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Hey, Here's Scott & Nimble's News Flash!
February 16, 2024

Your Doggy's Health... She's Depending on Your Healthy Dog Food Choices!

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You Ask: Can Puppies Eat Raw Meat? How about Cooked?

Nimble agrees that feeding dogs raw meat (puppies as well) is ok...

If raw isn't your thing... breath easy :) ...

You can still apply the following principals if you cook your dog food meat and other ingredients!

Based on my own studies (and Nimble's) including those of reliable sources (researchers) spending months or more in the northern latitudes observing “raw feeding dogs” …

…This is the Way it's Done in the Wild...

Our domesticated dogs have it too easy...

New-born pups feast on NOTHING BUT MOTHER'S MILK for the first few weeks of life. Then... other pack members bring home the goodies... their pre-digested stomach contents which they regurgitate for the pup. This “barf” raw dog food (no pun intended :) consists of...

Mainly meat, bones and organ meat. Also throw in a little ground-up veggies, nuts, seeds or berries from the stomach contents (this is why wild dogs don't need probiotic dog supplements... arf!).

The pup is STILL feeding on mother's milk at this time.

No Nimble... that kind of milk in your yummy yogurt dog treats is just for an occasional treat...

Finally the little guys and gals start wondering outside the den... exploring but never going to far. They might gnaw on an old dog “treat” bone, chase (and eat) grasshoppers and other little critters.

After a few months the pups start catching and eating their own prey and no more mother's milk. The little guys and gals begin eating small healthy dog treats like mice, small rodents, etc. As they grow... so does their prey!

Before you know it... they're joining in on the hunt!

Well... “Can Puppies Eat Raw Meat?” We hope you're convinced the answer is yes :)

Seems too simple? Yep! Us humans have a habit of complicating this wonderful life cycle!

Hope this gives you a better idea of what a raw food diet for puppies (and of course meat) should be!

Nimble's clean doggy teeth is another reason for feeding your dog the way mother nature intended!...

“Raw meat will not cause plaque like processed dog food... arf!”... Nimble Doggie...

Happy February!

Nimble Dog (and Scott).

P.S... Please always try to shoot for organic dog food ingredients!

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Have a GREAT day!

Your Hosts... Nimble Doggie & Scott.

"Life is goooood!"...


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Nimble playing and working up a healthy dog food appetite at the beach...

, we hope you enjoyed reading our News Flash... we're sure looking forward to sharing some really juicy stuff in our next issue!

Until next time...

Wishing all of you and your furry, faithful companions the best of health!

Happy and healthy eating,

Nimble & Scott.

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