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Hey, Here's Scott & Nimble's News Flash!
August 25, 2023

Your Doggy's Health... She's Depending on Your Healthy Dog Food Choices!

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Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Yep!

Nimble's showing you her "really" free-range healthy eggs...

Please consider the following 5 points below if you want eggs to enhance your furry pal's health instead of hindering it!

Make sure They're Pasture-Raised!

This beautiful wild field up in our coast range is perfect for raising healthy chicken eggs. However... it won't take long for a flock of chickens to turn it to dirt...

Recently I looked at some videos of chicken egg farm reviews to check out the living conditions of the birds.

Every farm showed the chickens roaming around in beautiful, green grass. I know they moved the chickens here just for the video!

All chicken farms I've visited or drove by were not like this. If the chickens were roaming around in the pasture(s) most of their life the ground was bare... plucked clean by the chickens!

Are They really Free-Range?

These chickens have a couple connected acres out back to roam all day. This grass wouldn't last if the chickens were confined here! Nimble loves this place!...

What really is free-range? These standards vary farm to farm. Some chickens get outside for only a couple hours in a small confined spot and are classified as free-range!

"The standards set for free-range are not acceptable for this dog and her Daddy!"

Are Organix and Organic the Same?

These chickens, believe it or not, are not too shy around my dog...

Don't be mis-led by words that are organic look-a-likes. This is meant to be misleading!

Dogs Can Eat Eggs that are Non-Organic if..

The farmer doesn't use hormones or any other drugs, pesticides or gmo's.

These eggs are just as good... really healthy dog food...

The farmer just didn't want the extra cost of the certification process which is just fine with Nimble (& me)!

The Organic stamp of approval on Nimble's chicken below should be the same on your eggs if you bought organic...

Bottom Line?

I suggest you find a local farm (if it's possible) that you can visit and talk with the owner. My health food store carries many different brands. I researched them all and wasn't too happy but...

If I wasn't able to find a local family-owned farm I would have chosen the best brand. If you live too far from a farm just do the best you can... pick the best but...

NEVER, NEVER feed your dog eggs if drugs, pesticides or gmo's are involved... arf!

P.S... You might enjoy our article “Can Dogs Eat Chicken?”

P.S.S... If the birds are happy they'll be healthy...

Which makes for a happy doggy!! Nimble enjoying her company...


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Nimble playing and working up a healthy dog food appetite at the beach...

, we hope you enjoyed reading our News Flash... we're sure looking forward to sharing some really juicy stuff in our next issue!

Until next time...

Wishing all of you and your furry, faithful companions the best of health!

Happy and healthy eating,

Nimble & Scott.

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