this all those vaccinations, de-wormers and who knows what else injected, sprayed or shoved down your dog's throat.  I'll stop right here... 

Whew!   Bottom line... it'll take weeks, months or even years for disease to rear it's ugly head.  The evildoer is not easy to pinpoint... not so "cut and dry" as with our bone example.  Also, many are smart like a fox... they know what's making our dogs suffer... just won't admit it!

So go ahead... make your decision.  What'll it be?  Need more time?  Ok... just don't take too long.  Your companion depends on you...

Something to chew on while you hopefully continue reading this article!

Make a Quick, Easy and Safe Chew Decision

There's sooo many different opinions about proper safe dog chews...

It's no wonder many of us are confused... I sure was!

Nimble and I are very lucky to be able to spend time in the wild while observing how dogs eat (chew).  Unfortunately, most of us don't have time.

I'm not going to write 100 paragraphs of scientific data to help with your decision-making process.  By sharing our discoveries, you can easily copy mother nature to provide an enjoyable chewing experience for your favorite companion.  She'll thank you for it!

Here's a good example of a dog chew provided by mother nature for nutrition , enjoyment and teeth maintenance...

Being the creative guy I am, occasionally I break apart coyote poop to see what they're feeding on and how well they digest different foods.  If your pooch's digestive system is healthy, she shouldn't have a problem digesting most bones.  Notice I said "most."  I hardly ever see undigested bone pieces in Nimble's poop...

I study coyote poop to learn about the eating and chewing habits of wild dogsCoyote poop tells us a lot about a wild dog's chewing habits

However, I've seen some pretty big bone fragments in coyote poop.  Some pieces were so big I'm surprised they could "push" them out!  I believe this is because in the wild, a wolf or coyote needs to gorge before another predator steals their meal.  Or... perhapts they've gone for a long time without a decent meal and have a heck of an appetite! 

Also, I give Nimble pretty small bones to begin with.  I want to compensate for the fact that she wasn't taught how to chew by her parents... unlike a wild dog.

Keep this analogy in mind when giving your furry pal raw meaty bones (dog chews) at mealtime.  Likewise with a man-made dog chew during the day for chewing pleasure and dog dental hygiene.

This is just one example of many wonderful things I've discovered about a wild dog's healthy dog food diet... safe dog chews being the main focus of this article.

Do you have a safe or "not so safe" dog chew experience to share with us?

Nimble posing for picture on top of stump... probably thinking about her safe dog chews at home!Nimble posing for her pic after workout... probably thinking about her chews at home!

Do you have a chew for your Pooch that is safe and really does the Job?  How about your home made dog chews?

  Click here to tell your story... we'll publish it on our website!


Do you make your pooch awesome oatmeal dog treats?  How about other healthy dog snacks?  We'd love it if you would...

Tap this link and share that killer recipe!

Sorry... Nimble just reminded me I'm getting off track again.  Ok... back to our article about safe dog chews...

Below are key points you should know about safe (and unsafe) dog chews.  These will be covered in in greater detail by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.  We hope you enjoy the articles and our photos!... 

Nimble chomping away on her favorite doggie chew!Nimble gnawing away on her favorite "man-made" chew

Feed Fido Raw, Un-Cooked Safe Dog Chew Bones

Cooked bones can splinter.  Raw bones don't.   Raw dog bones can be chewed up naturally, the way mother nature intended.  Have you ever heard of a wild dog cooking their meat and bones?  Keep thinking about dogs in the wild when you buy and serve dog bones.  How about some other teeth polishers?... please ckick here.

Even wild dogs die by not chewing bones safely!   It's Natures way of keeping balance.  We can sidestep this by using common sense and a little education.  Read about barf dog food.

Brush and Chew for a Pearly Polish!

Clean dog teeth are so darned important!   Brushing can be easy... honest!  Sometimes those dog chews don't reach all the nooks and crannies.  Mother nature does need a little help at times!

Feeding meaty chicken bones  "brushes" those hard to get to places!

Furthermore, the enzymes in raw foods have some real cleaning power.  Fruits and veggies make a good snack.  For example... your doggy might like crunching raw apples.  You heard that apples are questionable treats for canines?  Naw... just give this a click!

Some Pooches go Dog Chew Crazy!

I had a little pooch that just went crazy!  These guys are called aggressive chewers.  Some discretion of safe dog chews is suggested here!

Also, you might mix in an organic dog food brand that's nutritious, especially if raw dog food is not your thing (yet).  You can click here to learn more about organic pre-made dog food.

Worried about Dog Chew Ingredients and Unhealthy Practices?

Buy organic dog chews!  You won't need to worry about chemicals, gmo's, irradiation, etc.   Some non-organic brands are great also!   They are non-organic because organic certification cost money.  More here about safe dog chews.  So...

Some farmers simply bypass the red tape to save cost.

Keep in mind the pet food industry is not regulated like our foods.  Click here to find out more about dog food quality.  This might even include "organic!"  More on this later...

Dog Salmonella is Always a Risk?   Hmmm...

My dogs and I never had a problem with dog Salmonella.   Perhaps a healthy immune system plays a big role?  Please don't compromise your pet's health because you're worried! 

Add these safe home made dog biscuits for variety... click here!

Unfortunately, some chews and other dog food may be tainted.  Good dog health should not be compromised.  Don't let this stop you from giving Fido these along with this nice meaty addition!

Yummy Homemade Safe Dog Chews

This is one of my favorite topics!  Making your own “dog bones” eliminates most worries... you know what's in them!...

...or how about making dog treats?  Click here if you'd like to share your dog's irresistable, healthy only dog treat recipe.  We're constantly building our easy dog treat recipe list.  Everyone will be able to find healthy choices for their furry pals!

Check out this one... Nimble's favorite!

Natures Toothbrush!... Dental Dog Chews

My Pooch really whooping it up with all her chewy dog snacks!Nimble Doggie is like a kid in a candy store... enjoying all those safe dog chews!

“Chewing the proper safe dog chew will clean my pearly whites.  I even get my teeth brushed!  I'm sure wild dogs might even need a little help now and then.  I like all different sizes and shapes for a more thorough cleaning... arf!"   Nimble.

Tap here for more of Nimble's pearly white teeth info...

Chews” the Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

Selecting dental dog chews can be a little tricky.  Some dog chews are the best, some “just ok.”  Others are plain terrible!  I'll share my thoughts on these “chew toys.”

Lots of chewing might cause excessive thirst... or is it something else?  Better safe than sorry.  Click here to read some good stuff!

Ok... Select that Canine Chew...

Different strokes for different folks (dogs)!

Seniors, puppies, adults, big and little dogs.  All have different safe dog chew requirements!

“We want to keep your dog healthy and safe by using the right dog chew.  I hate trips to the vet and so does my dad... arf!"  Nimble.

P.S.  Here's some neat things to learn about raw dog chew bones.

Share your dog chew story here!...

Have You Found a Safe Chew that Really Works?

Having difficulties finding a safe dog chew that is healthy and cleans Bouser's teeth? Are you tired of worrying while your doggie chomps away?

Maybe those raw bones aren't your thing...

Please share your story with us... we can publish it as a page on this site! Together, we can work at finding a solution.

P.S... don't forget a picture of your doggie!

Our website is a work in progress!  We'd love it (and so would your dog) if you returned regularly to check out all our new articles.  We can't wait to expand on the topics above!  Also, we'll include our highly recommended products for you and your dog to choose from... only those we have used or would use ourselves.

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