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Hey, Here's Scott & Nimble's News Flash!
January 16, 2024

Your Doggy's Health... She's Depending on Your Healthy Dog Food Choices!

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Making Dog Treats is Fun if Your Companion Gobbles 'em! But if She Doesn't?

Nimble LOVES her sweet potato dog chews!...

I was slaving away in the kitchen last summer (as usual but I don't mind) making a healthy dog treat for Nimble (and me).

We're talking pureed organic wild-picked blackberries, an apple and an orange (yep... dogs can eat apples!). I poured this into a bowl thinking “What a refreshing, nutritious dog snack!” I chilled it since it was getting warm outside...

...and we just got back from an unusually warm climb at the beach sand dune.

Nimble was really hungry and her tummy was empty. What a pre-dinner appetizer! She's not crazy about fruit (by itself) but... on an empty tummy, after a work-out?

No problem even though nothing beats her dog liver treats!


Nimble will gobble her yummy liver and kidney doggy treats...

I felt it wasn't a total loss... since I love fruit.... especially frozen on a hot day!

I plopped bite-sized pieces onto a plate and stuck them in the freezer. An hour later... I started munching on the frozen goodies. Before that... I fed Nimble her usual...

Barf dog food with lots of other healthy goodies :)

Get This!...

While I was munching (they were partially thawing... the best!) Nimble came over to me (normally she beds down for a nap after chowing and workout). I knew she didn't have to go potty. What was wrong?

I dropped a small piece on the floor accidentally and she scarfed it up... I couldn't believe it... BINGO!

This opened up a whole new world of making homemade dog treats!

Since then... whenever I feed her really healthy homemade dog food like fruit/veggies, etc., by themselves (not mixed in with something else) I freeze 'em!

Nimble Doggy's frozen fruit drop treats...

…and our pureed veggies...

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Have a GREAT day!

Your Hosts... Nimble Doggie & Scott.

My girl showing off her ground-up raw meaty bones!...


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Nimble playing and working up a healthy dog food appetite at the beach...

, we hope you enjoyed reading our News Flash... we're sure looking forward to sharing some really juicy stuff in our next issue!

Until next time...

Wishing all of you and your furry, faithful companions the best of health!

Happy and healthy eating,

Nimble & Scott.

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