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Feed Barf Dog Food and Toss those Pills, Powders and Sprays!

Wild dogs don't cook their food! “Should I feed barf dog food?” is one of the most controversial dog food topics today! I've witnessed nature in action!

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Vegetables for Dogs... Fruit too!

Raw fruit and vegetables for dogs... doesn't get better than that! Your doggie will live longer and healthier. No more vet visits. Save money and stress!

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Can Dogs Eat Strawberries? Just Ask a Coyote!

I've seen wild strawberries grazed over by coyotes. Need more evidence? Hang on...we'll convince you that dogs can eat strawberries and other fruits.

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Making Healthy Dog Treats for a Special Dog!

Tastes good and really appreciated on hot summer days! Simple healthy dog food ingredients, nutritious and easy to make... even feed them for dinner!

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Making Sweet Potato Dog Treat Cookies

Our Red Healer Rowan loves these! Who... human or doggy... could resist Rowan's crunchy, frozen dog treats? Sweet potato, oatmeal and cinnamon. Making

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Feed All Natural Dog Food for Excellant Health!

Don't be misled. Check to make sure the dog food you're feeding Fido is real all natural dog food! No worries... just follow the prey animal theory!

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Our Home Remedy for Dog Fleas Doesn't Work?

Our home remedy for dog fleas works. But, as long as your pooch lives under your roof...she'll always have some fleas. How many? That depends...

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Making a Power Smoothie Dog Treat

Wow... Making dog treats Sylvia's way fights cancer, strengthens the immune system and detoxifies! And there's lot's more... Kefir, Strawberries, Bananas,

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