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Hey, Here's Scott & Nimble's News Flash!
April 14, 2023

Your Dog's Health... She's Depending on You!

Each month you'll receive news that... without a doubt... will enhance your furry pal's health! Like our Website... everything you read is based on our own experiences (mostly) or those of others we trust!

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"Can we make our first newsletter now?"

Well... here's our first newsletter (which best describes the main theme of our Website: Healthy Dog Food!

Since our site is fairly young, we waited until enough people like you visited our site before publishing our first newsletter. It so happens the power is out here on the North Oregon Coast... The propane stove is running in our little front room...

It's snowing and I have several batteries charged up for the computer (Nimble's idea) so let's go!

"Hey Daddy... which button do I push? Arf!"

I know you've probably heard about our water fasting, but I thought this would be a good time to bring it up...

...since I want to keep the indoor refrigerators closed. And...

We're house-bound so Nimble and I couldn't do our daily hill-climb this morning. Nimble and I won't eat unless we work out first... it's all about “earning” your healthy dog food (and human food).

We made it to the top!

If we're house-bound again tomorrow then we'll fast again (I will... Nimble won't) or eat since we fasted the day prior...

Best for stream-lined digestion. Hey... it's free, you'll save on the food bill and get more chores done because you'll free up more time. Most importantly...

Without a doubt it's the best thing you can do for your body (and your dog's)!

"Hey... where's the meat? Arf!"

“Ok... then how come my doctor doesn't recommend it?” That's a topic too big to discuss here!

I know it's not easy. If it was... everyone would be doing it! Nimble or Gidget (my first dog before Nimble) never whined, searched for food or acted differently while fasting... long as I fasted with her!

Please make sure you have plenty of pure water available for you and your dog. Here's more about the importance of pure water!

I add organic apple cider venegar, seeds and a splash of honey to Nimble's (and my) pure water...

Here's something you might try...

Is there a healthy dog food or remedy (more about this below) that you're mixing with your dog's food which she refuses to eat?

Feed him or her this food first before anything else after fasting.

Sometimes... after a morning workout... this works great even if you and your furry pal haven't fasted! Please remember to exercise your dog on an empty stomach...

This is easiest first thing in the morning!

"Do I have to get up and work out?"

Below is a list of things I mix in with Nimble's food (and mine except the doggie supplement... ha!). She eats these once daily but fasts 2 days a week.

So... if you feed your dog every day then you might add these every other day. How much? A “pinch” will do...

Less is sometimes better. By feeding every other day or fasting... can't over-do these. I guess I'll call this “supplementation” since these “foods” are not in their “whole food” form.

Nimbles "Food Additives"

Organic dried herbs: Basil, Pau D'arco, Cilantro, Turmeric, Wheatgrass, Burdock Root, Maca Root, Sage, Alfalfa, Red Clover Blossoms and Barley Grass.

Feed them in a powdered form. I use a little coffee grinder if needed.

I also grind nuts and seeds with little grinder...

Spirulina: I couldn't find organic but I trust the source. Chlorella can be alternated with this.

Honey. Unprocessed, unrefined, unheated. It's hard to find organic since bees travel all over the place. I don't worry about it too much. Anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. WOW!

Nimble shows off her honey! She gets a little dab a few times a week and maybe even a teeeeny splash of yogurt!

Bee Pollen: Same as honey... don't worry if it's not organic. I love this stuff!

Dried Seaweed: Kelp, Kombu, Wakame, etc. This is also hard to find organic... no sweat. Yes... this is a very healthy dog food!

Organic Coconut Oil: I apply this to Nimble's teeth once or twice daily so I don't feed it to her. Here's how I do it!

I add coconut oil to Nimble's toothpaste...

Organic Flax Oil: Unprocessed, unfiltered and cold-pressed.

Organic Olive Oil: Unprocessed, unfiltered and cold-pressed.

Organic Primrose Oil: Capsule form... I just squeeze out contents. Unprocessed, unfiltered and cold-pressed.

Organic Nutritional Yeast: Make sure it's not fortified with those yucky synthetic B vitamins!

I feed Nimble a lot of other whole foods such as organic sunflower, flax, pumpkin and chia seeds ground-up. Organic Tahini is also on the list as well as nuts.

Organic homemade nut butter ready for the 'frig...

And, let's not forget about those fruits... here's more. Vegetables are just as important... here's some good pointers!

I grow wheatgrass indoors and juice it for Nimble and me...

I don't consider these whole foods "supplements" since they're in whole-food form (not extracted or dried).

Please feed only organic. However... sometimes it's hard to find some things that are organic. Do the best you can and make sure it's non-gmo, pesticide free, hormone free, etc.

The word “Natural” is one of the most misleading terms (not always) in the “healthy" dog food industry... please be aware!

Another misleading term is...

“Free-Range.” Chickens raised indoors and let outside for an hour a day in a cooped-up area is not free-range but instead cruel!

This brings us to the subject of salmonella... this will raise your hackles for sure!!

This free-range organic rabbit WILL NOT harbor salmonella...

If you have questions about any of this... feel free to contact us on our Website and fire away! Or... visit our Facebook Page and post your question.

There's so much controversy out there it's easy to get over-whelmed and mis-led!

I've been there and done it. Others have and unfortunately... others haven't.

I keep it simple.


Remember the “Prey Animal Theory” which is the main theme of our website! And always remember...

The biggest part of your dog's diet should be: Meat, bones and organ meat fed in the same proportions as a prey animal eaten in the wild.

It doesn't get much easier than that! You might be thinking: “What about nuts, seeds and veggies?” It's simple...

You must puree fruit or veggies before feeding them to your doggie...

Wild dogs can digest black, ripe, mushy wild blackberries...

When a wild dog eats, let's say... a rabbit... these foods fill the prey animal's stomach. They're all ground up and ready for easy digestion.

Replicate this form and proportion in your dog's diet. Healthy dog food preparation is simple!

This is the whole basis of our Website... the major component to healthy living! But there's so much more... It all starts on our Home Page!

Even though Nimble eats like a wild dog and should get all the nutrition she needs...

...she (and I) are living in a polluted environment and as a result... Nimble and I need all the extra help we can get!

“It's hard to believe it's polluted way out here”...

, we hope you enjoyed reading our "introductory" Newsletter. We're sure looking forward to sharing some really juicy stuff in our next issue!

Until next time...

Wishing all of you and your furry, faithful companions the best of health!

Happy and healthy eating,

Nimble & Scott.

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